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Oct 20, 2019

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Joined: Oct 20, 2019
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Fantasma · Jan 31, 2021

Estaré esperando que vuelvas a escribir mas capitulos ........... por cierto hace poco me sugio una idea para una historia y quisiera decírtela (solo si te interesa) , no soy nada bueno escribiendo en inglés y ya que se te dan bien las historias de transgenero y harem quisiera dejarte la idea de la historia y si tu te animas a hacerla o te inspira para hacer algo parecido eso me alegraría mucho clear.png 

PS: si a alguien le interesa lo anterior contestar este mensaje

Daijena · Jan 15, 2021

I will miss the Chicken dearly


Spellsword99 · Jan 15, 2021

You deleted the other...

Waxford · Author · Jan 15, 2021

Yes. I deleted my abandoned novel. I get too many questions and negative feedback about it, so to avoid all the toxic comments and trouble I deleted it. At first wanted to keep it but since it's dropped... Better erase it and get rid of the trouble

Fireheart310 · Jan 15, 2021

aww oh well not going to lie i liked it although it did fall off a cliff but i did like none the less.

Kane2929 · Jan 17, 2021


Waxford · Author · Dec 24, 2020

Wanted to share some hype

Just found out that my favorite all time novel is getting a second season. And you can guess how much I like it from my profile pic. Can't wait. I still need to get my hands on a translated copy of volume 13... But yeah. I wanted to share the hype? Let's get hyped together!!

ViniPaiva25 · Dec 24, 2020

Did you inspire yourself on it to make your novels?

Waxford · Author · Dec 24, 2020

Guess so

Fantasma · Dec 24, 2020

Yo voy en el volumen 12  (aún que quisiera tenerlos en fisico) y también  estoy contento por la nueva temporada clear.png y espero que te sigas inspirando para seguir leyendo tus novelas (las 3 que estás escribiendo actualmente y las próximas) .......... por cierto me encanta la apariencia de Shera tanto como su inocencia y positividadclear.png

thrustdegree089 · Jan 15, 2021


ViniPaiva25 · Dec 23, 2020

The Fallen Warlord is 2nd place in trending!

Waxford · Author · Dec 23, 2020


blackrockshooter · Dec 21, 2020

Will you be continuing I Became A Futanari In Another World?

blackrockshooter · Dec 21, 2020

So will you not be using the idea of it to write something different?

Waxford · Author · Dec 22, 2020

Dude, I think my note was pretty clear. I dropped that story so I can write "The Rising of the Fallen Warlord". What's there not to understand. That story is dead so I can write my new one. 

blackrockshooter · Dec 22, 2020

Sorry for saying anything.

Waxford · Author · Dec 22, 2020

It's ok. It's just that I specifically left a note on the final chapter specifying that I am dropping it so I thought it was weird I got asked again about that story.

Dragonnerd · Dec 18, 2020

I have been with you ever since you first started writing loli demon king and when I found out I literally cried,like they say "When one story ends another begins".I shall be with you till the endclear.pngclear.png

Waxford · Author · Dec 18, 2020

Thank you for support. I appreciate it. Having fans is what an author loves most

ViniPaiva25 · Dec 17, 2020

You’re already a famous author

harveyhans · Nov 29, 2020

Thanks for replying for my previous comment! Oh and by the way is loli demon king completed as a series or is it on hiatus?

Waxford · Author · Nov 29, 2020

It is completed. Story has officially reached the end

harveyhans · Nov 26, 2020

Waxford is it alright if I ask where you got the cover page for loli demon king? I can't seem to find the HQ image of it anywhere

Waxford · Author · Nov 26, 2020

Hi. Just google "Valkyrie crusade mars". Apparently it's some sort of card from some card game. Don't ask me about it though as I have zero knowledge about that. Just took the pic and added the title

RAN-Gale · Nov 23, 2020

Wexford first of all thanks for your incredible novels, and in relation I would like to ask you if you have plans to continue writing "I became a futanari in a game world".

Waxford · Author · Nov 23, 2020

Hello. I made an update and also wrote a note on chapter 37 so I don't get this question that often. No. "I became a futanari in a game world" is dropped. However I'm not deleting the story. I'm leaving it there for fun and memories

UppishTheReaper · Nov 19, 2020

Hey dude good job on Loli demon king! I loved that series! I did not realize it was you who rote the futanari and other novels too! no wonder I was so entranced! I hope to see that next chapter for those soon because I have become truly enamored by your stories! keep up the good work.

Waxford · Author · Nov 8, 2020

The first chapter is out guys. Have fun and hope to see you following this series. Slow start, I know. But 1 chapter per week is all I can do for now. Anyways, enjoy

ImAPotato · Nov 9, 2020

This novel is Potato approved

tbh, 1 per WEEK is way better than a lot of the stuff i read, so i mean...

This pace is Potato approved clear.png

Just as long as you have fun writing what you create, i shall continue to support you!

Ray_Ghost_FACTORY · Nov 10, 2020

so get isekai'ed to save the demon's from hero huh.


( i'm bored of tipycal plot reincarnated as hero or free guy who like to roam;s the world without any real objective)

Waxford · Author · Nov 8, 2020

Hello all. I wanted to announce you guys that I wrote my first chapter on the new novel I am planning to focus on. Once the series is approved (which takes like 12h max) you guys should be able to see it as well. As for the pacing... for now expect only 1 chapter per weak as I will take it slowly. I hope you all will read my work and give it a try since I really want to go serious with it and all the way like with Milla.

Queen · Nov 8, 2020

Then you can count on me to support your novel anyday of the yearclear.pngclear.png

Alaster · Nov 8, 2020

your posting it around christmas ? if so i will definetaly check it out since i'll have plenty of time then, look forward to seeing it ^_^

Waxford · Author · Nov 8, 2020

@Alaster umm... What you mean Christmas? Like I said I just posted my first chapter today. Just needs the scribble admins to approve it. Maybe tomorrow. But, yeah, if you want a bunch of chapters you gotta wait cause like I said for now it's just 1 chapter per week. Later if my schedule allows it will post more but for now... 1 chapter per week. So yeah. Don't see Christmas connection

Alaster · Nov 8, 2020

LMAO i read 12h as 12m as month, jesus i went into tunnel vison mode theirclear.png anyway i look forward to reading it clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Nov 5, 2020

Dude, Living as I Please as a Loli Demon King was fantastic!

Maybe you should hire an illustrator to make a Webtoon? clear.png

Waxford · Author · Nov 5, 2020

No money. I did state countless times that donations would be appreciated, but... Yeah. I didn't receive a single penny from anyone. I'm not complaining since the series was intended to be free from the beginning, and my future work will be also be free, but... Yeah. With no donations, don't have funds. Keep in mind cheapest artist I could find charges around 35-45$ per one char so yeah. Not gonna happen out of my own pocket

Alaster · Nov 8, 2020

@ Waxford that is honestly surprising, but well i can definately understand it with how hard it can be to hold onto some lose change with bills and other things, I'm Very glad to read your stories and thank you for giving us these two fun little stories of your's for free, i'm sure their is a lot of us who appraciate it clear.pngclear.pngclear.png (stilll have to fcatch up on futa in a game world)

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