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Aug 8, 2020

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Joined: Aug 8, 2020
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Endermic · May 2, 2024

Will you continue writing the perveted cursed system 

souryourer · Author · May 2, 2024

no, it has some content issues and blocked in many sites. so I gave up.

don't worry, I am writing something different 

perverted cannon fodder system that starts with female version of danzo as danza.

perverted survival system with survival life of a house wife in many disasters and strange worlds.... there will be some similarities with perverted cursed system later.

souryourer · Author · May 2, 2024

there is also perverted guiding system that is already online....

you can read them slowly while I release the new novels in a month.
MrX · Jan 19, 2024

Question: "this story contains, netorare, netorase and many other themes but on good side"

What do you mean "but on good side"? Is it that our MC does not get cucked? If so, why don't you just put in Netori since he/she will do the cucking.

MrX · Jan 19, 2024

Because as soon as I see Netorare I'm out of there. I'm fine with Netori but my heart is brittle and can't handle getting fecked in the arse lol.

I really want to read loads of your fics because they sounds interesting but nearly all of them have NTR as a tag so I don't 🥲
souryourer · Author · Jan 22, 2024

all the male version stories I write did not have any netorare or netorase only netori

only with a female version or with the title of a pervert has these tags in it.

good netorare means good endings with everyone happy.

so read the things that did not have any tags you don't like.

thank you for your support

Saine · Dec 14, 2023

Hey! Yesterday one of my readers informed me that someone put my work up on Amazon without my permission and while investigating I found a story that looks like it was stolen from you. 

Here's the amazon link:

If it wasn't stolen no worries but if it was the process for having it removed isn't too difficult. Either way good luck!

souryourer · Author · Jan 22, 2024

i cannot tell with just the tag or the title without reading what is inside.

if they made some minor changes then it could not be reported.

so let it be

Saine · Jan 22, 2024

You can view a preview of the text and that was enough for me to confirm when it happened to me for amazon. That's how I found your work in the first place using Google. But if you're not interested in dealing with it no problem. I have no reason to bother with it if you aren't interested. 

souryourer · Author · Jan 23, 2024

thank you any way

souryourer · Author · Jan 23, 2024

i just reported it and dont know what they would give out a reply.

previously they suspended my amazon account for that very book saying that there are issues.

but now they are allowing it with blind eyes like it was their own property.

it is really funny when they act willfully like this and say they are really good at dealing with things

Preja · Nov 18, 2023

Please make a cuckold system, where the mc get cuckolded.

souryourer · Author · Nov 19, 2023

You will see that in the pervert's guiding system novel

I am planning quite a few volumes with each one different from both fanfic and my original stories too

Thank you for your support 

Lucifer_blood-born · Oct 4, 2023

In the story apocalypse bitch system it says that the ring would vibrate when she is near a useable material but it doesn’t 

Lucifer_blood-born · Oct 4, 2023

Never mind I found it on chapter 57

Lucifer_blood-born · Oct 5, 2023

But in chapter 85 it says that she needs to get a skill to grow a dick but she already did in one of the earliest chapters 

souryourer · Author · Oct 6, 2023

things that happen in the fantasy worlds are different.

in the fantasy world she only have her soul but not the real body.

Lucifer_blood-born · Oct 7, 2023

Ok thanks for clarifying 

PARZIVAL1136E · Jul 14, 2023

Hi, I'm planning to write a story and I wish to use your ark system and a few first chapters will be similar to the looting/preparation from Apocalypse Land Rebirth. This is all just an idea for now and I may or may not write the stroy, but in case I do, I don't wish to be accused of plagiarism. 

That's  why I request you to grant your permission to use your works as references for my story.

And if you wish I can also mention/link your story in glossary and at the end of each chapter.

souryourer · Author · Jul 14, 2023

Well it is good if you mention my story, you can copy the system if you like

PARZIVAL1136E · Jul 14, 2023


Cobias_Tenem · Jul 10, 2023

Chief's Webnovel Library

Hi, I'm trying out a new project on Youtube (starting fresh and new) that is similar to MovieRecaps but with webnovels. May I have your permission to use your novels to be layered with TTS on Youtube?

I will notify when my vids are finished and will send drafts to seek your feedbacks.
souryourer · Author · Jul 10, 2023

Ok you can proceed 

killf8y · Jul 6, 2023

Are you going to create a new group like in Patreon? Please know, I'm still following you. Where is the new story posted on Patreon about 20 episodes? I want to read it. Please create a group. I want to read it. I use google translate

Justlooking · Jun 14, 2023

Are you stilling writing apocalypse naruto world

souryourer · Author · Jun 14, 2023

Actually because of too many novels I put it on hold you can read around 60 chapters in patreon 

souryourer · Author · Jun 14, 2023

Sorry I am too tight on schedule 

plot_xc · May 24, 2023

Just a question, in all the series you made, Wich have netorare, i really don't like the mc getting cucked and only like when he cucked someone (netori)

souryourer · Author · May 25, 2023

Not all series are netorare 

Only series with female protagonist will be netorare 

All male series are netori 

So don't worry

Jao · Mar 23, 2023

Thank you for writing and writing Naruto World with a Simulation System, I really enjoyed the work and I hope it continues for a long time, if I had the money I would give it to you bro.

Awriter · Dec 8, 2022

Not to sound rude or anything but can you avoid saying things like 'hot dick' and 'cute crotch'? just use dick  crotch etc

souryourer · Author · Dec 8, 2022

well that was my first novel and at the start I wrote it like that

as the story progresses the things would get back on track

please have some patience

WaCrex · Dec 5, 2022

There seems to be a chapter missing for "The Perverted Cultivation System".

Ch106 says "part 5" while ch107 says "part 7". Also the last sentence of 106 is not the first sentence of 107, as it is with the other chapters, indicating that there's a gap in the contents between them.

souryourer · Author · Dec 5, 2022

just a minute I will check

souryourer · Author · Dec 5, 2022

fixed it.

it is the numbering problem and the content is not missing.

I just made the wrong cut and did not connect the ends

Awriter · Nov 29, 2022

Hope you don't mind if I use your stories as inspirations to write my own. I have wanted to write exhibhionist stories for a while now

Awriter · Nov 29, 2022

I am currently writing it in Webnovel under the name NSFWriter, You can check it out altho there is only one chapter in both of my stories write now

souryourer · Author · Nov 29, 2022

Well I liked that naked hero story 

The perverted choice system is good

What I am asking is which novel of mine that you want to use for your story

Awriter · Nov 29, 2022

I have read your stories with Mohini, and I wanted to borrow your system,

souryourer · Author · Nov 29, 2022

oh you can try no problem.

i am currently using the my system in 4 novels 

tell me the name of the novel and site when you upload.

your choice system novel is good and I am looking forward to your novel with exhibitionism

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