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Oct 20, 2019

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Waxford · Author · Apr 11, 2021

One more point. Someone brought up to my attention that the paypal link I posted doesn't work. Although I have no clue why. I entered my correct information but yeah, it appears to be a glitch. No wonder I didn't receive any donations kek. Just in case I will also leave my PayPal email here manually [email protected]

P.S. don't try to contact me/send messages on this email. I use it strictly for paypal and nothing else. Don't answer to anything that comes through it

ViniPaiva25 · Apr 11, 2021

You should really try Patreon...

Waxford · Author · Apr 11, 2021

It's hard to set upclear.png

playerofgamed · 4 hours ago

I disagree

Waxford · Author · Apr 10, 2021

Just wanted to tell everyone that How not to summon a Demon Lord season 2 is out. I for one am hyped like hell after the first episode. Pay your respects to Diablo and let's get hyped for him together hehe.

Waxford · Author · Apr 10, 2021

@JCountry then give me a digital copy too. I can't afford it clear.png need a free copy. My source was isekai cyborg translation but for some reason it stopped the fan translation

@blackrockshooter ofc I'm alive. Just because I don't post lots of stuff here doesn't mean I'm dead. Just didn't have anything to talk about

JCountry · Apr 10, 2021

That was originally my source as well. May I suggest starting a Patreon or similiar. It won't yield much at first, but a little extra spending money would prove useful

blackrockshooter · Apr 10, 2021


Waxford · Author · Apr 11, 2021

@JCountry someone else once suggested that to me cause people tend to prefer patreon over direct paypal donations. Don't know why though, I feel there's no difference. And I would need to see how can I set it up. A tutorial, because I have no clue on how patreon works, nor can I offer any huge bonuses like extra chapters for now

Zacharyarons · Mar 18, 2021

Is it possible to get both your Stories adapted to manga?

Fantasma · Jan 31, 2021

Estaré esperando que vuelvas a escribir mas capitulos ........... por cierto hace poco me sugio una idea para una historia y quisiera decírtela (solo si te interesa) , no soy nada bueno escribiendo en inglés y ya que se te dan bien las historias de transgenero y harem quisiera dejarte la idea de la historia y si tu te animas a hacerla o te inspira para hacer algo parecido eso me alegraría mucho clear.png 

PS: si a alguien le interesa lo anterior contestar este mensaje

Daijena · Jan 15, 2021

I will miss the Chicken dearly


Daijena · Mar 15, 2021

@blackshooter Was a good story he wrote that got Thanos snapped

blackrockshooter · Mar 15, 2021

For some reason i still don't understand.

Daijena · Mar 16, 2021

It was a story where a dude reincarnated as a chicken and they had a cool/funny/relateable personality that made them likeable.

Was also in a fantasy world and the chicken was on the path to become an Overlord like figure.

And then the author deleted the story, which made me sad, so I posted on his profile something to remember.

blackrockshooter · Mar 16, 2021

That would have been fun to read.

Spellsword99 · Jan 15, 2021

You deleted the other...

Waxford · Author · Jan 15, 2021

Yes. I deleted my abandoned novel. I get too many questions and negative feedback about it, so to avoid all the toxic comments and trouble I deleted it. At first wanted to keep it but since it's dropped... Better erase it and get rid of the trouble

Fireheart310 · Jan 15, 2021

aww oh well not going to lie i liked it although it did fall off a cliff but i did like none the less.

Kane2929 · Jan 17, 2021


Waxford · Author · Dec 24, 2020

Wanted to share some hype

Just found out that my favorite all time novel is getting a second season. And you can guess how much I like it from my profile pic. Can't wait. I still need to get my hands on a translated copy of volume 13... But yeah. I wanted to share the hype? Let's get hyped together!!

ViniPaiva25 · Dec 24, 2020

Did you inspire yourself on it to make your novels?

Waxford · Author · Dec 24, 2020

Guess so

Fantasma · Dec 24, 2020

Yo voy en el volumen 12  (aún que quisiera tenerlos en fisico) y también  estoy contento por la nueva temporada clear.png y espero que te sigas inspirando para seguir leyendo tus novelas (las 3 que estás escribiendo actualmente y las próximas) .......... por cierto me encanta la apariencia de Shera tanto como su inocencia y positividadclear.png

thrustdegree089 · Jan 15, 2021


ViniPaiva25 · Dec 23, 2020

The Fallen Warlord is 2nd place in trending!

Waxford · Author · Dec 23, 2020


blackrockshooter · Dec 21, 2020

Will you be continuing I Became A Futanari In Another World?

blackrockshooter · Dec 21, 2020

So will you not be using the idea of it to write something different?

Waxford · Author · Dec 22, 2020

Dude, I think my note was pretty clear. I dropped that story so I can write "The Rising of the Fallen Warlord". What's there not to understand. That story is dead so I can write my new one. 

blackrockshooter · Dec 22, 2020

Sorry for saying anything.

Waxford · Author · Dec 22, 2020

It's ok. It's just that I specifically left a note on the final chapter specifying that I am dropping it so I thought it was weird I got asked again about that story.

Dragonnerd · Dec 18, 2020

I have been with you ever since you first started writing loli demon king and when I found out I literally cried,like they say "When one story ends another begins".I shall be with you till the endclear.pngclear.png

Waxford · Author · Dec 18, 2020

Thank you for support. I appreciate it. Having fans is what an author loves most

ViniPaiva25 · Dec 17, 2020

You’re already a famous author

harveyhans · Nov 29, 2020

Thanks for replying for my previous comment! Oh and by the way is loli demon king completed as a series or is it on hiatus?

Waxford · Author · Nov 29, 2020

It is completed. Story has officially reached the end

harveyhans · Nov 26, 2020

Waxford is it alright if I ask where you got the cover page for loli demon king? I can't seem to find the HQ image of it anywhere

Waxford · Author · Nov 26, 2020

Hi. Just google "Valkyrie crusade mars". Apparently it's some sort of card from some card game. Don't ask me about it though as I have zero knowledge about that. Just took the pic and added the title

RAN-Gale · Nov 23, 2020

Wexford first of all thanks for your incredible novels, and in relation I would like to ask you if you have plans to continue writing "I became a futanari in a game world".

Waxford · Author · Nov 23, 2020

Hello. I made an update and also wrote a note on chapter 37 so I don't get this question that often. No. "I became a futanari in a game world" is dropped. However I'm not deleting the story. I'm leaving it there for fun and memories

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