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/ Series / Path of the Godscourge [Cultivation Epic]
Path of the Godscourge [Cultivation Epic]
Path of the Godscourge [Cultivation Epic]
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Yesterday, Vayra had nothing. Now, she’s sharing a soul with an Immortal.

As a street urchin, she had nothing but dreams—until she was chosen to fight in a war of Gods. She’s the Mediator, a mortal avatar whose spirit can host a God, allowing her to practice a forgotten form of cultivation.

The problem is, she knows nothing. Worse, the Goddess bound to her soul is the weakest of the pantheon, not to mention clumsy and forgetful.

Vayra’s duty as Mediator is to defeat the tyrannical God of the Sea and restore balance to the universe. But first, she must venture across the high seas and to different worlds to save her little brother from a deadly poison.

She must train, earn, and fight for every inch of progress she makes. If she can’t master her power in time, she will lose her brother forever—if she isn't killed by the servants of an angry God first.

A cultivation flintlock fantasy set during the age of sail, where life-energy is absorbed from magic waters, where black powder dominates warfare, and where pirates rule the oceans.


What to Expect:

- Cultivation in a flintlock fantasy world. It’s not in your typical xianxia setting. This world is meant to have a western, seafaring fantasy feel, despite using a cultivation system.
- Weak to strong progression. A reasonably-flawed lead with immense potential for growth—when the growth is earned.
- An adventure. Characters have goals and destinations that often lead them far from home in the search for power.
- A bit of grit. Characters aren’t invincible and injuries are inevitable.
- Worldbuilding and slice-of-life. Characters won’t always be gaining new abilities and power each chapter.
- 1800-2500 word chapters.


In an era of gunpowder, cannons, and conflict on a scale never before seen, do immortals and magic still have a place? With the world against her, can Vayra turn the tides in her favour? Can she…even survive?


Story Milestones (And Rewards):

- 500 followers or 2 reviews: "Art" gallery—I'll make an extra chapter dedicated to posting any extra images in, hopefully for most of the characters.
- 750 followers or 4 reviews: I'll post "Extras" chapters, for lore tidbits and character sheets
- 1000 followers or 6 reviews: I'll make a map for the series
- 1500 followers: I'll commission extra character art to go in the interior of the book when it goes to KU (a while off, still)—but it will be shown for everyone to see, of course.


This is a re-edit and rewrite of a previous story.

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