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/ Series / Godslayer Lysette [Academy / Cultivation / Faction-Builder]
Godslayer Lysette [Academy / Cultivation / Faction-Builder]
Godslayer Lysette [Academy / Cultivation / Faction-Builder]
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Even the gods will come to fear divine retribution.

Lysette Barenete's life should have ended the night inquisitors annihilated her village. But an act of divine intervention gave her a second chance. Now reborn as a Godslayer, Lysette has a new goal - revenge against those who took everything from her.

To avenge her family, she will first need to gain far more power through study, training, and undertaking missions for her new patron. But her actions quickly attract the attention of allies and enemies alike, all interested in this new Cultivator. With new friends at her side, Lysette will form a faction to challenge the gods themselves.

Updates weekday mornings at 8:08 AM CDT.

Note: This story contains LGBTQ Relationships, Characters, and Themes. This is tagged 'mature', but there will be no explicit sexual content in this work. Reader discretion is still advised.

ActionAdventureFantasyMaturePsychologicalRomanceSchool Life
Androgynous Characters Antihero Protagonist Artifact Crafting Battle Academy Cosmic Wars Death of Loved Ones Determined Protagonist Evil Gods Fast Cultivation Female Protagonist Game Elements God-human Relationship Godly Powers Helpful Protagonist Herbalist Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Kingdom Building Master-Disciple Relationship Multiple Realms Revenge Romantic Subplot Soul Power Sudden Strength Gain Unique Cultivation Technique
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 35: of truffles and gardening

    This story gets a 5/5 so far for me. 

    To start, Cultivation is not my usual genre of choice. I actively avoid the genre, so enjoying it is a welcome surprise. 

    The story has a somewhat dark opening, but it doesn't linger on despair and becomes one of growth quickly. Without spoiling, something happens to Lysette at the beginning, which makes her want to face the Gods themselves. The stakes are real here, and it's a welcome change from my usual reading.

    That brings me to the MC, Lysette. I feel her motivations are powerful, and I love her as a character. As an added bonus, she has a great and cute companion to travel with her on her journey.

    The writing is superb, with very few grammatical errors, if any. (None that I notice.) The only thing is the paragraphs are longer than typical web novels. Normally, that would be a minus to me, but the writing is better than most.


    -Great MC with a believable quest and interactions

    -Great writing from an author who is all but guaranteed to deliver a conclusion

    -Fun story that keeps you engaged


    -Longer paragraphs than I am used to

    -The main cast and especially the MC are well developed, but a few side characters can feel less so

    Overall, the story is great so far, and I will continue to read it. Thank you, author. 

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