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Oct 20, 2019

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Joined: Oct 20, 2019
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Sunbyeee · Jan 1, 2024

More yuri

Waxford · Author · Dec 31, 2023

Well 2023 had it's ups and downs but I just want to say thank you all for following and reading my works so far. Your appreciation motivates me to write better stories. What to expect in 2024? Well, once my current story will be finished, I have a great inspiration for a new series. And I'm actually thinking of using a male MC this time. A little furry too. But that's for the future. Anyway, Happy NEW YEAR!! clear.png

Waxford · Author · Dec 31, 2023

@KamaSuki74  I also need motivation for that. But like I said, I need at least current one finished. Or at least try to.

KamaSuki74 · Dec 31, 2023

Ok. I will gain more... Little more patienceclear.png

Crim-Chan · Jan 1, 2024

Dam...I was hoping u would do male to female (not futa tho) Yuri soon 😔

GigaDotti · Jan 1, 2024

What about female to male?

Sunny_5 · Dec 14, 2023

Yo! I just completed your First story and it was just amazing and it was my First yuri I read since I didnt like yuri much before but this story changed it 

But I'm still reluctant to read yuri 

But your story was 100/10 I read it non stop and finished in two days

Waxford · Author · Dec 15, 2023

Thanks. To be honest my first story was my best, never managed to top it, but I do my best. Thanks for reading 

MemeDarg · Oct 22, 2023

since the other guy asked a food question, i wanna know now too

whats ya favorite ice cream? mine is that chocolate ice cream with the peanut butter swirls and peanut butter cups in it

Waxford · Author · Oct 22, 2023

Probably chocolate ice cream, by milka brand 

YourLocalChairCultist · Aug 2, 2023

Pizza, Hotdogs, or Burgers?

Waxford · Author · Aug 2, 2023

Fried chicken. Choices just means there's a limitation. One as great as myself knows no limits 

YourLocalChairCultist · Aug 3, 2023

Likewise. Chicken Burgers.

Vexile12 · Oct 16, 2023

Mum's cooking

Waxford · Author · Jul 5, 2023

Hello everyone. I am proud to announce that I am ready to release my new story. After a long absence, if you guys are still watching/waiting for me, it will be available once the moderators approve it. How far will I be able to take it? Hopefully till the end if life doesn't get in the way. Cheers and looking forward to your support.

Asatur · Jul 5, 2023


BOOKW0RM · Jul 5, 2023


AnimeFreak1982 · Jul 5, 2023


Waxford · Author · Jun 5, 2023

Update: am making good progress on my new novel. Finally got some work these past few days. So soon, for those of you who are still following me, it won't be long now until my new story is released 

werewolf1987 · Jun 5, 2023


Asatur · Jun 5, 2023


Pieter · Jun 25, 2023

Okay i took a long break from scribble. Any idea what this new story will be?

Waxford · Author · May 21, 2023

Hello all. Been a while since I showed signs of life. Had some ups and downs in real life. My situation changed and lots of things happened. No. I did not give up on writing a new story. In fact I recently treated myself to an s23 ultra. Multitasking might even inspire me to write easier. I don't know how many are still waiting. Hope you can bare the wait a little longer. I want to release something that firstly I like.

Nykuro · May 21, 2023

Ay, waxford. Dontcha worry, well be waitin for ya.

Take theseclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

EIKOEINA · May 21, 2023

Ayy as long as you good Sir Haven't abandoned us . We shall wait for your Return.

Until then be well.

Liber8T · May 22, 2023

We shall await the return of the Demon Lord

Lostlittleboi911 · May 22, 2023

Yay! We will waiting my lord

Waxford · Author · Apr 17, 2023

Update: currently going through a phase. Honestly started to write 2 different stuff, I like both... but not sure which direction/story to focus on and take all the way. Maybe I'll just mash them together. Finding a direction to work in is hard. I need to think carefully. Decisions, decisions. Never easy being a writer

Liber8T · Apr 17, 2023

Hope u make it out alive. But do note that technically you have only finished one book and if you make more the books that needs updates is gonna stack up

Waxford · Author · Apr 17, 2023

I know. I really don't want to start another book without finishing it. But I also want something readers might enjoy. Oh well, I'll see what happens clear.png

Truckkun · Apr 19, 2023

I totally understand you.😶😶

Crazedpanda1987 · Apr 20, 2023

Take your time, good things will happen 

Venusaur26 · Apr 6, 2023

When thinking about how you do Gender Bender Yuri stuff and that you’re now planning a Male Lead for the next story, I suddenly thought if you could do an interesting “reversal”

By “reversal”, I mean a lesbian girl turning into a guyclear.png

Pieter · Apr 7, 2023

I'm into this! Upvote

Waxford · Author · Apr 9, 2023

No comment so far. Really have to find time. I find myself more and more busy

shadow_slayer · Apr 5, 2023

hey bruh some day are you gonna try and write a real long book like salvos length book or you gonna stick to short and sweet

Waxford · Author · Apr 5, 2023

Don't think I have time in real life for long commitment 

Waxford · Author · Mar 30, 2023

P.S. after all this time I am 10 chapters in the new story I want to write. Just little time for it. Spoiler: male MC this time 

FluffyGamma · Mar 30, 2023

I'm not sure whether to gasp and call traitor or just wait and see.

Venusaur26 · Mar 30, 2023


Liber8T · Mar 30, 2023

I feel the same way lord gamma. Yuri is life

Coffi · Mar 31, 2023

It's good to try new things.

Waxford · Author · Mar 30, 2023

Still alive and doing well folks. Getting ready for my bday next week clear.png

Liber8T · Mar 30, 2023

Oh. Happy birthdayclear.pngyou're one step closer to being a sageclear.png

GigaDotti · Mar 30, 2023

Congratulation on being born! clear.png

Irlina · Mar 30, 2023

Happy Birthday! Hope your week goes well!

berry_ · Mar 14, 2023

ummm..waxford sensei i love your work so far....and arent u going to continue 'The Rising Of The Fallen Warlord'?? cuz i really lovee ittttttt

Venusaur26 · Mar 7, 2023

I do like Yuri too, who doesn’t?

But I’m thinking it’s about time you do some novel with the protagonist remaining male, not turning into a girl in any way!

And/or a novel where the MC is female from the start!

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