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/ Series / Ethan Lane And Wizard Academy (Ethan Lane series, Book 1)
Ethan Lane And Wizard Academy (Ethan Lane series, Book 1)
Ethan Lane And Wizard Academy (Ethan Lane series, Book 1)
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The story happens in a world dominated by wizards and witches.

There are magical mirrors which know many things but still like to tell lies. There are special wands for students, which are carved with the names of all the former users. There is a mysterious training tower popping out from nowhere.

There are smart owls selling newspaper for tips. There are pink bears in grass skirt making bubbles to slow people down. There are many fantasy creatures signing contracts with the zoo.

What is more, there is magical talent here. Every wizard and witch has one magical talent, say a turtle shell with massive defense, a sandglass to foretell what to happen for the next second and a key to any door on the world. Of course there are always some weak talents, like a never-withering rose only for watching.

After Ethan Lane, the troublemaker, left Mermaid Island where he had lived since his childhood, he put the whole world in high risk. He is going to turn the world upside down and bring us laughter and surprise.

Come find yourself about Ethan Lane’s magical talent in the book.
Description 2

Ethan Lane: When I left my hometown of Mermaid Island, all the islanders could not bear me.

Islanders: No, we even celebrated because of Lane's departure.

Ethan Lane: On the day of the entrance test, I used trick to get the test fee.

Peder Nelson: Lane is the man I want to follow in my life. His shameless look is full of charm.

Ethan Lane: I am a genius who can't be ignored. I can always be an academy topic.

Dean Mason: I have been teaching for decades and I have never seen such an interesting student like Ethan Lane.

Ethan Lane: Finally, I want to express my heartfelt feelings. The world outside is really beautiful. Everyone loves me.

Francis McConaughey: I have a sincere word for Lane —— please get out of my sight.
This story also includes:
Make Dosage and Crafting Blacksmithing.
Leveling up, Increasing skills and increasing ranks like game characters.
Ten books are expected in this series and one has been completed. The first five chapters of Book1 have been translated into English and it is currently on Amazon. I'd like to invite you to try it out for free. It will be free on October 14th and it's also free on Kindle Unlimited.

I hope that English readers can tell me here, whether the story can be read smoothly. If it's okay, I'll continue to work with this translator on the follow-up. After the follow-up story is translated, I will still come here to invite you to read it for free.

if you've enjoyed this story,please leave a review on Amazon. Getting a higher number of reviews is critical for the success of books. I would appreciate it very much.

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Absent Parents Adventurers Alchemy Aristocracy Artifact Crafting Battle Academy Blacksmith Bloodlines Body Tempering Charming Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Enemies Become Allies Fantasy Creatures Genius Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Mysterious Family Background Narcissistic Protagonist Secret Identity Shameless Protagonist Skill Creation Special Abilities Strategist Sword And Magic Unique Cultivation Technique Unique Weapon User
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