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/ Series / [BL] Rin the Rat: Tale of a Beloved Monster
[BL] Rin the Rat: Tale of a Beloved Monster
[BL] Rin the Rat: Tale of a Beloved Monster
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This is a story about the villain's rise from street rat to tyrant, and his ill-fated romance with the golden-eyed hero.

Rin the Rat is destined to be the villain, the black-hearted monster who the righteous hero must conquer. He's got a nasty bite, a filthy mouth, and a beautiful façade that hides a lethal madness. 

Fifth Lord Hwan Jun is destined to be the People's Lion, the righteous hero who must war with his heart to save the world. His healing hand and gentle temperament is the only power in the world that can tame his beloved monster.

When fate draws hero and villain together, there's an unlikely and undeniable connection. They are destined to be devoted lovers. And destined to be mortal enemies. 

This is their story. From their first meeting in the Imperial city of Hanjuyang to their final confrontation on the bloody battleground. Spanning across four nations, the realms of the living and the dead, and over twelve beautiful and painful years.


Book I: The Rat & The Little Lord (Current)
Book I Character & Lore Guide -

Book II: The Rebel & The Knight
Book III: The Tyrant & The Hero

Updates will be once a week on Thursdays EST. Any extra chapters will be uploaded sporadically.


CW: All characters are 18 and older in this story! Please be aware that this story contains difficult themes that may be triggering to some readers. I will always post a content warning at the start of every chapter when relevant. Themes include: graphic violence, gore, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, graphic sex scenes, trauma and mental illness, personality disorders, substance abuse, drug use, self-harm & s*icide, r*pe & sexual assault, gaslighting/manipulation, domestic violence, and MANY other difficult adult themes.

Cultural Representation: This is set in a fantastical amalgamation of East Asian countries (namely Korea, Japan & China) with heavy Western/European influences. There will be names that are real and fake as well as references to various Asian cultures. I will generally only stick to East Asian cultures and references as this is my own cultural heritage. Any other culture I reference will only be done after extensive research. If you find I am stepping out of my lane in any way, please let me know.


Editor: valiantxvillainous 
Check her out @

Cover Art: woodjabean
Check them out @


© 2022 Iseul Hwangbo, All Rights Reserved

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