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/ Series / Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
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John Smith

John Smith

Our protagonist. After spending a very, very, very long time in the Three Realms, a typical Xianxia world, he became a transcendent and broke free from the rules of existence. Shortly after, he set off to head back to Earth... but missed and landed on one that was almost the same, but slightly different. 

With nothing better to do, he accepted a certain man's offer to take over an idol agency. 

Seems to have the (mis)fortune of running into talented beauties no matter where he goes. Also has a habit of intervening when he sees people with destined to tragic ends.

The father of Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Also the husband of the Celestial Jade Princess Yue.


Magnum Opus Alpha

Magnum Opus Alpha. The very first automaton created by John Smith and the one who's been with him the longest. However, it's only relatively recently that she was able to have emotions, so she's still a bit immature. 

Originally created as a combat automaton to help John fight. Her core is a fragment of the Dao of Destruction.

Tends to come off as cold and ruthless, and also doesn't take kindly to people who trouble her father. Really a sweetheart who enjoys and is amazed by the simple things in life... and also a complete Daddy's girl.



Ars Nova Beta. The second automaton created by John. Unlike her eldest sister, she is specialized in support abilities and strategizing. The main reason why John managed to stay alive despite being enemy number one of various people in the Three Realms until he managed to become an immortal and stand his ground.

She possessed emotions and sentience from the start. However, she is a mature and intelligent young woman who isn't swayed by them. A cold and sometimes aloof beauty who is the perfect secretary type. Adores her father, but is exasperated by how much trouble he gets into and the amount of work it creates.

The only older sister she acknowledges is Alpha, who she respectfully calls Eldest Sister.


Ex Nihilo Omega

Ex Nihilo Omega. The last automaton that John created in tandem with his wife, Yue. As their 'child', she possesses both attributes of their Daos at the time, namely 'Accumulation' and 'Perfection', unifying the contradictory paths into her own of 'Taiji'.

However, she also inherited the worst personality traits from her parents, namely having a tendency to act first without thinking from John and then to resort to immediate violence from Yue.

Hates that her father keeps running into beautiful woman and appears to ignore her mother.



The Celestial Jade Princess. John's wife. 

A heaven-defying beauty that was born talented and gifted with everything that she wanted. Her original path was to seek Perfection. However, that led to a Heart Demon that would be fatal in her immortal Heavenly Tribulation. Through a chance encounter, she met John on a trip to acquire a treasure that could help transcend her tribulation. One thing led to another and she soon found herself completely in love with John, as well as being married to him.

Due to being given everything as well as her position from birth, she treasures John and his daughters that treat her as an ordinary person as well as with love and affection.

Her greatest fear is John choosing another woman, which led to her discarding the path of Perfection she followed all of her life to study Karma in a desperate means to prevent that.

Asako Seiryuu

Asako Seiryuu

Asako Seiryuu. The heiress to the Seiryuu Alliance. Foul-mouthed and assertive. She has a weak spot for powerful men that save her life, but the ones that she has met to the current day were all impossible loves. Currently seeking to get rid of her demonic father and take over to return Japan to a peaceful society.

She loves drift racing and is a huge retro Anime fan.

Sakura Hibana

Sakura Hibana

Rin's mother. A woman who was taken by Shin Seiryuu as a mistress at a young age and became a teenaged mother. Used to be as sweet and naive as her daughter, but jaded by life. Has a sharp tongue and cynical view on life, but still similar to her daughter in terms of personality... albeit more teasing.
Rin Hibana

Rin Hibana

The first 'idol' that John scouted. A first year high school student who was going to start compensated dating to pay for her mother's medical expenses, but rescued by John before then. Sweet, energetic, and naive. A hardworker who does her best to not fail expectations.

Kai Jin

Kai Jin

The picture is Kai in his younger years. The Patriarch of the Jin family, subsidiary of the Torabu clan. A man whose kill count of Seiryuu Alliance members was enough to place him as enemy number one.

Has since retired from the scene to care for his daughter who recently came into his life, as well as to provide a safe place for the three girls who were forcibly retired from his idol agency.

The one who got John into the whole idol business to begin with.

A childhood friend of Sakura. He got into the yakuza world in order to find a way to save her after she vanished when she took on a job at a karaoke bar back in her first year of high school. Not finding her is his greatest regret. His second is never meeting with Tsuki's mom again before her death.

Tsuki Jin

Tsuki Jin

A picture of Tsuki with a filter applied.

A sweet and kind young girl who is surprisingly skilled at video games and technology. Lived with her mother overseas until recently. After her mother's fatal diagnosis, Tsuki was reunited with her long lost father who was both surprised and guilty to learn of her existence. 

Adores her father but secretly wishes that he had entered her life sooner. 

Takashi Kimura

Takashi Kimura

A middle-aged cop who just does normal patrols these days. Has a teenaged daughter that he raised by himself after her mother passed away. Responsible. Knows Kai from his former dealings with the yakuza and knows Sakura since he was the one who led the raid that helped her get free.

Chihiro Kimura
Chihiro Kimura

Officer Kimura's teenaged daughter. Second year student. Intelligent but a bit unapproachable. The wallflower type. Likes reading web novels on her phone and drawing. 

Yuri Miyamoto

Yuri Miyamoto

The granddaughter of Minato Miyamoto. Due to trauma, she has an abnormally heightened sense of taste. Extremely violent and aggressive, primarily due to a fear that not appearing as such will cause trouble to her grandfather. After tasting John's ramen that resolved her bottled up emotions regarding her parent's death, has become considerably calmer... or rather, less violent at least.

In her last year of high school.

Minato Miyamoto

Younger Minato

The picture shown is Minato about two decades younger.

The former chairman of the Torabu clan and close friends with the Patriarch. Retired after his daughter and son-in-law perished in a plane crash on the way to America, leaving only his granddaughter behind.

He has reached the pinnacle of technique in terms of cooking and is infamous for being able to get information out of people with his dishes. Skilled at fighting as well, especially in knife play, but prefers not to in his old age.

Shadow Servants
Kiri Kazuya

Kiri Kazuya

A shadow servant modeled after Kiryu Kazuma, the Dragon of Dojima. 

It seems that there was a person with a similar background in the world that John found himself in, and when he created a shadow servant of Kiryu, that spirit inhabited the shadow servant.

A stern man of few words. However, extremely honorable and just. 

Loyal to John because of John's willingness to protect innocents and save those in trouble.

Also secretly empathizes with John's women troubles.

Maji Yuurei

Maji Yuurei

A shadow servant modeled after Goro Majima, the One-Eyed Demon and The Mad Dog of Shimano.

It appears that there was a person with a similar background in this world that inhabited the shadow servant after John created it. 

Seemingly unhinged and manic, with incredible bloodlust. In truth, a man who cares deeply about those he cares about and is willing to do anything to ensure their safety.

Has a particular interest in Yuri Miyamoto for some reason...

Loyal to John because he respects the man's willingness to do whatever it takes for his family... even if the man looks like a pushover.

Saji Tora

Saji Tora

A shadow servant modeled after Taiga Saejima. Tall and powerfully built, as well as exceedingly blunt. The sworn brother of Goro Majima, a trait carried over as a shadow servant.

It seems that there was a similar individual in this world, and the spirit inhabited the shadow servant that John created.

Loyal to John out of principle as well as respect.

Project MirAIs
Hana Homura


An energetic and bright young girl who dreams of becoming an idol. She was saved from a tragic end of exploitation by John (Titor) who happened to arrive at her timeline and bump into her by chance moments before her fate was set in stone.  

She joined Project MirAIs to fulfill her dream, as well as to repay Mister John who changed her life and granted her wish.

Age: 16
Birthday: June 21st
Height: 160 cm
Job: Apprentice Idol
Affiliation: MirAIs Generation 0 (Prototype)
Fanbase name: Ohana

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      New Guidoo
      Status: 47 – hana homura’s first karaoke...
      Feb 23, 2021

      Gone are the days of me imagining of a novel plot revolving around vtubers. Bless you for turning my daydreams to reality (TvT)

      This would only be the second time I made a review within my more than half a decade time of reading literature mostly WN's and LN's so pardon this rough format

      In my opinion, this novel is a breath of fresh air. I've read at least a couple cultivation novels and fewer idol novels but never a novel with both, and involving the latest trend of virtual idols on top of that. Honestly, I might be a little biased towards the whole vtuber thing, but objectively speaking, so far the two main concepts of the story is handled fairly well. The concepts are well balanced with a little sprinkle of spices tp the side, e.g. Cooking, racing, etc. Each of the concepts by itself would drown in the oversaturated library of stories today, but with the concepts, skillfully blended together, it created a refreshing feeling

      In conclusion, I am really glad I came across this story for it felt like a beautiful blend of concepts carefully and skillfully woven together. Considering this though, a mix of concepts is great and all but too many ingredients could spoil the broth, and I believe the key around this is to find that perfect balance while remaining faithful to the original concepts. 

      I pray for this story to get the recognition it deserves and for the author to never lose heart as I continue to read in anticipation (^-^)

      P.S. I love the nod to the "US-Canadian Super Chat War" a few months back

      KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ( ^ω^) b

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: 58 – Courting Death
      Jan 29, 2021

      A emotional yet solid story is present the, story building is fine, and the relationship of characters have been fleshed out well enough that very little suspense of disbelief in needed to get into the story.

      The MC John is OP but that is not the point of the story and because it's not what he wants it to be, it is about feeling and the action said feelings make them take. Think One Punch Saitama and Saiki K. 

      Definitely better than most hope it ends well.

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c19
      Jan 16, 2021

      made an account for this, Very nice, even if I usually don't like cultivation stories, the interaction John has with the world he found him self in is hella interesting. Keep it up!

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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