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Oct 20, 2019

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Joined: Oct 20, 2019
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Venusaur26 · Nov 19, 2022

The way you write your stories, it sounds like writing is more of a passion than a hobby!

Waxford · Author · Nov 19, 2022

I think you said that multiple times already. clear.png

It's fun 

Venusaur26 · Nov 19, 2022


Venusaur26 · Nov 19, 2022

Then follow your passions!

Truckkun · Nov 17, 2022

Hello sir Wexford, I wanted to ask if we'll get new releases of A loli's space Odyssey soon?

Waxford · Author · Nov 17, 2022

Hello. A loli's space Odyssey was an experimental short story since I'm not ashamed to say that I suck at writing sci Fi. Maybe at one point when my skills improve. Currently working on a new story which I am putting my heart in and want to make at least 2nd beast after Living as I please as a loli demon king. Whether or not that's gonna happen is a different story clear.png

Truckkun · Nov 17, 2022

Oh.. so it's dropped. 

Well , now I am eager to read your new story very much eagerclear.pngclear.png

ThisEldritchAnomaly · Nov 17, 2022

@Truckkun I would probably call it "hiatus". After all, the last chapter (ch. 50) is a bit of a cliffhanger. There's also this from the comments of ch. 50: 

It might continue. Once I improve my space skills

Click to expand...

Truckkun · Nov 18, 2022

Oh ! Thank you sir . I am gonna bookmark it again, thanks.

Waxford · Author · Nov 17, 2022

Hope you're all doing well. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and piling up ideas for my new story. Am taking my time because I really want it to be good. Anyway, stay safe people 

Waxford · Author · Nov 17, 2022


Streichholzschachtel (box of matches/ matchbox). It's the only word you need to know. Learn to say it 3 times fast and nobody will dare speak to you. They will all go "English please"

PanzerKampfWagen · Nov 17, 2022

are u actually german?

Waxford · Author · Nov 17, 2022

@PanzerKampfWagen no. But I discovered german via anime. I didn't have internet for a long time. And the first anime I ever saw was Dragon Ball on a german channel on tv. Didn't understand it at all, just watched for the love and eventually picked up a few words. Tl;Dr I can understand if someone is speaking it, but I can't read or speak it myself 

PanzerKampfWagen · Nov 17, 2022

god, i wish german class used a machine that transmitted the entire german language into your brain!

Fireheart310 · Oct 25, 2022

have you thought about adding a futa character or 2 into the harem at some point because there are so many funny things that can be done with that. (to clarify not the MC)

Waxford · Author · Oct 25, 2022

Might have to make a poll to see the view on the community. Technically I could another in... But for some reason, multiple futa turn people down. I don't understand why though, as they can simply ignore the sex scenes and just continue with the regular plot 

Jonas88 · Oct 24, 2022

don't pay attention to the critisaiers! your stories are good. all the bad coments are just like a history leadon i heard in school about Einstein he made 10 caculation 9 correkt but one mistake and the class laughed and ridicule home focus on the good coments 

Waxford · Author · Oct 23, 2022

Small announcement. Since there's a text limit that I can write here (which is stupid) I'll leave this as an image text:

Asatur · Oct 23, 2022

Take your time, quality reigns supreme over quantity! And yeah, Milla's a masterpiece, ngl, but your other stories weren't that far behind either, although I can't speak about valkyrie, cause I personally don't like Futa...

Orannis · Oct 24, 2022

Even the self employed should take vacations. I can't wait for you next work.

ThisEldritchAnomaly · Oct 29, 2022

I hope you can continue writing long into the future, Waxford-sama, my favorite author! *eldritch giggles of mischief*

Waxford · Author · Oct 23, 2022

Dear readers, I would appreciate some opinion so I have created a poll.. please cast your vote

TheOneTurtle · Oct 23, 2022

I like the vampire more but beast girl just fits better

JCountry · Oct 23, 2022

I hate em both, too muscular

ThisEldritchAnomaly · Oct 29, 2022

I agree with @JCountry, but of the two I would definitely prefer the the vampire. The other one looks like a condescending bodybuilder... Well.. at least she doesn't look like she is made of barrels... (Eugh!)

Fireheart310 · Oct 22, 2022

I'm going to ask the obvious question that has been hanging over my head You did the futa MC x female harem but are you thinking about female MC x futa harem.

Waxford · Author · Oct 22, 2022

Not quite. Although I am pro futa and sometimes I do get a kick out of "futa on futa" hentai... A futa harem is just too much. I probably won't write something like that 

Confidential · Oct 19, 2022

Wow, almost all stories contain a dose of lolicon.

Truckkun · Oct 12, 2022

Thanks for the recommendation malik25 brotherclear.png.And Sensei is a lolicon haa? ................. Don't tell me I am also oneclear.png, wait no I also like older girls and big stuff as well as avarage figured girls So I can't be a lolicon right?clear.png

Truckkun · Oct 11, 2022

Oh........... I am sorry I just started reading today and I thought number of chapters was less then most novels, that's why, Well that aside any other recommendations sensei?clear.png

malik25 · Oct 11, 2022

1. living as loli demon king (no chara art)

2. fallen warlord (chara art)

3. the lazy loli (chara art)

4. rise of valkrye (chara art)

5. loli space (chara art)

that's the recommendation from me for waxford story, the first one doesnt have any chara art. also u can tell from the story name that waxford is a lolicon. 

Truckkun · Oct 11, 2022

Sensei I wanted to ask if "Living as I please, A loli demon" king novel dropped??

Waxford · Author · Oct 11, 2022

It's not dropped. It's finished. The end! Complete 

malik25 · Oct 11, 2022

waxford-sama, i miss ur story of living as a loli demon king, they dont have the chara art like ur other story and ur deleted story of futanari kitsune where the mc name is izunahime

Waxford · Author · Oct 11, 2022

Thanks. Milla was indeed my best work. No question there. Even I feel like my other stories are not on par. Still enjoyable though 

Pieter · Oct 9, 2022

good stuff

malik25 · Oct 5, 2022

i have a feeling that rise of valrkrye will not be finished like the story of yurishia bahamut

Waxford · Author · Oct 5, 2022

Can't comment on that honestly. Don't know how far I will go with it 

malik25 · Oct 5, 2022

its fine, i love reading ur unique and interesting story (well not the loli mc), i wonder when will u make a story with a pure yuri not an mc with futanari or shemale but pure yuri

Waxford · Author · Oct 5, 2022

@malik25 might not happen soon. Since probably my next story after rise of the Valkyrie might be muscular MC female... And since muscles would be appropriate to make her a futa 

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