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/ Series / Beyond Chaos – A DiceRPG
Beyond Chaos – A DiceRPG
Beyond Chaos – A DiceRPG
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4.2 (19 ratings)
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“I’m alive...again?”

Adam died and was brought into a fantasy world. Then he died again, and has been reborn into a new (?) fantasy world. His life, as before, is in the hands of the dice. Come and join Adam as he rolls his way in and out of trouble. 

The story has a very slow pace, and has elements of really light hearted, wholesome stuff, and really dark, gruesome stuff. 

Sequel/Reboot of Beyond Average. You don't need to read Beyond Average, but it will explain a lot about Adam.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMatureSlice of Life
Adopted Children Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Caring Protagonist Cute Children Dragons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Guilds Handsome Male Lead Knights Level System Magic Male Protagonist Mercenaries Monsters Race Change Racism Reincarnated into Another World RPG Sword And Magic Weak to Strong
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    Status: 154. giant slayer

    The story is way slower then the last but only in terms of level. 


    It's strange but Adam feel way stronger then last time despite the gap of level


    The world feels bigger or more alive? We can see how people near the MC feels about him and influence him. The world move and go without the MC being the center of attention. 

    Unlike other story, this one doesn't follow a railroad where we know what's gonna happen next. We can expect things to go a certain way but we are never dissapointed.

    Love your story telling.

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    Status: 2. the test i

    I am sorry but I just can't get what is so great about DnD and dice. RNG is the great idea to start off but just like with most things there are much better alternatives to it. 

    Story is really hard to read. Unless you are a fan of DnD and all that comes with it getting through chapters is a slog that never ends. It might be fun for some but definitely not my cup of tea.

    Writing itself is of alright quality in terms of grammar but nothing stellar either. If you're a fan of said things - check it out otherwise I'd not recommend reading this one.

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