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/ Series / System Only Gives Me Useless Gifts
System Only Gives Me Useless Gifts
System Only Gives Me Useless Gifts
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4.5 (79 ratings)
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Li Yun grew up with a system that gave him useless gifts. He wanted a reward that could prove the existence of the system, but ended up with abstract gifts like culture. Without physical proof, he was stuck wondering whether his mind was truly sane, all the while dealing with the reality of life.

How will the "useless" system help Li Yun navigate medical school, hospital politics, criminal cases, treasure hunting, farming and cooking?

*Many Chinese names and characters.
*Amazon :

Copyrights of the novel and cover are owned by Chocomug. Novel is free to read and download for personal use and offline reading.

ComedyFantasyLitRPGMaturePsychologicalRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Age Progression Antique Shop Artifacts Business Management Comedic Undertone Daoism Doctors Drugs Easy Going Life Episodic Game Elements Hard-Working Protagonist Healing Heartwarming Herbalist Medical Knowledge Modern Day Multiple POV Pharmacist Romantic Subplot Special Abilities Spirits Time Skip
Table of Contents 280
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 97

    read ahead on an other site, but this is a pretty solid story. The MC is a doctor and there are some medical procedural elements, though the MC high EQ skills are whats really on display. If you like stories like Medical Return give this a shot.

    I liked the Chinese hospital politics and spiritualism incorporated into this story but can't vouch for their validity. The low fantasy of it gives it an atmosphere that's rare to find in web serials.

    However pacing is a bit strange since the MC is pulled into story lines abruptly like being a doctor but also doing a police investigation completely separately.  We also haven't spent enough time with the side cast for them to leave any impression on me.

    Well I like this so far, don't know how it's going to end though.

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    Status: c55

    This story is a slice of life that’s interesting twist is kind of uninteresting and not very explored. The story itself is somewhat interesting but there are usually a bunch of disparate plot threads that barely seem connected and just raise eyebrows. The fact the MC doctor is both a doctor and a sometimes detective feels like the author wanted two different stories in one. The detective stuff isn’t flesh out enough to be interesting and, tbh, a lot of the story lacks an interesting depth to it. 

    There’s also a large lacking in build up and pay off. MC meets girl once who then runs away and we see for only the briefest of scenes? MC fell in love, apparently? He keeps trying to find her in off-hand comments here and there but there’s no real explanation for why. What’s even worse is when he does meet with her, it comes across as if it seems to want to be more but feels like just another disconnected scene that feels like it’s missing more to set it up for the proper payoff.

    That’s my big issue. It’s interesting for a while but there’s nothing to really sink your teeth into. No truly interesting interactions with interesting characters, just a bunch of scenes that seemingly are connected because of chronology and the MC.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 239-wounded pride

    Most thorough Chinese influence fiction, I've read. Is an in depth look at Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's place in the modern world, with slices of mysticism, actual surgical procedure, and a system that more of like Divine guidance which offers some minor benefits every now and again.

    Is a slice of life with action, office politics, and bureaucracy.

    It's awesome you should read it if you have any interest in the tags.

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    4 Likes · Like

    This story is more equivalent to a series of events happening in chronological order. It honestly lacks a bit of contenuity, but it makes up for this in its intrigue. This story has a very well fleshed out system with a life like cast. It doesn't just feel like the regular novels where you have to turn your brain off  to enjoy it. This story really pulls you in and makes you think about the characters choices and his interactions with people.

    PS: Even though there is a lot of fantasy and mysticism, it surprisingly educational with the author doing research into the topics they introduce in to the story.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c229

    Good efforts in medical details, plot, character dev, and schemes.

    But the Taoism System and its gifts are not mentioned as often. 

    Focus is on maintaining a balance between spirituality, science, psychology, applyibg it to modern life, and social relationships.

    Would have like to see more interactions from the spiritual sides like ghosts. Martial skills were... for survival, but feel weak in badass scenes moments.

    To be fair, MC would rather avoid getting into troubles cuz he's a doctor and somewhat "crazy" realist. But because of his personality, he always get pulled into political conflicts of some sorts.

    For now, the story does not contain 6/10 annoying tropes found in stories with MC + System & Special Power.

    Not very musclehead arrogant, not so machsotic beta, but comically curious character who is smart and relatable humane.

    MC's strengths lies not in his power, but his social networking and connections. His relationships with friends are sort of healthy normal except for some.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 271 – boss fight

    TLDR: Overall I've enjoyed the novel. It had a pretty shallow start with a super interesting middle portion that had me invested. I felt like the author tried to widen the scope too much. Then it ended abruptly making me feel confused.

    Actual review:

    It was a good ride. Initially the story started out pretty shallow to me, it felt like we were trying to make a foundation but also hurry through this foundation to get to the interesting parts. Then as we reached around the time the main character started his medical practice it became a heck of a lot more interesting. 

    It was interesting to see the protagonist develop towards a certain goal and how he improved and used his abilities and got more proficient with it. I enjoyed seeing his interactions with others, I liked how the author mixed the traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine practices. It was fun to explore the concepts and possibilities and how it played out with our protagonist. I particularly enjoyed how Li Yun interacts with others and his patients. His ability to read others has really attracted my interest and the way the author wrote it was captivating.

    I guess I only took out a star when the author tried to add more concepts and make him tackle more items than what the story could cover. It started to feel scattered and although cohesive in nature I felt it might have been better to limit the scope of the novel to the medical field. It was still interesting towards the end but I felt my love for this story waned when it tried to add more to what it originally had. It's charm lied in its take on the medical field and how the protagonist wades through this situation with the abilities he received from the system. I feel like the author tried to cover more and explore more of the world around the protagonist and how he would affect it but somehow it was less fun to me at that point. Furthermore it ended at such an abrupt note that I don't know what or how to feel about it.

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    Status: 158 – what does it mean?

    Damn this is good it got me hook up quickly. The romance is very good by the way.

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    Status: 01 – chosen one

    The story could be great, but soon enough it was reduced to your average "young medical doctor" novel sprinkled with usual crappy chinese voodoo and chinese medicine vs. Western medicine nonsense.

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    Status: 278 – the series finale

    This is a really good slice-of-life novel with a mix of everything. System isn't too overpowered nor does it affect too much of the MC power ups since it is all the accumulation of knowledge and the characters are all very well developed and realistic.

    My only problem is that there are wayy too many plot points left that still haven't been developed yet the story has already ended. Who gave MC the system? What is with the whole prophecy thing? Whatever happened with his company plans all of that? And there are still so much more that I haven't mentioned.  To me, it's just the author rushing to end the story and didn't even want to tie off the unfinished plot points and left them untouched. I would rather for this novel to be dropped tbh rather than ending things off like this. I already have too many dropped novels in my list, one more doesn't hurt. 

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    Status: 278 – the series finale

    It's a good one. Definitely low fantasy, even in later in the book. Abilities are explained in as grounded a way as possible, even the ones involving ghosts and the dreamworld. MC is OP but not invincible, and has a good cast of friends to help him out.

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