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Rising Author
Feb 3, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Feb 3, 2020
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maelucky · Author · Nov 24, 2022

Happy thanksgiving to my fellow americans.

Just uploaded another chapter to Lily's Torrent! A lot of my stories tend to be cw laden, but this one especially so. It's a story about the tragedies of demons & hell, and I'm really proud of myself for staying consistent, but if you can't handle disturbing content don't read it. I'm working on another story right now for this year's secret santa that should be a lot cleaner and easier to digest.
Moonlit · Oct 7, 2022

I haven't read Lily's Torrent yet since I like to binge, but I support any series of my favorite genre, have fun writing it. Ps, no dropping, okay? clear.png

maelucky · Author · Oct 7, 2022

ill try i promise!!!

maelucky · Author · Oct 6, 2022

okay change of plans i need motivation to keep writing now that the anthology deadline is gone so imma start posting one chapter of my latest story each week to light a fire under my butt heres a friendly reminder if you dont wanna wait for the first 7 chapters that you can buy it along with 18 other awesome stories on itch or read them as theyre posted here

maelucky · Author · Oct 1, 2022

So I've been working all month on a piece for this years TransScribblehub Autumn Anthology with 18 other amazing artists. For $10 you can get part one (11k words) of my epic queer demon tragedy and so many other great halloween/fall themed tales. I don't plan to submit "Lily's Torrent" on here until its completed so if you want a headstart read it here!!!

Or wait until the anthology is posted here on Scribblehub.

maelucky · Author · Oct 1, 2022

pssst for half the price of the bundle you can buy just this story from my itch page.

maelucky · Author · Sep 4, 2022

Hey yall im momentarily not dead anymore!!! i had an extra chapter in my sleeve but didnt wanna upload until i had at least two to make up for my long absence but im finally back!!! and ive added two new chapters to operating cistem!!!

maelucky · Author · Feb 15, 2022

update to She's All That (There Is) more coming soon

whoos · Feb 15, 2022


maelucky · Author · Feb 6, 2022

okay i am still working on at least one of the other stories but *dies* anyway i wrote a short story to read until the others get updated and its completed so there that lol

Lady_Rhea · Oct 9, 2021

OMG I just realized you have done two(2!) stories I love. Your voice is so magnificent, I look forward to reading more from you :))

maelucky · Author · Oct 9, 2021

oh thanks!!! im glad you like my stories!!!!!!

maelucky · Author · Oct 9, 2021

Okay finally uploaded the first few chapters of She's all that (there is) feel free to check it out!!! and if i have the time/motivation ill try to revisit operating cistem at some point in time

maelucky · Author · Sep 17, 2021

operating cistem is kinda on pause for right now been having problems feeling motivated to continue the story yall but i have started a new writing project its basically a queer version of shes all that look forward to that

maelucky · Author · May 25, 2021

hi friend!!!

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