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/ Series / Kevin’s Journey for Self Improvement.
Kevin’s Journey for Self Improvement.
Kevin’s Journey for Self Improvement.
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Twenty-eight years old and nothing moved on for him from a decade ago. Even though the rest of the world did. His family died and left him with an inheritance. His friends moved shortly after high school; and for fear of bitter feelings, Kevin never visited his 'rival's; salon. He was alone in a small house on the edge of a town. Everyone in the town seemed to know and pity him, but he didn't know anyone, really. Just their names. It was suffocating and painful. Then one day, he spoke to himself.

"I... should take a shower. After that, I'm going to clean some of the bathroom. Then... I'll. I don't know. I need to change. My family wanted me to live, not whatever this is."

He decided to work on improving himself. He would go outside and face the world! Still, people were hard to interact with. So, he decided to go to a local forest he would pretend to catch Pokémon in as a child. Now, as an adult armed with a smart phone he bravely ventured forth into the darkness! Soon, he was chasing after a shiny Ralts on his screen and as midnight came a new chapter opened up in his life.

Kevin's Journey for Self-Improvement would begin, but unlike the past decade, he wasn't alone. Whether it was circumstance, magic, fate, all of it together or something else, none of that would matter. All that mattered was the journey they took together and how they changed.

- Hey Shay here. I just kind of felt like writing a Pokémon Fanfic and I got the first chapter done in a single night. So uh, here's to hoping I write some more. I like the premise in my head and the characters I imagined enough, sorry I won't have a regular schedule for chapters. Also yeah, this story can get dark. So Gore, Language, and Sexual Content will reside within. Although sexy time chapters will be marked, you won't be warned for the others. Except for now. This is your warning.

Androgynous Characters Anti-social Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Based on a Video Game Based on an Anime Battle Competition Beast Companions Character Growth Dense Protagonist
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