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Oct 20, 2019

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Waxford · Author · Jun 3, 2022

For all my readers, I have released first 2 chapters of my new novel. Feel free to go ahead and give it a read. Might have to sort the cover picture though, as it feels kinda squeezed, at least in mobile. Will wait until weekend so I can edit it

Irina_Akashira · Jun 5, 2022

Just seen

Good luck with your new story

Waxford · Author · May 29, 2022

Update: I started writing my new story quite a bit. Have some pages laid down but am not confident in releasing it just yet, as I am not sure of the final direction of my story. So will probably postpone the launch for a bit. I rather have some chapters to spare in case I hit a wall, lack inspiration or time. I don't want to release chapters at the same time I finish them... so bare more patience folks

GigaDotti · May 29, 2022


Waxford · Author · May 23, 2022

Should I keep writing sex scenes in my new project? Or should I say something like "and they made love until morning" and focus just on the story. Give me your vote, it will help progress my new in work story

Yuusha_Fuyuno · May 23, 2022

If you're good at writing those kinds of scenes, go for it; but do not especially abuse it if the story does not revolve around sex

ZinKo · May 23, 2022

Yes, plz. This is my suggestion could you make characters like genderbender monster MC like Kumoko.

Waxford · Author · May 23, 2022

@ZinKo considering my past experience with futa (The Rising of the fallen warlord) not everyone received that with open arms. Although I could just mark R18 the sex chapters and people can skip them and just enjoy the story. We'll see. Just a few pages put down. Getting a bit of inspiration from Kuro no maou in some aspects, so I guess you can expect some similarities (no yandere, though, but some aspects or scenes I might reproduce... If I feel like it)

GigaDotti · May 23, 2022

The best smut is those with a good plot and "plot" clear.png

I come for the sex and stay for the plot clear.png

Waxford · Author · May 14, 2022

Update: I feel a little bit more rested. I will start working on my next project, however in the near future my workplace is relocating our team.That might make my progress. I haven't decided if I want to continue Yurishia's story which I left hanging, but for now, it's back to the drawing board and drafting out my next idea. Who knows, Once I have something going, I might request someone from my fanbase to read it beforehand for feedback. Look forward to the future (but no ETA)

Masterxd · May 14, 2022


Ryuujisan · May 14, 2022


Waxford · Author · May 14, 2022

@Ryuujisan no comment at this point until I start putting start on paper starting from Monday. It might seem like more downtime for you people for a few more weeks, but first got to think of a direction and see how my workplace relocation will impact my life

Masterxd · May 5, 2022

I look forward to your future waxford-sama stories and ventures

Masterxd · May 5, 2022

there will be upcoming stories with witches and magical girls, or maybe a new version of kitsune, I would like to see a goddess protagonist or a Valkyrie would be interesting

Waxford · Author · May 5, 2022

Oh, I am planning a new story, but can't find the time to write it. Still on a break until I sort out all my real life stuff

Vexile12 · May 4, 2022

Like the books especially lazy loli

Waxford · Author · May 4, 2022

Thanks for support

demon_god · Apr 30, 2022

yo you go any evil female storys?

Waxford · Author · Apr 23, 2022

Happy Easter Everyone!! May you all have happy holidays!

Luna20 · Apr 23, 2022

where?clear.png easter is a christian holiday not based on a country

Luna20 · Apr 23, 2022

@Waxford Happy Orthodox Easter, please note where ever you are, the rest of the world uses the Gregorian Calendar(Easter2022=April 17) and not the Julian Calendar(Orthodox Easter2022=April 24).   *wink*

GigaDotti · Apr 23, 2022


Paul_Tromba · Apr 24, 2022

Happy Orthodox Easter

Waxford · Author · Apr 22, 2022

Hello all and Happy Holidays! I need some help from the fan base. Looking to design an axe wielding female MC for a friend of mine. He liked the way I design my chars so he asked me to make a char for him too. A muscular mc girl in a fantasy medieval setting, but I am not sure which style to pick. If you guys who still follow me could help, please cast a vote on the poll below

Czelphaghor · Apr 16, 2022

I had found "i became a Futanari in a game world" on wattpad up to chap 37. There's also stated that it is your work… you know something about that?

Waxford · Author · Apr 17, 2022

Yes. It was my work. It was a novel I wrote and gave someone permission to post it. However I dropped it. I personally wasn't satisfied with the direction I took that story in so I abandoned it. I deleted the novel here. But I didn't bother removing it from the entire internet. So yeah. It's a dead end

malik25 · Apr 22, 2022

really, i will download those in wattpad, it's a limited story (already erased) by waxford-sama

Waxford · Author · Apr 22, 2022

@malik25 go for it, but again... It's dropped

Venusaur26 · Mar 7, 2022

Why you seem to always overheat your brain when writing a story?

Waxford · Author · Mar 8, 2022

Lack of time recently I guess. Never enough time to write as much as I want

Waxford · Author · Feb 6, 2022

Well, for all my followers, my cold is finally letting go of me. For starters I am sorry that my chapter releases aren't that often, but life is getting in the way so I really can't increase the pace. Also hoping to get back to Yurishia's story this year. Thanks for bearing with me and having the patience to put up with my schedule and releases. Fans make the writing worth it. Just wanted to leave this small message for all of youclear.png

Liber8T · Feb 6, 2022

Yaaaayy!!! Demon Lord Yuri is back!! Can't wait for it to finish so I can binge re-read itclear.png 

good luck ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

Waxford · Author · Feb 6, 2022

@Liber8T will still take a while sir

Reiga · Feb 6, 2022

When is the exact release schedule for Yurishia's story

Waxford · Author · Feb 6, 2022

@Reiga like I said... I have no clue myself. Summer... maybe? I don't know either in which direction life will throw my writing time

Waxford · Author · Dec 31, 2021

Happy New Year! But I think I'm gonna shift into 32 December instead clear.png

Short summary for 2022 goals:

1) Abandoned the idea of writing a sci fi mecha novel again. Doesn't work at this point in time. 2) Finish Ayaka's story. 3) Finish Yurishia's story. 4) Think if I want to start something else. In the meantime, happy holidays all

GigaDotti · Dec 31, 2021

Maybe about a monster? Not someone rencarnated into a monster, but a monster from the start. Maybe a isolated and childish one that gets curious about the world an gode on a journey?

Venusaur26 · Dec 31, 2021

This one sounds like Journey to the West! XD

Shiro1347 · Dec 31, 2021

Happy New Year!

Gin_Otamegane · Jan 4, 2022

I may be late to say this, but I also wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

Waxford · Author · Dec 25, 2021

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have Wonderful holidays and mofu mofu lots of fluffy stuffclear.png

Venusaur26 · Dec 25, 2021

Merry Christmas clear.png

Six · Dec 25, 2021


Liber8T · Dec 25, 2021


Paul_Tromba · Dec 25, 2021


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