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/ Series / Vagabond’s Ambition
Vagabond’s Ambition
Vagabond’s Ambition
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4.9 (23 ratings)
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In a world with magic and beasts, where magic alone can’t be used to fight, close combat reigns supreme. Where every person is born with a special affinity towards a weapon and fighting style, the world is at peace.

Kaitlyn, after being a part of the party that defeated the demon lord 7 years prior, became a wanderer, living life aimlessly.

One day, after beating some bandits, feeling empty and melancholic, she decides to act on her friend’s advice, embarking on a journey to find purpose in her life. A journey she starts off by meeting a group of otherworlders, from there, who knows who she’ll meet, and what she’ll discover...
This is going to be a kinda slice of life, fluff yuri story-... kinda what I always write if you’ve read my other books...
Cover art is not mine! I’m using it for now until I muster up the motivation to draw one myself
Updates will probably be... kinda sparse, as I’m pretty busy with life, and also enjoy writing other stuff too

Join my discord! It’ll be fun I promise!

ActionComedyFantasyGirls LoveRomanceSlice of Life
Adventurers Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Devoted Love Interests Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Girl's Love Subplot Heartwarming Low-key Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c12

    Slice of life (YEP)

    Yuri (not yet)

    Questioning her existence (well, she certainly is 'aimless' but was looking forward to the darkness... Atleast thats how the synopsis told me)

    Split personality (its the casual mode and a the battle mode, battle mode seems to be the darkness that the synopsis tells)

    The book is good. Not as sweet as the other story so you wont be knocked unconscious by the diabetes you will get. The story has introduced a few characters. It is slowbuilding atm, well, its a slice of life. 

    The stars on this always stay zero... Its 5 stars just in case the wrong one appears

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