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/ Series / Reincarnated as a… Completely Average Person?
Reincarnated as a… Completely Average Person?
Reincarnated as a… Completely Average Person?
407.6k Views 10082 Favorites 199 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1799 Readers
3.9 (126 ratings)
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"You're reincarnating as a normal person"

"Wait! Don't I get a cheat skill or something! Like other Isekai heros!"

"You wasted too much time in heaven!"

"Not even a single cool skill?"



"Good luck! Don't die!"

"Curse you Angel-Sama!"
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Adventurers Age Progression Angels Bisexual Protagonist Female Protagonist Goddesses Male to Female Reincarnated into Another World Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    New Indream
    Status: c35

    As of chapter 35, it's bad. Have a promising start, but...

    MC have mochi for the brain. Aside from one, most of her choices are idiotic to say the least. The supposed reincarnated genius, who solved couple of world problems (even if it was because of his/her being lazy) acts worse then some typical isekaied jp middle-schooler, who is high on "morals" and "isekai". She even got some strong "wake up" call early in the story, but didn't learn from, judging from c30+.

    Other characters, not much for them so far. Her companion more or less typical "good character in isekai". Basically the one who is all about "doing good and moraly right things". Brief time with "Boss", from what was shown, your typical strong person who is bad at social interactions. The most interesting and enjoyable characters so far are spirits.

    World so far typical fantasy from what little was shown as of c35. There was one untypical for isekai move from kingdom, which is really questionable, but thats it

    Thats why couldn't recommend it. While the very start had some potential, it was quickly thrown away. Maybe latter in the story things get way better, but I already given this novel enough time to prove itself with 35 chapters. I'm not ready to gamble and give it more time, since nothing promising is going on.

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    Status: chapter 72: time to collect some...


    The story is mediocre at best, got interesting concepts on cliché topics to LITRPG genre, but lacks the depth to explain it. Tends to 'do first, explain later´ and have issues with punctuation.

    Story 2/5

    Style 2/5

    Character 1/5

    Universe 3/5

    punctuation 1/5

    gramma 3/5

    I'm not entirely sure what to think of the story. The concept and idea is good enough but it's not without its issues.

    It feels like it is in an identity crisis of what it wants to tell us as a story, and on what scale. I accepted the title as a form of sarcasm, because the MC is far from being an average person, even the very first few sentences, it is already known that the MC is way out of the norm.

    I like that the story have a clear goal, which we can strive towards which is explained from the very beginning.

    The take on stereotypes such as races, dungeons and adventure guild is unique in a way, but adventure guild is a mixed bag for me. I like it's a new take on it, at the same time I almost feel it's existence in the story almost feels unnecessary, it might be something the story will unveil more of in the future though.

    A thing I found to be interesting at the start was the 'weapon' type the MC choose to use. And I wish it was taken in a different direction than the omnipotent tool it seems it be now.

    But the thing there broke the camels back for me when I read the story, was the punctuation. It's all over the place, it did become better the further into the story you got, but it was still a very looming factor. Sometimes you could find quotation mark in start of sentences without it at the end, and sometimes entirely missing, and at sometimes at randomly, same goes for commas and periods.

     A few times I felt like I skipped a chapter or missed one. This goes even for the very first chapter of the story. Time jump are sometimes left to be figure out ourself, or sometimes halfway through a chapter at times. The story also felt like it had a policy about it's storytelling, of do first and explain later. Things will unfold and will later be explained why it unfolded the way it did, which breaks the flow of the story telling. If it truly was necessary to be explained after, then the action unfolded should not have left us with questions to understand what happened.



    Like the Nero fight. I think both it is one of the best parts of the story and worst, I liked it. It was a new way of handling a truly to strong enemy. But how she beat it felt like a plot armor/hole which just happen to work, in the spur of the moment. And the following chapter explained nicely this plot hole, it still felt like a plot hole because it just happened to work for our MC.


    Just to end with a lil rant

    The introduction of the story is outright awful. LITRPG theme with it's system is not commen sense for everyone. Only people who have read LITRPG before can make sense of what is happening, and how these system scale differ a lot so -999.999 might be normal hell if I know in this world. And even with that, we have no idea about the setting, situation or stakes. It feel like there is a great scheme to story and the MC's role in it. But it just feel like it's above my head. It's there but I can't see it or grab it, and it won't be explained to me other than it's there.

    Even though I have read quite some chapters, I have no idea about the MC's personality. It was never established who he was before being lecherous in heaven, or in general how he was in his prior life or how he died. If he had such a great personality to have a lot of karma, then I don't get why he is so lecherous in heaven. When he get resurrected he suddenly act selfish and egoistic.

     When I go back and think about the story I can almost see a checklist being made of what a typical LITRPG should contain.



    Transmigration: check

    Level system: check

    Unique skill/trait: check

    Overpowered MC: check

    Evil noble: check

    Elf follower: check

    Adventure guild: check

    Dungeon: check

    Slaves: check

    Race discrimination: check

    Haram: check

    The other tropes such as

    Truck-san: unknown

    God/angel/demon: unknown

    Using prior knowledge from old life: unknown


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    Status: chapter 50: inches

    Honestly the concept was intriguing, since I'm not a fan of overpowered protagonists always being the center of attention, but then I was disappointed when that was quickly abandoned.

    In particular (minor spoilers of what abilities the MC gets)


    I thought she would just have the music and the spirits, which could be made weak yet versatile, but nope, she gets a strength steal and amazon warrior strength training that makes a 8 y.o. Girl stronger than multiple adult men. I find this story's flavour of ability steal particularly weird because it's the kind where she eats the mana of things, which in particular she does also to humanoids and other sentient beings.


    The plot and worldbuilfing feel lukewarm, and the ability system is not that interesting nor well developed.

    Also I'm not a fan of the mc's relationship with the spirits, especially since


    she literally has them fight while she rests on a chair and has them serve her, that's a bit messed up in my opinion.


    Also I find the protagonist unlikeable, as she feels way too self centered (which I'd be fine with if it was addressed a bit).

    Overall I liked the idea inital part, where the story seemed to develop towards a low stakes plot and the MC had "weak" yet very interesting abilities (


    music and spirits

    ), but was severely disappointed in the aspects I was most interested in and others yet, so I'm dropping it. It's readable, but I wouldn't recommend doing so.

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    Status: chapter 160

    The tag "Weak to strong" might make you think it's more of an isekai than an OP protagonist, but that's wrong, in reality I don't think we should consider the protagonist as strong, in the vast majority of his fights everything he/she did it was running, surviving a close call, or running away. The Author wants to convey the idea that the protagonist has power, but makes the protagonist find OP enemies around the corner, and as soon as he finishes dealing with one, he presents another enemy to give the protagonist a headache.

    After that repeating history is basically a sequence of cat and mouse running from country to country powerless to live in peace.

    And this is extremely frustrating, the author has to know how to balance defeats with victories to create tension and not just leave us frustrated to the point of pulling our hair, ahh, not to mention that the protagonist is an idiot.

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    Status: chapter 154: a presence

    To me this novel is a great read, it give me the feeling akin to when I read Tensei slime WN version 200 chapters in or Mushoku tensei.  The characters development is nice, apart from Amelie who haven't had any development at all for 100 chapters and simply follow Kotori because Kotori is the MC. All and all, you can understand their thought and intension very clearly which is good for someone who just want to have a nice relaxing read.

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    Status: chapter 129: kraken

    It starts out pretty mediocre, but gets better from there. Is a pretty fun, fast paced, and laid back litRPG isekai with generally fun characters. The story its self follows Kotori, who finds herself on the wrong side of angelic politics and forcefully reincarnated into a fantasy world in massive karmic debt.

    Generally feels like the first chapter is missing though, so it feels less complete than it is at the start.

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