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Oct 18, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 18, 2019
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I write lewd Lesbian Monster girl stories set in my own sci-fi and fantasy Universe: "Of Shattered Worlds and Broken Souls".

My NEW Discord:
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Petrichor · Author · 11 hours ago

Yay! First chapter of raven eyes rewrite is done! clear.png
Life's been a bit... stressful lately so I am super happy I managed to actualy sit down an write! clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Feb 18, 2024

Reading through all of Raven Eyes again I feel like I did you all a disservice. It's... Very rough, so before I add any new chapters I think I would rather polish up the story I have so far. Considering the way too fast pace I'm aiming for 3500 to 4000 words per chapter after rewriting them a little. Thankfully I don't think I'll have to rewrite everything so it'll be much faster than Eldritch. I'll also leave the old chapters in while I work on itclear.png

Petrichor · Author · Jan 17, 2024

Hi! Guess what I still exist! 😅

So, what's to say, well I decided to fully commit to only writing absolute smut! I'm working on the rewrite for (formerly Eldritch) Faithless into a full on queer, body horror, kink story. Which kinda included rewriting my entire Fantasy World, Whoopsie! 😆

Petrichor · Author · Jan 17, 2024

I'm also going to continue Raven Eyes this year and have scrapped all other minor fictions for working on a BDSM and Latex heavy Fetish Sci-fi Story about Mechwarriors.

I'm not sure how much my new direction will comply with Scribble Hub's and Royal Road's terms of service, so i will be Uploading to both Archive of our Own and Hentai Foundry too, the links for both I'll send in a later message.😄 
Suffice to say, big things are planned this year, and I hope you are as excited as I am! 😊
bakafennek · Jan 22, 2024

Existing can be nice, sometimes. I remember Eldritch as a kind of dark kinky acid trip. It was fun to read, but a bit much :D I'll read your new version. Maybe tine down the extend of weirdness? Just don't let her mutate further twice a chapter. So I can remember wtf was going on and experience the changes that came before. I do like me some weird body morphing

Petrichor · Author · Jun 27, 2023

If you join my discord or look at my patreon you can read an older horny fantasy chappy! Imma get on writing a new one for that soon too! clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Jun 25, 2023

Okay so maybe not space story but more likely a side story for raven eyes, it still gonna be lewd though clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Jun 14, 2023

Up next cause it perhaps the only thing I can bring down to paper currently: Horny Space Story clear.png

Petrichor · Author · May 11, 2023

UGh University drained me dry... I have dozens of ideas I'm just not coming around to write them all down. clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 22, 2023

Next up: Eldritch rewrite as Faithless! clear.png

Octocat · Mar 22, 2023


Petrichor · Author · Mar 22, 2023

I fixed a few inconsistencies in earlier Rven Eyes chapter, now there should be no more plot holes! clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 12, 2023

Huh, by the views to heart ratio it seems people liked the last chapter! clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 10, 2023

I done it! I finished the Raven Eyes chapter!!! You can go read it right now! Though there might be some gramatical errors clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 9, 2023

So I've been writing a bit more on raven eyes and I am at 1600 words.. 400 more for a chapter!

Octocat · Mar 9, 2023

That sounds great! clear.pngclear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 1, 2023

Would you be interested in a lewd fantasy horror story where the Mc slowly get's turned into a maid doll? clear.png

Petrichor · Author · Mar 1, 2023

I have problems with writing my bigger things and need a distraction... clear.png

Echimera · Mar 1, 2023

Like, the more she lewds the more she turns into a doll? Sounds like a neat idea, especially of it's what's calling to you at the moment.

Petrichor · Author · Mar 1, 2023

clear.png thank, wasn't sure if i should do it

Irlina · Mar 2, 2023

I agree that it sounds interesting. 

Petrichor · Author · Feb 15, 2023

You all know the drill... I didn't finish anything yet, had to go to MORE doctors. And technically still have to go to even more but I don't wanna anymore, so I'll just not. clear.png

Echimera · Feb 15, 2023

Please look out for your health.

Octocat · Feb 15, 2023

 Let's hope you won't have to in the future because that sounds like a lot of doctors... Is it really ok to miss out those doctors? Wouldn't want your health getting worse 

Irlina · Feb 16, 2023

Yes, please be nice to yourself. 

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    I write lewd Lesbian Monster girl stories set in my own sci-fi and fantasy Universe: "Of Shattered Worlds and Broken Souls".

    My NEW Discord:
    My Patreon:

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