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/ Series / Infernal comedy: A Rias Gremory self-insert (Highschool dxd/Sandman Au)
Infernal comedy: A Rias Gremory self-insert (Highschool dxd/Sandman Au)
Infernal comedy: A Rias Gremory self-insert (Highschool dxd/Sandman Au)
102.8k Views 2517 Favorites 48 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 960 Readers
4.5 (59 ratings)
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Someone reincarnates into Rias Gremory in the rating game against Riser. Everything changes for the best and the worst. The first smut scene is in the thirteenth chapter.

ActionComedyDramaEcchiFanfictionGender BenderGirls LoveHorrorMature
DC Comics Highschool DxD Lucifer Sandman
Absent Parents Accelerated Growth Aristocracy Beautiful Female Lead Female Protagonist Futanari Magic Male to Female Shapeshifters Transgender
Table of Contents 48
  1. All hail the kingFeb 22, 2024
  2. Cure for breathingFeb 11, 2024
  3. Off with the headsFeb 6, 2024
  4. Promise of the strongFeb 4, 2024
  5. Dunk in loveJan 29, 2024
  6. MetastasisJan 21, 2024
  7. SophiaJan 20, 2024
  8. CradleJan 19, 2024
  9. Fleurs Du malJan 15, 2024
  10. Palinopsia illusioraJan 14, 2024
  11. After darkJan 11, 2024
  12. DaturaJan 8, 2024
  13. The failings of OmnipotenceJan 6, 2024
  14. A deal with the devilJan 4, 2024
  15. Family ties and the logistics of slaughterJan 1, 2024
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      Status: --

      I really like the plot/story/ideas. I even almost wanna say I love them. Great read for that if nothing else seriously.

      But oof if the spelling errors and odd bits here and there don't kill about half the enjoyment reading. 

      Not because it's poorly written either, just the errors utterly neuter what would otherwise be many an interesting and/or emotionally, eloquent passage/paragraph/one-liner. 

      But! I still like it so 3-stars. Would be a solid 4 maybe 5 otherwise especially considering it's clearly a bit of hobbyist/passion writing done remarkably well other than those problems..

        ... would seriously kill for this author to get a good english editor and/or translator.

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      12 Likes · Like
      Status: selfishness isn't always a bad...

      This story is amazing. 

      The character interactions, the plot development, the atmosphere it builds. It is awesome. It isn't the most impactful fanfic in the emotions department, no gut punches, but it is probably the most consistent with them and getting the tone of the moment across. 

      I had a gripe about scaling when things start to pick up pace. Felt like it went from 0 to 100 real quick in a setting that then felt like it shouldn't have. But reading more you'll see it's not 0-100 but more like 10-30/10-40. Do don't drop it if you're considering to if you think it gets ridiculous. It gets better!

      Would be 5 star if some grammar issues didn't trip up the story sometimes.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: apocalypse is just another word...

      I like the story, the character and maybe... what author is trying to potray.

      But the grammar kills it. The tenses, the syntaxes, the spelling mistakes, the punctuations... it's just all over the place. It completely destroys the smooth flow of the story.

      Please author get an editor. The story looks to be good (Can't say much as I stopped at chapter 4-5 tired of all the mistakes.) But it can be better with the language sorted.

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      0 Likes · Like

      Its got a good idea, and nice interactions with characters.

      Few notes.

      Grammar... is not great, and there are a few spelling mistakes.

      Here's the big thing of you want to read this. It goes from 0 to a 100 almost instantly. The thing is though, that saves this, the scale doesnt stop at 100, but goes up all the way to 1 000 000. Its very much like One Punch Man in scale. Sure, this character is strong, much stronger than MC, but the longer the fight goes on, the stronger the MC gets. And thats kinda the point of her character.

      So if the above sounds like something you will like, its for you!

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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: haemorrhage

      this novel is like one of a roller coaster where one does not understand them self's but does not let that stop them from finding the truth to there life to there existence to learn of there concepts that make them them

      but other than that spelling is in need of a fix and some grammar mistakes 

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      0 Likes · Like
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