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/ Series / City of Desire [Kingdom Building]
City of Desire [Kingdom Building]
City of Desire [Kingdom Building]
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4.1 (128 ratings)
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Suffering the machinations of family, Remus is sent to the newly built border city of Greltheaven. A place filled with opportunities but also dangers.

If it had been up to him, he would have stayed in the safety of the empire, slowly building his business as he had planned, but he did not have a choice, either go to the dangerous city or live a mediocre life.

Which he is not willing to do.

Swearing revenge, he packed his bags and moved to Greltheaven, a city of great dangers and fortune.


A brothel is not an easy business to run, much less get success, but since fate had so kindly decreed it upon him, he will not only run the brothel but will make it immensely successful.

He had plans, big plans for it; he only hoped the city would remain standing long enough to turn his small business into an empire.

There will be 5 Chapters a week, from Monday to Friday.

Adventurers Aristocracy Army Army Building Assassins Businessmen Elves Empires Kingdom Building Merchants Prostitutes Strategist
Table of Contents 390
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Table of Contents
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    New Shadow21GX
    Status: chapter 50: killing the lich i

    I read through 50 chapters straight in one setting. 

    The first 3 chapters are setting but the story moves at a nice pace. The classes, kingdom, and fantasy vibes are interesting. I'm enjoying our MC that has a vision, plans to returns any wrong doings done, and his class growth. 

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    Status: chapter 117: relationship and training

    I hung onto this story because I enjoyed the storytelling. However, the constant run-on sentences, dangling participles, overuse and misuse of semicolons, missing words, and a myriad of other grammatical errors constantly take me out of the narrative. I have to stop every few sentences to try and parse together what the author meant instead of what they wrote. I noticed this problem early on in the writing but I had hoped it was an issue that would solve itself as the author got more used to writing. It did not. The author desperately needs to get someone to edit or at least read over their work before submitting the chapter. I checked the latest chapter (165), and it seems to have gotten better. On closer inspection, there are still problems, but they aren't as glaring as the earlier ones.

    The story involving politics and business expansion was interesting and what kept me invested despite all the problems. I dreaded the action scenes. Reading them only made me miss the business slice of life story. They felt predictable. Every time the protagonist went on a trip and it wasn't glossed over with a few sentences, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Here we go again. Something stupid is going to happen." Sure enough, something stupid always happens. The author seems to want to build up to a grand world-at-stake story, but it's the most uninteresting part of the narrative.

    Also, calm down with the semicolons. The author never saw a sentence they didn't want to put a semicolon. It's like this story is the net's orphanage for wayward semicolons. Writing styles exist, but some really should not.

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    Status: c109

    So there is a great and interesting story here, I am enjoying it however it is littered with gramatical errors, often words are just missed out though you can guess at what is missing

    Example: he spend another one and a half there

    I assume hour is the missing word

    There are also times when the wrong word is used

    Example: The sooner I earn his truth, the sooner I will get his permission.

    Truth is meant to be trust in this case

    That being said I haven't noticed many spelling mistakes other than the wrong words being used.

    At the start there is also a problem with pov changes where it isn't always clear whom the pov is from although that has improved and povs are now labled who it is.

    Other than that it is an interesting read with a competent MC and good side characters.

    The only other issue I really have is the class system really doesn't have many hard rules it seems, haveing to many classes slows leveling but you can get a class for just about anything and people do not seem to have a way to reject classes so it feels like people would be accidently getting classes all the time and slowing their progress for leveling but other than the MC we only see at most 2 classes for anyone else. I assume the system must be intent based but then that wouldnt explain how people get stuck with classes they don't want.

    Anyway I will keep reading this and can only hope it improves with time and that the author will come back and fix the numerous grammer mistakes.

    update to ch 184

    seems like the pov issues have returned and the author doesn't indecate who's perspective it is

    the story is also being dragged down by an attack/plot happeing whenever the MC is traveling that has nothing to do with him, he hasn't left the city once and not been attack by bandits or some other nonsence

    to add to this there are more contridictions in the writing coming about


    Another minute passed, and its ax finally touched me.
    It was the faintest touch, but the ax opened the big wound. Like how the taunt cheese split open with the slightest puncture.
    It is definitely due to the effect of the skill.
    Thankfully, it was only the faintest touch, and the injury it had opened on my shoulder was small.
    If it had been a normal cut like I had received so many times on this battlefield. I would have a grave injury and a bleeding shoulder; that would have been the end of me.

    the wound is both big and small similtaniously

    honestly I still thing there is an interesting story here but its just hidden under so many problems that I don't think its worth it to subject myself to it anymore, if it is edited in the futre I may return to it but can bring myself to continue to read this as is.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 04: the changes

    An excellent story so far and it reminds me of another one I've read on this site "I Own a Brothel in Another World" by Saileri. I wonder if our protagonist has bigger plans for the girls under his management especially given his desire for revenge against his family. Can't wait to find out.

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    5 Likes · Like

    I thought this was a "Kingdom Building" story, but it's not even a "City Building" story at this point. Apparently it's a "get jerked around" story with only 2-3 chapters of establishment building (most off-screen) in between a whole lot of useless politics (not directly by the MC), run-on combat, and character development that fits in with the graph of Sin (t).

    That title should not exist. Get rid of it now before someone drowns in the mire of lies the title and summary is.

    Even excluding the "Kingdom Building" part, the story itself feels like, as mentioned previously, being jerked around haphazardly, with some of the story arcs feeling inadequately rewarded while others are just basic and bland. The main problem? It feels VERY artificial and not progressing towards anything in particular. I cannot even see how things may turn out in the future because there is no point to anything that is being done except the vagueness of "Kingdom Building", and the close future of "Establishment Development".

    This, is not a slow burn. This is someone going or in a tangent and not making a particular point.

    Even as I say all of this, this story has MASSIVE potential. Although the premise has been done before, this story is breaking new ground with how it is done. It's just not really doing anything to make itself look like what it says on the cover.

    While "Judging a book by its cover" is not something one should do, I don't think this is what it means by that...

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 331:

    It is a very interesting business-management focused novel with enough combat to keep your attention and I recommend giving at least the first 30 chapters a go as it picks up speed around that chapter.

    Love the characters.

    I really like the novel, but feel like I could have enjoyed it a lot more if not for what I can only describe as the massive spoiler at the start of chapter 1. I can be mistaken about it, but it feels like a flashforward that basically nukes the excitement from orbit right after the prolouge


    it is hard to care about the MC's money troubles when you have just been told he will keep expanding his business for the next two years

    , made worse by it being the only flash forward in the entire book.

    That said, I am eagerly waiting for new chapters.

    Edit: The story really gets better the longer it goes on, adjusted the three stars to five as that is what it deserves, especially now we progressed past the self-contained spoiler. That being said, the start really is atrocious and could do with a rewrite.

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    Status: chapter 275: blast this den of...

    The author begins by introducing us to the giant rich and important Silver merchant family, with so much money and influence that even small nobles have to pay respect, but the MC is a bastard son, he has just unlocked his system, his father was murdered and his brothers plotted for him to have a rubbish class, so he receives minimal support from his family until he demonstrates talent.


    After that, removing the negotiation and expansion parts of the enterprise, it's all a matter of, he leaves the city, is attacked, almost dies, becomes stronger, more skilled and receives recognition, he leaves the city, is attacked, almost dies, becomes stronger, more skillful and receives recognition again and again to infinity.



    He develops, receives recognition, becomes richer and richer, more and more influential to the point that even nobles from neighboring cities have to kiss his ass to be able to receive a little more benefits, his family recognizes him and starts to give him more and more support for him, everything is going well right? Wrong!



    We discovered that not even a family of rural nobles from a small town in the interior don't give a sh*t about the Silver family and at most they're worried about his position as advisor, everyone wants to screw the MC. Why? Why not? Plot development...



    And finally we enter the xianxian developments, young master comes to the city with his drooling lackeys and his father's army, along with another young master who feels humiliated by the MC, there is a slap in the face, humiliation, Mt. Tai not being seen despite have eyes. And all I wonder is... Where is the powerful Silver family?


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    Status: c 53

    This is an excellent story. Given the name/synopsis I passed over reading it several times but it kept popping up as a popular/well rated story so I finally read it after looking at the tags and not finding what I had expected. I am very glad I did. This story stands on its own as a fantasy story and, while it is centered around a brothel as the synopsis suggests, it is not focused heavily upon the activities one would expect in a brothel. In other words, this is a story of struggle, progression, overcoming expectations, and planning. There is enough nuance to the characters to feel they have goals and feelings, though of course not every character is brilliant and scheming. The main character seems competent enough in a political setting without seeming omnicient and he is falliable though none of his descisions seem unreasonable.

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    Status: chapter 296: training

    I keep wondering why I keep reading this story.

    The context is interesting, but nothing unique or special at this point.

    MC is very passive. He doesn't choose his fights. They are forced upon him. The only time he does, it's arguably suicidal. But MC always ends up barely winning/living anyway.

    Nothing strictly positive ever happens to the MC. He'll get some good employees and make some money, but that's about it. See the spoiler for a concrete example.


     MC finally reaches "the peak level" (or the previously known one) with his business only to find out it is equivalent to losing control of it and becoming a slave to the imperial family, like really?? Give us a payoff at some point.


    Plus, the text needs some work. If the author took the time to pass his chapters through the free version of Grammarly, at least there'd be no actual mistakes, but sadly, the text is full of them.

    Yet I keep reading this story. I'm almost 300 chapters deep at this point. There must be something to it.

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    Status: prologue

    Honestly one of the better merchant like building ones own trade empire stories ive read so far. One problem why it seess so little traffic is probably the missleading starting theme that it has. With the brothel but with almost no smut. I like ot that way but most people either A will get turned off when they read the starting few chapters or B will leave after a while of not getting no smut tag. Although this is my speculation as to why such a banger sees so littlw attention nowadays

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