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/ Series / The Children of the Divine Limit
The Children of the Divine Limit
The Children of the Divine Limit
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==  Posting 1000 - 2000 words six or seven days a week for now.  ==

A galaxy-wide creator of life found its purpose for the first time since its birth eons ago. It had wanted to see how its most beloved child would live.

However, she has died, and the one who killed her has gained even more strength.

This divine being became enraged. It had never felt such pure hatred before. It behaved a bit recklessly as a result.

It called upon an ancient power, far above it in rank. This supreme authority chose to fulfill the deity's request for vengeance. But, He sent His cute little children in His stead.

His two inexperienced kids, named Ajax and Shaula, were born as humans on the planet Earth. On the last day of their 12th grade, they are plucked from Earth by their Father and sent to a new world called Omicron. Here, they will face the greatest challenge of their lives so far, and take up the burden of their birthright.

Finding and killing a god should be the easy part of the story.

== This story is a reboot of my other story of the same name. I'm on RoyalRoad too: ==

Clever Protagonist Demi-Humans Depictions of Cruelty Depression Discrimination Dystopia Evil Organizations Family Fantasy World Friendship Gods Hiding True Identity Kingdoms Nationalism Personality Changes Politics Power Struggle R-18 Religions Righteous Protagonist Scheming Sharp-tongued Characters Sudden Strength Gain Survival Wars
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