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May 2, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 2, 2020
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I'm MajorKerina and I love to collaborate creatively with a group of friends to make tales where people have their genders, identities, and very realities questioned, contorted, and turned upside-down. I like slice-of-life with a spicing of the supernatural, strange, or surreal. Reality with a scent of the impossible. You can find me on DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, and other places.

MajorKerina · Author · Jun 2, 2023

That was a week. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and kind of sore with some random dizziness and I translated it in the story. The next set of five chapter, which actually ran a little bit long, include melting away, explanations of boys, slimy blackness burning, harsh punishment, sparks with screams, pleading tears, and a sliver of hope. 

potsticker13 · Jun 2, 2023

I hope that you feel better soon. And don't push yourself too hard. It's better to be Happy Zappy than Sicky Zappy ^.^

MajorKerina · Author · May 26, 2023

Five more chapters finished despite even more hiccups with this week related to vehicles. Going to be more of that next week but taking care of it too. Here’s what’s on tap for the next chapters: Unusual plants, where babies come from, burns, soothing ice cream…and blood. So much blood…

potsticker13 · May 26, 2023

Blood and ice cream. I think that was the name of Edgar Wright's, Simon Pegg's, and Nick Frost's trilogy of films Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz, and The world's end.

potsticker13 · May 22, 2023

I saw that California has been hit by a lot of Earthquakes lately. Have you been affected, and are you alright?

MajorKerina · Author · May 22, 2023

Yeah that’s the north half of the state. This is the south

potsticker13 · May 22, 2023

Oh. Well, I'm just glad that you're okay ^.^

MajorKerina · Author · May 19, 2023

I reached my full goal, five big chapters. Once again I actually had more story I wanted to get through than I was able to use. This may push some events past next week but we’ll see. Look forward to a bit of French, lovely vistas, stark visions, bitter tea, and a touch of mono no aware.

potsticker13 · May 19, 2023

Just as long as you get plenty of rest and relaxation in between writing chapters. I don't want you pushing yourself too hard.

MajorKerina · Author · May 18, 2023

I had a very relaxing day and I managed to write 7500 words. :) A lot of stuff that needed to be cleaned is clean and brand new filters put to help. Feeling much better. Thanks to everyone for the support! The writing was a blast even though some characters had to cry. 

luminoustrance · May 18, 2023

Congratulations. We're always here for you. clear.png

potsticker13 · May 18, 2023

I am so happy that you're feeling better ^.^

MajorKerina · Author · May 17, 2023

I just can’t drag myself to get through any writing despite having lots of story in mind. I’m gonna see how it goes this evening before I decide what I’m gonna do.

potsticker13 · May 17, 2023

Rest. Your physical and mental health is way more important than writing tales of zappy. *Sending you good vibes and love* ^.^

MajorKerina · Author · May 17, 2023

I may need to take a week off. I only have 200 words after two days of intense struggling against respiratory problems and severe dust. I put a lot of stuff off these last few months to just write all out as fast as possible at an insane sprint. The weather is destroying me. I’m not ready to throw in the towel on at least some update next week but holy duck it’s been Hell.

shiftdruid · May 17, 2023

Take a break! Punishing yourself with creative work isn't going to help your health at all, and the results from that are going to affect your writing in the future too. You can't push it- rest. <3

lexcia · May 17, 2023

Definitely take a break! Your health is important, focus on yourself right now.

MajorKerina · Author · May 12, 2023

Five chapters first drafted for next week. We have cute cards, bitter secrets, cold feelings, tears, and things that can never be spoken. 

potsticker13 · May 12, 2023

Sounds mysterious. I can't wait! ^.^

MajorKerina · Author · May 7, 2023

Five chapters next week. Look forward to pretty dresses, lawyers, HEEEELLLLLOOO NURSES, purification, guardians, and some good old fashioned nudity. 

potsticker13 · May 7, 2023

Good old fashioned nudity. Is there any other kind? ^.^

MajorKerina · Author · Apr 29, 2023

All right, I did a pass of the upcoming five chapters. They are shorter but still longer than some of the shorter ones I’ve done for the series so far. Look forward to red thighs, SCIENCE, unexpected references, gaming, and food that moves! And a fun character introduction!

luminoustrance · Apr 29, 2023


MajorKerina · Author · Apr 29, 2023

Yeah it’s going to be five chapters next week but they’re going to be shorter than any of the chapters have been for a while. They may read a little bit weird but I’m gonna do my best to tidy up the girth and transitions on Saturday. It’s also been an excruciating heat wave melting my brain for several days and I’m just doing what I can to hang on. Trying not to make excuses but that’s how it is. 

luminoustrance · Apr 29, 2023

It's been cool and rainy here. Sending you thoughts of relief and inspiration. clear.png

potsticker13 · Apr 29, 2023

There is no need to push yourself so hard. Zappy should make you happy, not crappy. If you need to write fewer chapters or fewer words, I will understand completely ^.^

BothellRoyal · Apr 29, 2023

I agree wholeheartedly with potsticker13. And the heat can make you crazy if you don't slow down sometimes. 

MajorKerina · Author · Apr 29, 2023

Now, I could go back and re-compose that into five pieces but I don’t know. I’m going to push into my usual rest and recovery time and try to get there, but there may only be four chapters next week. I just cannot put out the same amount of words with this work as with the previous ones. I am truly sorry about that. 

luminoustrance · Apr 29, 2023

C'est la vie. Do what you have to.

MajorKerina · Author · Apr 29, 2023

I don’t know if I’ll make my goal this week. I busted my ass every single day and it’s like I’m going slower and slower. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the research I have to do for the Japanese stuff. It’s just so slow to make any progress. I reached 11,000 words, but I have not finished the fifth chapter. 

MajorKerina · Author · Apr 22, 2023

Either I need to concede that something closer to 2000 words will be required for each chapter this time or I may need to drop down to four chapters a week so I don’t exhaust myself. I much prefer the former. This set of chapters has bandages, sticks, messages, bidets, and interesting names. 

potsticker13 · Apr 22, 2023

If you need to drop down to four chapters a week, then go right ahead. I don't want you stressing yourself out just for us. ^.^

MajorKerina · Author · Apr 22, 2023

Another rough week of writing. I enjoyed it but something in this style of story just does not lend itself to lots of words. The last two chapters took what felt like an eternity to create and they’re not very long while having significant events and introductions. Dense, but unusually short. I have all five, but I may need to make changes in subsequent weeks.

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    I'm MajorKerina and I love to collaborate creatively with a group of friends to make tales where people have their genders, identities, and very realities questioned, contorted, and turned upside-down. I like slice-of-life with a spicing of the supernatural, strange, or surreal. Reality with a scent of the impossible. You can find me on DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, and other places.

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