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Jul 14, 2019

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if there was a god, there wouldn't be me

BenJepheneT · Author · May 24, 2020

and now for your scheduled MK ULTRA

read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct read Caninstinct

Nahrenne · May 24, 2020



drakensji · May 24, 2020


thepundit · May 28, 2020

Damn man, I thought you were a seller of something shouting out his goods. Anyway, I'll read it.clear.png 

BenJepheneT · Author · May 28, 2020

Holy fucking shit it worked

BenJepheneT · Author · May 20, 2020

cashed in nearly 8k words. if it goes well i may be able to pump out a chapter AND a .5 along with it this weekend

provided that i stay away from my game folder

weakwithwords · May 20, 2020

Isn't your game folder a mimic?  It will try to byte if you do not give it enough attention.

Ah, I miss the days when I was already satisfied reading a chapter of Dungeon Meshi.

drakensji · May 20, 2020

Thanks for the hard work! Hope the chapters come out soon ^^

drakensji · May 24, 2020

How's the chapter coming along? 

BenJepheneT · Author · May 24, 2020

Alright @drakensji around 3 hours, since you're asking

BenJepheneT · Author · May 10, 2020

been in some sort of a rut lately. my favourite game just nerfed my favourite loadout; i suddenly lost all interest in gaming; my favourite mangas aren't getting updates; this fucken meme virus--

but hey, I managed to write a lot today so that cancels everything out

drakensji · May 10, 2020

What game? I also haven't been feeling much interest in gaming, even though i have plenty of games to play. T.T

Thanks for writing! Reading is my favorite hobby and pretty much the only thing im doing these days so im happy for every new chapter. 

Hope the rut goes away soon (but don't stop writing pls) 

BenJepheneT · Author · May 3, 2020

If you drink laundry detergent, you can start exercising to sweat it out and clean the shirt you're wearing at the same time

Yorda · May 3, 2020


drakensji · May 3, 2020

You also get a quick trip to the afterlife! How convenient! 

Nahrenne · Apr 25, 2020

You changed your avi?



BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 26, 2020

Yes, ma'am. Indeed, it has been changed.

Nahrenne · Apr 27, 2020



BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 25, 2020

Six Hours

drakensji · Apr 25, 2020

i hope that means a new chapter is coming

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 20, 2020

Ash Ketchum Vlogs: Pikachu Gets Tetanus After Fighting Elderly Skarmory

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 20, 2020

Pokémon born from WHAT NOW

Nahrenne · Apr 20, 2020

Phantump, or something like that.

The spirits of dead children lost in the forest inhabit a tree stump.

It evolves into Trevenant.


BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 20, 2020

The last time I checked there used to be a God

Where is He now


Nahrenne · Apr 20, 2020

There's another ghost-type pokemon that is an abandoned toy possessed by evil spirits that is forever looking for its original owner. That one evolves into Banette. I forget the name of the prevolution.



BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 18, 2020

I realized my shitty traffic is probably contributed to the fact that I post at the busiest hour of the site, and that the algorithm only put me on recent releases hours after the rush hour dies down.

basically you can start expecting releases in Eastern Time evenings

ya boi's got a train to catch and it's called CLOUT

drakensji · Apr 18, 2020

Then post earlier ^^

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 15, 2020

no matter how much i argue people still think i wrote this story only because Beastars became a thing. i admit, it did serve as referential inspiration but jesus, the timing is just my fucken luck

i've been working on this two years ago i swear i'm not copying Paru Itakagi's homework-

Nahrenne · Apr 15, 2020

I mean, if people are that bothered, then how about all of the villainess otome game novels that get written? Or the VRMMORPG novels where the protagonist gets transported to an actual world based on the game?

Don't let their comments get you down.

Think of it this way, great minds think alike, for your chosen genre of story.



BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 16, 2020

@Nahrenne Well, shit. Hopefully the others think of this way as well.

drakensji · Apr 16, 2020

dont worry too much about it. Your story is amazing and has a completely different flavor than beastars

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 14, 2020

Bears are very possessive of their possessions. If you were to get cornered by a bear, use your animal linguistic degree and propose on the spot. You might find yourself a very reliable bodyguard. Downside, you can't get a wife/husband anymore, or friends at that matter, so check the bear's groin before you commit to a lifelong decision.

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 14, 2020

I'm also 2.1k words in on the next chapter I'm not slacking I swear

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 11, 2020

fun fact: female hyenas has clitoris so big they're technically penises. In order to have sexual intercourse they have to pull the clit back in and form a vagina.

quarantine had done something to me

Yorda · Apr 13, 2020

It's not bad. It just proves your special erudition, is all.

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 14, 2020

@Yorda my motto is to be honest. The worst thing I could ever do is lie in my shitposts. I may be doubted in real life, but in the internet is where my shlong, dong and bong shines in its exposed glory.

Yorda · Apr 14, 2020

Hmmm. Well then, what did the quarantine do to you? I can't tell the difference immediately.

BenJepheneT · Author · Apr 14, 2020

before quarantine I never knew about special animal sex facts. during quarantine I've started researching on special animal sex facts, all because a stray cat in the alley behind my house meowed seductively one night

BenJepheneT · Author · Mar 26, 2020

So I had two scenes planned for one chapter, but since it's gonna risk a word count reaching up to five-figures starting with 2, I'm gonna take a gamble:

If the first scene breaks 7k words, then that scene gets a chapter of its own. If not, then I'm probably gonna break my own word count record for a chapter.

drakensji · Mar 26, 2020

as long as the chapter comes out quickly anything is fine :3

BenJepheneT · Author · Mar 27, 2020

I'm rushing as much as possible while keeping up with the quality. Don't wanna end up chasing deadlines like some number-grubbing view-count whore.

BenJepheneT · Author · Mar 21, 2020

If you ever get to take a cute animal chick home, don't take a lioness. I condone healthy sexual relationships but mating 50 times a day is something I don't recommend.

drakensji · Mar 21, 2020

there are worse options, like the mouse that mates until it dies from exhaustion

BenJepheneT · Author · Mar 21, 2020

At least you, as a human, can overpower the mouse and wait until it dies instead. I'm talking about a full lioness. A god damn pride of lionessess. 50 ejaculations X 6 - 7 lionesses in a group.

It's no orgy but a god damn suicide pact.

BenJepheneT · Author · Feb 29, 2020

kill yourself to flex on Wuhan

BenJepheneT · Author · Jan 19, 2020

i will do something to you. i don't know what i'll do but you better damn expect it to be something

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    if there was a god, there wouldn't be me

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