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/ Series / Aeternitas: The Shores of Destiny
Aeternitas: The Shores of Destiny
Aeternitas: The Shores of Destiny
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AETERNITAS is a vibrant, character-driven academia & action fantasy in the vein of Harry Potter and The Last Airbender. It grapples sincerely with a boy's epic quest for power and revenge, and his encounters with love and loss, innocence and youth, as well as bullying and mental health, weaving themselves over a backdrop of an ancient and existential evil that is battled with high-octane action featuring creative elemental combat.

Readers can expect elements fundamental to academia, action, and progression fantasies. Competition, camaraderie, friendships, duels, love, loss, school life, dormitory life, training for power, wise mentors, kind and scary professors, headmasters with mythic abilities, and eldritch monsters that shamble the halls all find a place in AETERNITAS: The Shores of Destiny.

* * *
When his father is killed, Elwin has two choices: One, to live the life of a nobody at a small inn, cowering from the world that’s out to get him, or Two, avenge his father, and free himself from the clutches of fate.

Blamed for the murder of 13,000 lives committed by his father, neither choice is easy for Elwin. Both require sacrifice.

The first choice, while guaranteeing safety, will forever rob him of his ability to dream – it will make him an ant among thousands, dooming him to work as a waiter-boy until he draws his last breath as an old janitor in some dingy cupboard.

The second choice is sure to rob him of his life at the hands of his father's killers, but he has a chance to reforge his own destiny, even if short. Like the Icarus of your world to the Sun, he will fly – but only briefly.

And in the midst of his conundrum, he receives two guests shrouded in secrecy, accompanying with them a mysterious connection to his father’s work.

They offer him a glimpse of a dream beyond his wildest imaginations:

To become a new Sun, instead.

Follow Elwin as he grows up from a little boy to a young teenager, throwing himself into an epic quest to absolve his name and regain his heart. Chosen by a mysterious benefactor and cast into an eminent academy where every peer is superior to him, he must reforge his reputation and prove that he is just as worthy, and just as capable of being loved, as anyone else.

Chapter by chapter, he will learn to control the elements of the world, and in time, even the atoms themselves, eventually wresting control over the very quills by which the cosmos is written. He will forge new friendships amidst the fires and blood of battle, amidst joyous celebrations, and amidst the sky-ringing sendoffs for his fallen allies; they will together become legends with Elwin as their paragon, all for a chance to rewrite their destinies. Every step that he takes will bring him further and further to enshrining his place and legacy in the tapestry of time.

The only question is – how far can he go?

Especially in the face of creatures that devour the Sun?

* * *
Join me in unfolding this odyssey, half a decade in the works!

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMysteryPsychologicalSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Academy Elemental Magic Evil Gods Heroes Magic
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