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The Last Science
The Last Science
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“How did you do that?” “Short answer? Magic is real.” — Nestled deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, something is emerging. Kept in absolute secrecy, it seeps into a fading town, quietly shared from person to person. For Alden Bensen, a directionless high school graduate, this discovery could mean an escape from his empty existence. To Rachel DuValle, perpetually underestimated and dismissed by the world, magic represents a chance to become something much greater than herself.

In the face of an unsuspecting world, their decisions shape the growth of a budding society discovering untold power. This potent force offers anyone the power to change humanity forever—or send it cascading into swift and total annihilation.

The Last Science is an ongoing science-fiction / contemporary fantasy web novel series created by Etzoli. New chapters will be posted on Fridays—plus bonus chapters on Mondays—for as long as it takes to tell the whole story. Each chapter is pretty long (average ~8000 words), so find somewhere comfy to read. This is a series for readers who really like to dive into the content.

This story will also be published weekly at my website ( There will be no differences in content, but slight differences in formatting. Feel free to read at whichever site or app you prefer. If you’re enjoying the story, consider dropping me a vote over on Top Web Fiction, or come say hi on Discord. Thanks!

Schedule: New chapters every Friday, with occasional bonus chapters on Monday.
— Read ahead up to ten chapters!
— Come chat or get update notifications!

Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Female Protagonist Interconnected Storylines Leadership Magic Male Protagonist Modern Day Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Secret Identity Secret Organizations
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      Status: --
      Jan 14, 2019

      It's a slow starter, but a great change of pace from the usual web novel fare. By the time it hits book 2, it absolutely explodes. Quality just keeps going up. I love it. Ps Etzoli, when are you going to post Epilogue here? This site needs it!

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 23 — regrouping
      Jan 14, 2019

      If you came looking for an action series, this isn't for you. This is a dialogue-heavy, character driven drama of the highest order. As someone over on RR said, TLS feels like a premium TV show. Patience is required, but holy hell does it pay off. It pays off BIG TIME. Read this. Read it all. Come back for more.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Feb 3, 2019

      I'm really glad I waited this long to judge this story. If I had reviewed it the first time I read it, I would have thought this was just a mess without any real purpose. Then the first act ended and everything blew up in the best way. I'm crazy excited to see where this goes next. 


      Also Natalie best character. I'm so glad she's one of the main perspectives now. Etzoli you are a genius.


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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 25 — the greatest magic ever assembled
      Jan 15, 2019

      An absolutely amazing read. The story is about people who discovered magic and how their different beliefs lead them down very different paths. It starts off slow because the story is told through multiple characters but the storytelling is amazing. I binged the first book in two days and now I'm slowly reading through the second because I don't want to get through it too quickly.

      I recommend this book for anyone who wants to read a fleshed out story with characters who deal with real problem which have real consequences.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Jan 15, 2019

      The Last Science is a saga, an incredible sprawling piece of interconnected plots, three-dimensional characters that only get deeper as time goes on, and a dynamic world that feels alive. The characters are realistic and relatable. Etzoli puts up a huge chapter every single week and hasn't missed one yet. This is an epic in the making right here, and I'm excited for what comes next.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c26
      Jan 17, 2019

      yes this book is good and I really like it and you should read it because it is good. It rivals my immortal in quality, though not quite as good. It is definitely better than the stories in morrowind however, and doesnt come with the amphetamine binge. This may be positive or negative for you depending on how you view things, but its probably positive. It just won a contest so you should extra read it and encourage him to use more amphetamines to write his works of art so that one day he may surpass the greats like ebony da'arkness raven way or whatever and can finally exterminate the prepz and pozers

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