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Sep 16, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 16, 2019
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freelance artist, writer

DouseShinundakara · Jul 2, 2024

Just wanted to say something about your series but I swear that if they had been published on more traditional site like Syoetsu it would already been picked up by KADOKAWA or others and adapted into a manga or series of light novel it's really well written and I love the way you draw

Hope everything is ok around your life 

SorrowGrim · Jul 5, 2024


Sinpathy · Author · Jul 7, 2024

clear.png it is! chapters soon!

DragonFire2271 · Jun 30, 2024







DragonFire2271 · Jun 30, 2024

breh it didnt work nvm

Sinpathy · Author · Jul 7, 2024


Sinpathy · Author · Jun 23, 2024

Some progress on RE's art, will be released in tandem with chapters

Cryofjoy · Jun 23, 2024

Hey are u still active? I'm new to this website and I started reading Re:Rabbit eye, and I was wondering when u are going to update it?

Sinpathy · Author · Jun 23, 2024

Mm... im actually planned on a rewrite, unfortunately it's not going to pick up from there. I'll give the old one some closure though. clear.png

dumbguy · Mar 3, 2024

if possible could u update ur novels pwetty pwease

Sinpathy · Author · Mar 3, 2024

you got it~ I should be updating Clones by Monday, and Cupid by Tuesday!

Jairo481 · Apr 14, 2024

How many other lies have I been told by the council!?

dumbguy · Mar 3, 2024

boy ur novels r good

roeyyhe · Mar 2, 2024

will you update your books my lobely author? 

Sinpathy · Author · Mar 3, 2024

yes my lobely reader :3

roeyyhe · Mar 5, 2024

I'll be waiting for it my lobely author

JTNestman · Jan 25, 2024

You know what's funny? I had three of your stories tabbed for reading and never realized they were all from you. Needless to say I enjoy your writing a great deal and am currently looking forward to seeing more from the gacha story in particular. I didn't think I'd like it nearly as much as I did but now I'm excited for more. Thanks for writing!

Sinpathy · Author · Jan 26, 2024

clear.png Glad you enjoyed it! I write what I want to read, so it's nice to see people having similar tastes. I'll be updating a few of these over this weekend so do come by and read them!

Jairo481 · Jan 21, 2024

"Your life is everything, you serve all purpose, you should write more chapters NOW!! and give your self a pice of that oxygen and ozone layer that is covered  so you can breathe inside this blue trap bubble, cuz what are you here for, so that we worship you? write more chapters! I mean that with a 100% a 1000%" -HighTierHuman

Sinpathy · Author · Jan 22, 2024

clear.png O-Okay... I'll do my best

Sinpathy · Author · Nov 30, 2023


Unknown4534 · Nov 30, 2023


Sinpathy · Author · Nov 28, 2023


Clones chapter (maybe Cupid chapter) this week! clear.png

Tenkainijna · Nov 30, 2023


Jairo481 · Dec 9, 2023

As Hawkeye once said "don't, don't give me hope"

Sinpathy · Author · Sep 23, 2023


Cobias_Tenem · Jul 10, 2023

Chief's Webnovel Library

Hi, I'm trying out a new project on Youtube (starting fresh and new) that is similar to MovieRecaps but with webnovels. May I have your permission to use your novels to be layered with TTS on Youtube?
I will notify when my vids are finished and will send drafts to seek your feedbacks.
Sinpathy · Author · Jul 10, 2023

Sure, go aheadclear.png

Lasterton · Jun 5, 2023

The lord has finally returned

Sinpathy · Author · Jun 5, 2023


Cocolarge · Jun 1, 2023

Good to see you back

Sinpathy · Author · Jun 1, 2023


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