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/ Series / Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
Returning Transcendent Opens an Idol Agency
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Minato Miyamoto

Younger Minato

The former chairman of the Torabu clan and close friends with the Patriarch. Retired after his daughter and son-in-law perished in a plane crash on the way to America, leaving only his granddaughter behind.

He has reached the pinnacle of technique in terms of cooking and is infamous for being able to get information out of people with his dishes. Skilled at fighting as well, especially in knife play, but prefers not to in his old age.

Shin Seiryuu

Asako's father. The true power behind the yakuza underworld in Japan and the only reason why it has persisted to the current day. While being completely human, he has reached the pinnacle of human capability through meticulous training, experimentation, and research.

In order to break past the limits of being a human, he threw himself into vile and wicked acts in order to accumulate bad karma to test the hypothesis of whether he would face tribulation from the world. Using that tribulation, he hopes to surpass it and step onto the mythical realm of immortals.

Unfortunately, the path to immortality is completely severed on Earth and his experiment is doomed to failure.

However, the accumulated bad karma continued to stack up and the world, while normally powerless to interfere, managed to get into contact with a certain returning transcendent...

Xander Mercer

A disheveled man about to turn 30 that is working security for the Rothschild family in New York. A fairly intelligent man who earned a doctorate in genetics, but couldn't find a proper place to utilize it. In order to make ends meet and provide for his younger sister, Tina, while she's studying journalism in college, he grabbed any job he could and eventually landed in his current position.

Currently bored out of his mind with his job, but managing to bear it due to meeting Toby. Has a habit of wasting some money to let off steam, but since he was recently introduced to Project MirAIs he might find a more productive use of his disposable income...?

Masa Akairo

Suzume's adoptive father. A blacksmith by trade who was so skilled that he now lives a comfortable retired life with his wife in a mountainside onsen that he built himself.

Cherry Akairo

Suzume's adoptive mother. A beautiful former cosplayer who has plenty of business experience. Now retired, she spends her days being loveydovey with her husband.

John's Shadow Servants
Kiri Kazuya

Kiri Kazuya

A shadow servant modeled after Kiryu Kazuma, the Dragon of Dojima. 

It seems that there was a person with a similar background in the world that John found himself in, and when he created a shadow servant of Kiryu, that spirit inhabited the shadow servant.

A stern man of few words. However, extremely honorable and just. 

Loyal to John because of John's willingness to protect innocents and save those in trouble.

Also secretly empathizes with John's women troubles.

Maji Yuurei

Maji Yuurei

A shadow servant modeled after Goro Majima, the One-Eyed Demon and The Mad Dog of Shimano.

It appears that there was a person with a similar background in this world that inhabited the shadow servant after John created it. 

Seemingly unhinged and manic, with incredible bloodlust. In truth, a man who cares deeply about those he cares about and is willing to do anything to ensure their safety.

Has a particular interest in Yuri Miyamoto for some reason...

Loyal to John because he respects the man's willingness to do whatever it takes for his family... even if the man looks like a pushover.

Saji Tora

Saji Tora

A shadow servant modeled after Taiga Saejima. Tall and powerfully built, as well as exceedingly blunt. The sworn brother of Goro Majima, a trait carried over as a shadow servant.

It seems that there was a similar individual in this world, and the spirit inhabited the shadow servant that John created.

Loyal to John out of principle as well as respect.

Toby Reaper

Agent "Not a Number", modeled after a famous video game hitman. A man of many varied skills and an expert in various fields.

Currently on a mission in America to resolve the situation behind Tsuki's maternal family and tie up loose ends.

In his spare time, he watches the Project MirAIs streams and casually introduces them to people he comes across. 

Recently made a friend while working as a janitor in New York.

Project MirAIs: Prototype
Hana Homura


An energetic and bright young girl who dreams of becoming an idol. She was saved from a tragic end of exploitation by John (Titor) who happened to arrive at her timeline and bump into her by chance moments before her fate was set in stone.  

She joined Project MirAIs to fulfill her dream, as well as to repay Mister John who changed her life and granted her wish.

Age: 16
Birthday: June 21st
Height: 160 cm
Job: Apprentice Idol
Affiliation: MirAIs Generation 0 (Prototype)
Fanbase name: Ohana


Alfi Titor

Titor Prototype Alpha

A cool-looking beauty that seems stern and serious, but is actually devastatingly cute and adorable. The first combat automaton created by John Titor for self-protection in the days before he was capable of manipulating worldlines and traversing across temporal dimensions.

While technically not his daughter, John treasures her as such and forcibly removed her from combat duty after arriving in the current peaceful Earth so that she could enjoy life.

She joined Project MirAIs to help her father out after feeling useless not being as capable as her younger sisters that are more attuned towards support detail. She also hopes to do the best she can so that she can help out more people like Hana.

Age: 18 (physical)
Birthday: December 21st
Height: 168 cm
Job: Retired Combat Automaton, Trainee Idol
Affiliation: MirAIs Generation 0 (Prototype)
Fanbase name: Alfi's

Aoko Ryuusei

Aoko Ryuusei. A woman from a parallel worldline where monsters and demons roam the land and where men can defy the heavens and reach immortality. She is the daughter of the Azure Dragon that is in charge of maintaining the order of the world. However, he devolved into a state of delirium and ruled the world with an iron fist.

The picture is Aoko in the human form she uses to blend in among the humans on Earth.

She joined Project MirAIs to repay John, who saved her life twice over after her father sent forces to try and assassinate her. Hearing that it was a project to garner support to fulfill the dreams of its members, she quickly signed a contract, hoping to gather the resources that would help her surpass and kill her father.

Unfortunately, she was a bit hasty in signing her contract with John and didn't read the fineprint about what exactly Project MirAIs was...

A reluctant idol who looks down on her viewers. Rough and course, but super cool.

Age: 22
Birthday: March 20th
Height: 180 cm
Job: Azure Dragon Priestess, Trainee Idol, Drifting Practitioner
Affiliation: MirAIs Generation 0

The Smith Family
John Smith

John Smith

Our protagonist. After spending a very, very, very long time in the Three Realms, a typical Xianxia world, he became a transcendent and broke free from the rules of existence. Shortly after, he set off to head back to Earth... but missed and landed on one that was almost the same, but slightly different. 

With nothing better to do, he accepted a certain man's offer to take over an idol agency. 

Seems to have the (mis)fortune of running into talented beauties no matter where he goes. Also has a habit of intervening when he sees people with destined to tragic ends.

The father of Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Also the husband of the Celestial Jade Princess Yue.


Magnum Opus Alpha. The very first automaton created by John Smith and the one who's been with him the longest. However, it's only relatively recently that she was able to have emotions, so she's still a bit immature. 

Originally created as a combat automaton to help John fight. Her core is a fragment of the Dao of Destruction.

Tends to come off as cold and ruthless, and also doesn't take kindly to people who trouble her father.


Really a sweetheart who enjoys and is amazed by the simple things in life... and also a complete Daddy's girl.


Ars Nova Beta. The second automaton created by John. Unlike her eldest sister, she is specialized in support abilities and strategizing. The main reason why John managed to stay alive despite being enemy number one of various people in the Three Realms until he managed to become an immortal and stand his ground.

She possessed emotions and sentience from the start. However, she is a mature and intelligent young woman who isn't swayed by them. A cold and sometimes aloof beauty who is the perfect secretary type. Adores her father, but is exasperated by how much trouble he gets into and the amount of work it creates.

The only older sister she acknowledges is Alpha, who she respectfully calls Eldest Sister.


Ex Nihilo Omega

Ex Nihilo Omega. The last automaton that John created in tandem with his wife, Yue. As their 'child', she possesses both attributes of their Daos at the time, namely 'Accumulation' and 'Perfection', unifying the contradictory paths into her own of 'Taiji'.

However, she also inherited the worst personality traits from her parents, namely having a tendency to act first without thinking from John and then to resort to immediate violence from Yue.

Hates that her father keeps running into beautiful woman and appears to ignore her mother.



The Celestial Jade Princess. John's wife. 

A heaven-defying beauty that was born talented and gifted with everything that she wanted. Her original path was to seek Perfection. However, that led to a Heart Demon that would be fatal in her immortal Heavenly Tribulation. Through a chance encounter, she met John on a trip to acquire a treasure that could help transcend her tribulation. One thing led to another and she soon found herself completely in love with John, as well as being married to him.

Due to being given everything as well as her position from birth, she treasures John and his daughters that treat her as an ordinary person as well as with love and affection.

Her greatest fear is John choosing another woman, which led to her discarding the path of Perfection she followed all of her life to study Karma in a desperate means to prevent that.

Jenny Smith

John's 'Sister' who looks exactly like he does when he cross-dresses. Except she's actually a girl.

A parallel dimension self, a miracle granted from countless wishes, a real sister from an alternate timeline... her origins are unclear and she doesn't exactly know either. However, she treats John like her actual older brother and cares for him like he is.

She originally acted exactly like the 'Jenny Smith' who John portrayed in the concert, but her real personality is flirty and a bit lewd.

Myth Inc. Staff
Qing Long

Qing Long, a.k.a. the Azure Dragon. One of the Four Auspicious Beasts from the Three Realms and captured by John in the distant past through a series of unfortunate events (for him). 

Fairly skilled at administrative work due to managing the largest martial sect in the Three Realms, as well as adept at blending in among mortals.

Currently the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Myth Inc.

Bai Hu

Bai Hu, a.k.a the White Tiger. One of the Four Auspicious Beasts from the Three Realms and captured by John in the distant past after he made a bet against John and lost.

Very skilled in financial matters and famous throughout the Three Realms for establishing both the Western Empire as well as the White Tiger Auction Houses which were a power on their own due to their deep financial pockets.

Currently the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Myth Inc.

John Titor

MirAIs Operator from Earth 1202-19. 

A mysterious figure that seems to be different but similar to the infamous John Titor that time traveled from the future to warn of WW III.

His true identity is...?

Eri Iyasu

The doctor originally in charge of Sakura's treatment while she had cancer. After Sakura's miraculous recovery, since Eri signed off on her discharge right away, the hospital director pressured Eri to resign by saying that letting such a golden opportunity go would lead in her being unable to find a job anywhere else.

At the end of her rope, she went to drink her sorrows away. Just before she was going to be taken advantage of in her drunken state, she was rescued by Bai.

Slated to be the in-house physician for Myth Inc. and Project MirAIs.


Sitri Asmodeus Baal

A self-proclaimed Demon Lord from another world who was apparently sent to Earth to conquer it. However, she's really bad at being a Demon Lord and lacks any sort of power that might indicate she is one.

Despite her appearance, she's surprisingly pure at heart and is a true romantic. Of course, due to a bit of nature and a bit of nurture, she also has quite a 'wicked' side to her as well that comes off almost like a second personality.

Likes reading, math, and science. Terrible at physical work.

Three Realms
Jiutian Xuannu

John's self-proclaimed 'Big Sister'.

Calls John 'Johnny'.

The Three Realms equivalent to the 'Mysterious Dark Lady' in Chinese mythology. She was prophesized to train the one who would become the Golden Emperor but ended up running into John and mistaking him as the person she was supposed to train due to his hair. 

Through various events, she ended up being close to him and sees him as one of the only precious people she has in the world. 

Still a bit bitter about being rejected and 'sister-zoned', but content with her current position.

She really doesn't like Yue since she thinks that princess is a terrible match for John.

Xuannu normally has rainbow colored eyes that glitter like a kaleidoscope, but she's currently using a similar shade to John's eye color in the picture. 

Wang Zhaojun

The Three Realms corollary of one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. In legend, she was put in an arranged marriage by Emperor Yuan with Chanyu Huhanye of the Xiongu Empire in order to establish friendly relations with the Han dynasty. However, on her journey there, Wang Zhaojun was struck by emotions and played sorrowful melodies on a pipa (a round-bodied lute). It was said that a flock of geese flying past heard the music and were stunned by her beauty enough to forget to flap their wings and fall to the ground.

Zhaojun's story aligns closely to the legend. However, instead of the geese being drawn by the music, John and a tiny Alpha at the time came across her while traveling. After hearing her tale, John took her in as his one and only disciple to remove her from the mortal realm and her arranged marriage. 

...Various troublesome incidents happened as a result of his actions, but the end result was that Zhaojun was free to live her own life.

Even so, she followed John around, insisting on calling him her Senior Brother since he wouldn't accept being called Sifu.

A beautiful, kind, and calm woman who is a master in the Daos of music and dance.

She deeply loves John, but after being not only rejected, but failing to capture his heart even when giving her all, she has accepted her place as his 'junior sister.'

She is ambivalent towards Yue.

She loves Alpha as much as she would her own daughter and wishes nothing but the best for her.

Su Daji

A beautiful young woman with crimson hair the color of autumn leaves. 

The Three Realms equivalent of the infamous ruinous beauty in Chinese history/mythology.

A malevolent fox demon and the daughter of the former Demon Lord's favorite concubine. Although born sweet and innocent, she was destined to cause the ruin of the human realm as well as become the tyrant demon lord to rebel against the heavens. The catalyst for her change would have been discrimination after her mother died as well as being ousted from the Demon Lord's household. Isolated and betrayed, she would have given into her anger and turned into a wicked fox spirit hellbent on bringing everything she could into ruin.

But she met John.

In exchange for giving him a warm meal after a certain incident resulting in him arriving in the Demon Realm, John brought Daji along with him in his travels and eventually placed her as the rightful heiress to the Demon Realm. 

She deeply loves John and calls him her beloved big brother. She also deeply adores Beta who shares an uncanny resemblance to her. 

While she was hurt that John didn't choose her, she's happy to just be involved in his life and accepts Yue as a big sister. 

...Of course, she won't forgive being denied her cuddle time with her big brother.



Ars Nova Productions
Ichiro Torabu

The heir to the Torabu clan and son of its patriarch.

A childhood friend of Yuri's, who he treats like a younger sister. 

In his teenaged years, he was super calm and collected, living the life of a proper young master. But then he discovered manga and kind of... went off the rails.

His dream was to become a brilliant mangaka and have his own anime, but he couldn't deal with the harsh deadlines and constant stress. Or rather, he had enough of that already being the heir to the Torabu clan, so he gave it up even though he made a name for himself as a relatively famous Shoujo mangaka.

Currently, he's working as a teacher for his day job. At night though, he's working as the head of design and animation for Ars Nova Productions.

Emily Nova

A mysterious young woman who is completely normal and yet... somehow not? 

Extremely devoted to Beta for some reason... and that devotion seems to be rewarded in part by Beta?

A bit air-headed and single-minded at times, but fairly kind and well-mannered. 

There's a lot of weird things about her... but she's definitely a normal young woman in terms of powers, abilities, and nature. 

Though it's curious how she and Beta even met in the first place, and how long they've known each other...

Sakura Hibana

Sakura Hibana Witch

Rin's mother. A woman who was taken by Shin Seiryuu as a mistress at a young age and became a teenaged mother. Used to be as sweet and naive as her daughter, but jaded by life. Has a sharp tongue and cynical view on life, but still similar to her daughter in terms of personality... albeit more teasing.
Kai's Family
Elise Rothschild

Tsuki's mother. She fell in love with Kai in a whirlwind romance and waited for him to return. But due to certain events, he had to stay in Japan while she was kicked out of her family and had to make ends meet.

Because she was smart and good at investing, she managed to make a decent living for her and her young daughter. However, she became sick and died shortly before the story started.

On paper, it said that she died from cancer, but the truth is...?

Kai Jin

Kai Jin

The picture is Kai in his younger years. The Patriarch of the Jin family, subsidiary of the Torabu clan. A man whose kill count of Seiryuu Alliance members was enough to place him as enemy number one.

Has since retired from the scene to care for his daughter who recently came into his life, as well as to provide a safe place for the three girls who were forcibly retired from his idol agency.

The one who got John into the whole idol business to begin with.

A childhood friend of Sakura. He got into the yakuza world in order to find a way to save her after she vanished when she took on a job at a karaoke bar back in her first year of high school. Not finding her is his greatest regret. His second is never meeting with Tsuki's mom again before her death.

Tsuki Jin

Tsuki Jin

A sweet and kind young girl who is surprisingly skilled at video games and technology. Lived with her mother overseas until recently. After her mother's fatal diagnosis, Tsuki was reunited with her long lost father who was both surprised and guilty to learn of her existence. 

Adores her father but secretly wishes that he had entered her life sooner. 

Project MirAIs: Prodigy
Miya Musashi

Rhea Davinki


Kuromi Tekken


Tsubame Akari


Legends Security Company
Claus Rife

An ex-soldier from the Sino Corporation in China that was working on super soldiers. Looks a lot like a certain MC of  the seventh 'Last Delusion'

Seth Nova

A man whose reputation understates his abilities. A literal one man army that used to be part of the Sino corporation's elite soldiers. Due to certain events, he stepped away after seeing Claus leave. Gives off a sinister vibe, but actually heroic.

Leo Roosevelt

A former member of an elite American Strike force. Originally a cop that got involved in a bioweapon incident where he met Toby. Since he was out of a job, he decided to accept the offer to join Legends Security Company.

Eva Won

A former Chinese operative from Sino corporation who was sent to retrieve a bioweapon in America. After a certain incident, she became enamored with Leo and decided to join along with him.

Mikata Seigi

A mysterious young man who appears to be in his mid-twenties. White hair, steely gray eyes... he appears to have seen a lot.

His name isn't actually Mikata Seigi. In fact, no records of him exist on Earth. To fulfill his ideal to save as many people as he can, he abandoned his name and identity while traveling across the world to destroy criminal organizations and help out in natural disasters.

His current alias, Mikata Seigi, is a pun on Seigi no Mikata, which could be translated something along the lines of 'Ally of Justice.'

His white hair is from stress, but his gray eyes are natural.

Seems really similar to a certain Counter Guardian from a parallel world where a war for the Holy Grail took place. But while they share a similar role, this person is a fundamentally different individual whose powers are solely based in training rather than magic.

Takashi Kimura

Takashi Kimura

A middle-aged cop who just does normal patrols these days. Has a teenaged daughter that he raised by himself after her mother passed away. Responsible. Knows Kai from his former dealings with the yakuza and knows Sakura since he was the one who led the raid that helped her get free.

Project MirAIs Idols
Asako Seiryuu

Asako Seiryuu

Asako Seiryuu. The heiress to the Seiryuu Alliance. Foul-mouthed and assertive. She has a weak spot for powerful men that save her life, but the ones that she has met to the current day were all impossible loves. Currently seeking to get rid of her demonic father and take over to return Japan to a peaceful society.

She loves drift racing and is a huge retro Anime fan.

Rin Hibana

Rin Hibana

The first 'idol' that John scouted. A first year high school student who was going to start compensated dating to pay for her mother's medical expenses, but rescued by John before then. Sweet, energetic, and naive. A hardworker who does her best to not fail expectations.

Chihiro Kimura
Chihiro Kimura

Officer Kimura's teenaged daughter. Second year student. Intelligent but a bit unapproachable. The wallflower type. Likes reading web novels on her phone and drawing. 

Yuri Miyamoto

Yuri Miyamoto

The granddaughter of Minato Miyamoto. Due to trauma, she has an abnormally heightened sense of taste. Extremely violent and aggressive, primarily due to a fear that not appearing as such will cause trouble to her grandfather. After tasting John's ramen that resolved her bottled up emotions regarding her parent's death, has become considerably calmer... or rather, less violent at least.

In her last year of high school.

Suzume Akairo

Shu Yozora

A tomboyish high schooler who John met working at Starbox. Seemingly ordinary, but in truth the latest master of the famed Yozora fighting style and the one set to inherit the clan. Despite that, she has extreme bad luck and has had to work odd jobs to make ends meet.

Shield Corporation
Akira Yato

A man with a similar background to YAGOO. He got isekai'd and returned to Earth recently, only to be surprised at how VTubers and Virtual Reality has advanced so far.

Runs a somewhat similar VTuber service called Ilgarde, but in truth it is...?

Mystic Bouquet
Sumire Amamiya

A former member of Mystic Bouquet. In the past, a petite and cute beauty. Now, thin and frail, appearing almost like a terminally ill patient. Finds it hard to eat food due to the traumatic experiences she experienced in the career ending scandal of Mystic Bouquet.

Yura Kim

A former member of Mystic Bouquet. Before, an energetic and upbeat young woman with a fit body. Now, while still cute, she has become extremely overweight. This is a direct result of her traumatic experiences in the career ending scandal Mystic Bouquet suffered. Subconsciously, she feels that if she is overweight, she would not be desirable, thus avoiding similar traumatic experiences.

Sayuri Li

Former member of Mystic Bouquet. The lead idol of the group and an outstanding beauty with a kind heart. The traumatic career ending scandal of Mystic Bouquet has irrevocably changed her. Short cropped hair, buzzed like an army man's haircut, dark circles and sharp eyes... in contrast to her ideal and beautiful appearance, her appearance is cold and rough. Suffers from insomnia and irrational anger as a result of her experiences.

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    Status: 122 - Will of the Heavens...

    From one rabbit hole into another...

    I'll preface this by saying that while I tried to be objective, there's still some bias that leaked out due to how big of a fan I am of this story. tl;dr at bottom.

    Warning: I kept spoilers to the minimum, but there's still some vague ones out there. Also, cringe ahead. Read at your own risk!

    Where do I even begin? This story is just a joy to read. I've fallen in love with the story so much to the point I reread it multiple times and check on it every hour or so. 2020 had been a hard year but vtubers helped through that. This novel has been serving the same purpose this year. A daily dose of sunshine that just brightens up my day. But anyway, I digress.

    The plot is compelling. There's a sudden rise of popularity with this phenomenon but it still managed to retain its novelty. Given how it's a slice of life, you'd expect it to mostly be fluff, but while it does have those in spades, it's also so much more. And of course since John, the MC, is a transcendent, conflicts get solved as you would expect; however, the way it delivers such is nothing short of amazing. There's tons of references scattered around too, with some of the mini arcs based on them. Still though, they're resolved in a way that has managed to remain original, like an ideal ending with a hint of John. The pacing is quite good too; not too fast that it would feel lacking in content, yet also not slow enough to the point it would get stale. It shifts when it matters, and allows the readers to focus on the details at hand. Although, streams can get a bit dragged out and ironically be short at the same time. It feels to be a matter of striking a balance between events and the livestream chat. Personally though I wouldn't have it any other way, as the conversations and interactions are gold. Not to mention the welcome change of pace from other stories where the character being in-game spans for hundreds of chapters... not that there's anything wrong with that.

    The worldbuilding is also interesting. It can get confusing as to what exists and what doesn't in this world, but it's a case-by-case basis that's better tackled when encountered. I also didn't really see any apparent info dumps, which is great. The knowledge handed out is more spread throughout and just flows with the natural progression of the story. It does throw in a fair bit of terms from xianxia, so readers who aren't familiar with those might get somewhat lost, but as of now it's just a small part of the story and not something that would make it hard to follow. There's not much in the room for the business aspect though, as the agency already starts with top-notch and unrivaled equipment, as well as with the MC probably being the richest entity in the universe. Its development and growth falls more to hiring (read: collecting) the idols and staff as well as facing any issues with legality and competition, which is really not much considering the premise. But then again it's not really the focus. That honor belongs to what's next.

    The characters. My favorite part. They are just.. just- oh so lovable. From how they're portrayed, to their interactions and development, it's all there. The characters are fleshed out and done in a way that it's their words and actions themselves that do the talking, and not just the author's. You just can't help but get attached to them. Their dynamics make them much more realistic, going so far as to make you both love and hate them. I could gush over how adorable some of the characters are (especially a certain crimson-haired automaton) but this is a review so I'll just have to keep that to myself. 

    To start with, the MC. A Gary Stu. Or at least I would think so based on the title and synopsis. But he is actually so much more. It's true to an extent, but for all his powers, for all that he is seen as a miracle worker by others, we can see just how he's human too. An unrivaled being, yes, but one with faults all the same. One who continues to 'accumulate' and grow on his self-imposed journey to relax, while still trying to enjoy what life has to offer. We see snippets of his past sometimes, and while his full capabilities are still shrouded in mystery, said past seems to be catching up to him now. There's not much action for an OP protagonist, but he's trying to live a normal life anyway.

    And then there's the idols. Each with a story of their own. Each able to be an MC of their own story with how much they've been through. It makes me genuinely thankful that John is here and thus brought them together, because just as they put a smile on ours and the (fictional) viewers' faces, they deserve their own happiness too. The supporting cast is also done in a way that they're not just extras, but true characters in the story. There's even some that just seem to be there to progress the story at first, only to come back some chapters later as a relevant character. There's no clear antagonist however, but that's understandable given the genre.

    As for the writing, it's superb. I've been reading machine-translated novels for a good while now, to the point I've gotten used to them, so reading a story as well-written as this is just so pleasing to the mind. It's written in a multiple third person point of view, which allows it to showcase the different perspectives, but it never got to the point where the MC feels forgotten or a scene gets repeated just for the sake of showing such. There are also barely any errors, and what little I see, if they can even be called that, are just minor ones like redundancy or structure. Not at all disruptive and instead makes me question if it's a personal peeve or not.

    I would also like to commend the author for how much effort is put into this. Update speed is fast but doesn't sacrifice quality. The livestream chat is entertaining, and the interactions with it more so. Some of the names and comments are even based on actual ones from the reader community and sometimes, if you're lucky enough, you'll even get a reply or get to interact with the 'mods'. Again, there's tidbits of references here and there coming from a good variety that's always a treat to spot. There's also portraits of the characters, a glossary, as well as recommended music to listen to in some scenes to help set the mood (and they do). Not to mention its very own site with secrets to find and a fun little game as well!

    All in all, I really recommend this story. It's a great amount of fun and is actually quite inspirational. It caught my interest from the start and since then haven't left. 

    I'm thankful for such a wonderful read... truthfully, I wish this story never ends! (I know that's not possible but still)

    tl;dr - It's an addicting novel with a lighthearted theme but also some serious moments. And fluff. Lots of fluff. 

    If you enjoy following the life of a laid-back guy going around helping others and causing shenanigans, as well as seeing the change he brings to people's lives, then there's a high chance you'll like this! Also, have I mentioned how cute the characters can get?

    Read More

    22 Likes · Like
    Status: 98 – coo and cfo

    Lovely story, binged it in 2 days since I just couldn't put it down. The writing is vastly overqualified for this genre, with many funny references, good pacing, and solid character development. I came into this novel expecting some generic OP MC ecchi harem story, but instead got a supremely fluffy slice-of-life parody of a both the xianxa/wuxia genre and vtubers/otaku culture. Have I mentioned already that the character development is great? It really is, go read to find out what I mean.

    I hope the author is having as much fun writing this story as I am having reading this story, because it is a genuine delight.

    Read More

    17 Likes · Like
    Status: 58 – Courting Death

    A emotional yet solid story is present the, story building is fine, and the relationship of characters have been fleshed out well enough that very little suspense of disbelief in needed to get into the story.

    The MC John is OP but that is not the point of the story and because it's not what he wants it to be, it is about feeling and the action said feelings make them take. Think One Punch Saitama and Saiki K. 

    Definitely better than most hope it ends well.

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    Status: 215 – Gap between songs

    I know you are just like me, already deep within rabbit hole. Too late for help. You also don't know how you gotten so deep, but one thing for sure, there is no escape. 

    One day, you opened up yo*tube to check if your favorite H*lolive mems are streaming, but to your shock and agony, none seems to be on! 

    Oh no, you can already feel the withdrawal syndrome of not being fueled with seiso (???) energy. Your surrounding turns stale and everything starts to lose meaning. You wanted to watch another w*r crime by certain rabbit comedian, see another victim of certain psych*path sipping ringo juice, or tune into sweet whispers of mother nature because... for science, but now you are forced to wait.

    Then you come across this piece of work. Of course, having plenty of doubt in mind, but as dedicated rabbit hole resident, you still give a try. Why not. 

    First chapter? Interesting premise. Well off to second... and then you realize one of them might share the fate of Ak*i Ha*to, which means even here you are not safe from the curse of HA*CH*MA. Her cooking still haunts you and you can just feel it, it is going to be Ri-... all of sudden, something grabs your shoulder. "HA*CH*MA...? Dare da...?"

    You jerk awake, sweating profusely. To your relief, hand is no longer there, but a fate worse than eating HA*CH*MA cooking and working in bunkr*nii awaits you. You have been binging for hours, days or weeks even, and 'next' button is greyed out. For a moment or two, you do not comprehend what that actually means and keep trying to click on the greyed out button, only to realize you have caught up with the story. And like how you check yo*tube for your favorite member's stream, you have another page to refresh now. (at least wait is super short per chapter!)

    Yet again, you don't know how you fell inside yet another rabbit hole, and yet again, there seems to be no escape. 

    Welcome and enjoy your read. The journey will be blast and we got plenty of room down here inside cozy hole! 

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    Status: c118

    If you’re checking the comments for a reader opinion I highly recommend you to give this novel a go. The novel has a bit of a loose start but it all really comes together at around the first idol arc, and after that it just keeps getting better. 

    Story wise: This book is a comedy slice of life but don’t let that tag fool you, when things are slow the story is quite cute and wholesome but when john’s karma caught up to him its like watching someone  got bondage-tied and drag along the road by the karma truck; full-on Wild West Style. The story has its up and down but what really makes it great are the events cause and effects. In this story, one event tends to lead to another and each has their own causes, that is well explains, and actually effects the future ones which makes the story just flow smoothly.

    characters: Oh boy the characters, if I have to name one thing that makes this story stands out it is the characters. Admittedly whenever a new character is newly introduced their first 2 or 3 chapters are a bit shaky but once the author fully integrated them into the story they suddenly comes to life. In this story each character is unique in their own way, they each have their flaws that makes them more real, they have different desires and needs and sometimes that makes them acts irrationally just like a real person, and better yet the characters here actually learn from their mistakes and develop their character as the story goes on. There is just so much more but you will have to read it to experience it yourself.

    grammar: eh, not my place to judge. I could read a story that has the grammar of a dumpster fire but has a good story line and would probably still love it, so yeah my opinion on this doesn’t worth much.

    So, point is if you’re checking the comments for opinion on should you read this, I absolutely recommend you to give it a go, at least to the end of first idol arc.

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    Status: c113

    This is easily one of the most fun stories on SH.

    The writing and plot are unique and the characters are very well done and likable. Grammar is on point and there are very few, if any, typos or issues with word choice. What really sets it apart is the community interaction via a website the author created to be part of the story. It makes the whole thing seem more meaningful and makes me more invested in the chapters and the characters. 

    Looking forward to more. =D

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    Status: c87

    We don't need any power up scenes because MC is already OP AF.

    Binge read it and I have to say I am satisfied. Not even a moment was my interest decreased.


    As of this chapter, I can't wait for MC's wife to arrive and for him to notice she is pregnant. Plus Omega and Beta joining the MirAIs, making the Titor Sisters a reality


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    Status: c31

    I always try to read at least 10% of the novels before reviewing them, but man, I just couldn't make it..

    The read kinda feels like one of those japanese isekai novels where the plain MC is op from the start yet refuses to solve his problems and ignores them until they blow up on his face.

    I'm disappointed because I got baited by the synopsis and at the end of the day the dude didn't even want to make an idol group! A random pimp (literally) on the street pushed him into buying the shady idol agency! 

    I'm dropping it because I know where this is going, can't ignore the red flags.

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    Status: 117 – aoko ryuusei – [just chatting] good...

    That's a god-tier story, I did a sleepless night to finish all the chapters in a day.

    Insanely good character development, enough comedy and the story have a very good pace.

    I recommend this novel.

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    Status: 113 – alfi titor – [meincraft] mining with...

    This novel deserves nothing but a five star rating. Probably one of the most immersive novels I read so far.

    Lastly, Alfi is #1. 

    Read More

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