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/ Series / Jiro and the Bathhouse of Desire (Monster Girls)
Jiro and the Bathhouse of Desire (Monster Girls)
Jiro and the Bathhouse of Desire (Monster Girls)
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3.6 (13 ratings)
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Jiro has a problem. His grandfather has run off and left him in charge of an ancient Japanese bathhouse—a bathhouse for sexy women! But there's bad news. The bathhouse is falling apart, the sexy guests have disappeared, and, to top it all off, the business is bankrupt. Now it's up to Jiro to save the day: rebuild the bathhouse, pleasure the guests, and restore the fallen establishment to its former glory.

But there's just one more monster-sized problem: the guests may be beautiful, but, Jiro soon learns, they are not exactly human ...

[WARNING: This is A NOVEL FOR MALE READERS. There will be breasts, thighs, tongues, feet, abs, butts, armpits, plus clefts and cracks of all kinds. People will lick and get licked. There will be lots of hot interactions, flirting, innuendo. There will be monster girls. There will be human girls. Big girls and small girls. Green girls and yellow girls. Girls with many hands who know how to use them. But, most important of all, there will also be a real plot & real complex characters, with real weaknesses, who change and grow over time. BUT THERE WILL BE NO EXPLICIT SEX SCENES ... Because we all know deep inside that it's the buildup to sex that's the best part of all ...]

AdultComedyDramaEcchiFantasyHaremRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Bloodlines Character Growth Clever Protagonist Demons Early Romance Fantasy Creatures Introverted Protagonist Kingdoms Living Abroad Magic Beasts Management Modern Fantasy Monster Girls Monsters Murders Past Trauma Romantic Subplot Seduction Slow Romance
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