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The Year is 2020...

An experiment decades in the making known as Project: Blue Monday rears its head. A Portal opens in Fort Lauderdale, and the government keeps it a secret from everyone. Immediately, it sends forces through the portal to secure it, and to escape from a dying planet Earth. 

Staff Sergeant Hezekiah Brooks is among them. He finds himself in a world of magic, elves, demi-humans, and dragons. As he fights against the ruling Iscariot Empire in the new world, he is forced to adapt to his new circumstances to survive. He finds a new family among his allies and a new enemy of his own making. Carefully, he must find a way back home... alive, keeping his ragtag squad of five soldiers - Unity - alive and safe. All while playing as a puppet for a creature of mysterious origin, who seemingly knows all and controls everything. He finds himself at the head of a revolution that will burn everything to the ground, just to build it all again...

Hezekiah embarks on his Odyssey, to protect his family and to fight against the evils of both the worlds of New and Old...
More chapters are being ported over from Royal Roads! I will post a chapter every week until I catch up to the Royal Roads version. You can find the novel under the same name and author!

Alternate World Army Demi-Humans Elves Magic Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Soldiers
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