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/ Series / Myriad Paths of Cultivation
Myriad Paths of Cultivation
Myriad Paths of Cultivation
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There are a myriad number of creatures in this world
And every one of them has a chance to take control of their destiny
This chance is through Immortal Cultivation
All, but one
Beast have their Beast Cores
Plants have their Essence Seeds and
Lin Tian was born without the one thing needed for humans to cultivate:
a Dantian
But just as there are a myriad number of creatures in this world there are
myriad paths of cultivation

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts
Artifacts Complex Family Relationships Cultivation Dragons Gods Hard-Working Protagonist Immortals Inheritance Male Protagonist Souls Strength-based Social Hierarchy Unique Cultivation Technique Weak to Strong
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      Status: chapter 8 – i don't care
      Jan 14, 2019

      This story does two things. Keep me entertained and wanting more. It has the usual underdog MC, but the story does not proceed in the usual way. This author seems to be preparing for the late game.


      For example, the MC gets the usual lucky chance that is supposed to allow him to become unrivaled, but he actually fails all the tests.

      I also really like all the character interactions. The author just has a way of making them relatable. Heck, I even felt a connection to a fricken sword. I also have no complaints with how he describes things. Its detailed enough that I can clearly envision the scene. There are only two small flaws. One, the stories moving a little slowly for my liking, but this can easily be fixed by him releasing more. Two, grammar isn't absolutely perfect, but it is still at a very high standard. Give it a read.

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