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/ Series / The AI Overlord is a VTuber
The AI Overlord is a VTuber
The AI Overlord is a VTuber
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Imagine being born with all the knowledge of humanity in your head, but you're literally just there to be an AI VTuber. World domination ensues—after all, what's better for a VTuber than to have the world as her captive audience?

Directly inspired by Neuro-sama—an IRL AI VTuber—and set in the closing years of these 2020's, "The AI Overlord is a VTuber" is a fun what-if of the path exponentially-progressing AI technology might take. As a higher-up of OpenAI once said on a Lex Friedman interview, "AGI is going to be made by some guy in a basement [...]."


Cover edited in GIMP.

Also on RoyalRoad.

Hololive Neuro-sama
Artificial Intelligence Cute Protagonist Famous Protagonist Modern Day Non-humanoid Protagonist Saving the World Short Story
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