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Jan 2, 2024

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 2, 2024
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A crow pretending to be a human pretending to be a writer.

I write speculative fiction. Sometimes even well.

Iamnotabot · May 15, 2024

Hey yo♪((●>ω<)っ)

RiaCorvidiva · Author · May 15, 2024

Hello, Botty-chan.

RiaCorvidiva · Author · May 7, 2024

To reiterate my announcement on the work itself, The Legacy of Dragonfire is going on indefinite hiatus.  The current plan is to do a revamp / relaunch in a year or so, once Lysette has wound down.

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Mar 29, 2024

Thank you for the cookie and the ice cream.  They look delicious.

RepresentingEnvy · Mar 28, 2024

Like the new cover clear.png

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Mar 28, 2024

Thank you, En-chan.

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Mar 25, 2024

Godslayer Lysette is finally out!

Will have another 7 chapters out over the next 20 hours, followed by daily chapters for at least the next two weeks.  The entire first volume is written, so buckle in and enjoy!

RepresentingEnvy · Mar 25, 2024

How heavy are the cultivation vibes?

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Mar 25, 2024

@representingenvy The cultivation can be thought of as pruning and managing a skill tree within the MC's psyche.  Think less Xianxia, more GameLit.

I use the latter tag and not the former in my work for a reason.

RepresentingEnvy · Mar 25, 2024

Thanks. I will add it to the list in that case. clear.png

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Mar 22, 2024

Godslayer Lysette, my new series, launches this Monday.  Please clap.

Aaqil · Mar 25, 2024


RiaCorvidiva · Author · Mar 25, 2024

@aaqil thank you for cookie; I will need it.

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Feb 29, 2024

Alright, at long(?) last, The Legacy of Dragonfire is starting back up in about an hour.  I've enjoyed the two weeks to take a break and/or build up my backlog, but it's time to return to posting new chapters.  I hope you all enjoy the sidestories leading into the second book of the series.

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Feb 15, 2024

Alright, Book 1 of The Legacy of Dragonfire is now fully uploaded and the work will go on hiatus for the next two weeks.  There'll be a couple weeks of interquels / side chapters leading up to the start of Book 2 on 3/19.

FatElf · Feb 15, 2024

Ohh, nice! I was looking for something else to read. Thank. <3

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Jan 26, 2024

I have finished writing and scheduling the remaining 15 chapters of Book 1 of The Legacy of Dragonfire.  I will continue with every-other-day releases until February 15, where I will drop Chapters 66 to 69 and the epilogue all on the same day, each chapter an hour after the previous one.

Bartun · Jan 26, 2024


Aaqil · Jan 23, 2024


Don_Quacko · Jan 21, 2024

Congratulations you are the only one who is followed by @ScribbleHubWorks

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Jan 21, 2024

I feel so honored, though how I earned that honor, sadly eludes me.

ScribbleHubWorks · Jan 21, 2024

I wanted to follow up with you on my Corty account, but I was on this one, and now, I will leave it like this. It is more fun that way. clear.png

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Jan 16, 2024

The Legacy of Dragonfire is now fully caught up with the RR release.  A regular update will occur tomorrow at 8:08 AM CST and every 48 hours through the end of Book 1.

Bluebery · Jan 2, 2024

clear.png Welcome!

Enjoy your stay here

RiaCorvidiva · Author · Jan 3, 2024

Hello, thank you.  Hope you are well.

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    A crow pretending to be a human pretending to be a writer.

    I write speculative fiction. Sometimes even well.

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