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/ Series / (Hiatus) Reincarnation — Kingdom of Lust
(Hiatus) Reincarnation — Kingdom of Lust
(Hiatus) Reincarnation — Kingdom of Lust
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Old-School video games have always been a passion for grey, but so has been sex. His room, filled with erotic posters, stands as a reflection of a desire he has yet to fulfil. And his console is his only companion towards a goal he always dreamed of reaching— to make a game of his own.

Basic in its nature, it is no different from gems he grew up playing, but his twist to the genre proves to be an idea that would go against him. The main protagonist has the ability to alter the world by implementing events during play; and enable Machine Learning, capable of building a world using logic and previous existing information.

His luck takes a turn for the worse, or for the better, when his own creation hastens his end. His last memory is reaching inside the circuits, and his first is a world he is too familiar with; a world that always follows a script.

Trapped inside his own world, the wild fantasies he had been holding in break loose. He deviates from the script and its possible choices, but what if the world learned to develop by itself, and its people developed sentience?

Futanari Gods Handjob Human-Nonhuman Relationship Humanoid Protagonist Kingdom Building Kingdoms Monster Girls Monster Society Monsters Nudity Paizuri Perverted Protagonist Pets R-18 Rape Reincarnated into a Game World RPG Ruthless Protagonist Saints Sex Friends Sexual Abuse Slaves World Travel
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