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Aug 18, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 18, 2020
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I like to write stories where girls kiss each other.

SapphicSounds · Author · May 29, 2022

Hey all, finished up my dragon smut!

GutterMuse · May 30, 2022


SapphicSounds · Author · Apr 24, 2022

Hey folks! Couple more chapters of my dragon smut story! 

RubyDusk · Apr 24, 2022


SapphicSounds · Author · Apr 17, 2022

Hey folks! Got some new content on the way for you. There'll be a new story soon, and also wanted to let y'all know that I finally got around to uploading the final chapter of Magically D-Licious. So feel free to enjoy some more of that, if you like! 

spoonPrincess · Jan 7, 2022

so i just followed you because apparently i wasn't already

CL · Dec 11, 2021

New novel? clear.png

kabi-chan · Dec 11, 2021


I saw it too!

SapphicSounds · Author · Dec 11, 2021

Yeah It'll be up again soon. SH was being weird

CL · Dec 11, 2021

We'll be here, ready to pounce in comfort. clear.png

mae · Nov 28, 2021

I've had an idea about Inosculate.

blackrockshooter · Mar 24, 2021

I've had an idea about Searching for Normal.

SapphicSounds · Author · Mar 24, 2021


blackrockshooter · Mar 24, 2021

I'll have to tell you in the next 12 hours because i'll need to go to bed soon.

Bliss · Mar 24, 2021

Please tell us, we're waiting in anticipation

Unicornpuke97 · Mar 5, 2021

Really love your work! Do you have patron? 

SapphicSounds · Author · Mar 5, 2021

Glad you enjoy my stuff. I sure do!

SapphicSounds · Author · Feb 11, 2021

Hello, my lovely readers! Remember that bundle I mentioned last month? Well, it's now getting (gradually) posted to scribblehub 

It'll take some time before we get to my addition (sadly), but if you want to read the entire bundle, which includes works from myself and many others, you can still buy the bundle on itch here:

I hope everyone enjoys!

SapphicSounds · Author · Jan 18, 2021

Hello my lovely readers! Many of you have probably seen this from other authors, but in case you haven't, I, along with many other trans authors recently participcated in a secret santa writing event, all the works that were written as part of it are now available on a large itch bundle, with 25 stories in total.

CL · Nov 30, 2020

I'm now following you.  clear.png

SapphicSounds · Author · Nov 30, 2020


Foxxy · Oct 3, 2020

i love your works, keep it up!

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    I like to write stories where girls kiss each other.

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