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Famous Author
Oct 4, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Oct 4, 2020
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Just a girl inside a clock
A blueberry a day keeps the Pharoah away

BELCA_013 · May 5, 2024


Grahambogini · Dec 20, 2023

Are you going to update any of your books?

God_of_Darkness · Dec 16, 2022

will there be update on family curse?

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Dec 17, 2022

No, all my projects that aren't completed are on hiatus. I probably will never finish that and if I do it won't be anytime soon 

Venusaur26 · Dec 18, 2022


Venusaur26 · Nov 22, 2022

Are you okay?

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Dec 17, 2022


Venusaur26 · Dec 18, 2022


Western42 · Jun 14, 2022

...Psst. Hey, can you work on Shark Tooth Bay? I-it's fine if ya d-don't...ya know....

Venusaur26 · Apr 20, 2022

By your profile pic and some of your stories, do you have some sadistic tendencies?clear.png

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Apr 20, 2022

Sadomasochistic 😈

Venusaur26 · Apr 20, 2022

Oh boy

Irlina · May 10, 2022

Ara ara...

God_of_Darkness · Jan 9, 2022

any update on family curse?

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Jan 25, 2022

Yes I've been taking a break but I'll be continuing it soon 

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Nov 21, 2021

Hey just curious when will there be more chapter's of Shark tooth bay? It's been awhile 😔

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Nov 24, 2021

Probably won't be. At least not for awhile 

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Nov 24, 2021

I understand...  that's unfortunate 

Shirabe · Nov 12, 2021

source of image of use or lose it?

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Aug 21, 2021

Just curious when there'll be more of Shark Tooth Bay? It's awesome

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Aug 22, 2021

Yes, I’m currently writing the next 3 chapters then uploading them when I’m done. 

EMPTY-SOUL88 · Aug 22, 2021

Awesome 👌 🆒️ 

JayDirex · Jul 7, 2021

In the 2003 film "The Prophecy" there is a well known and specific scene where an angel is impaled by a spear and left on the ground. The imagery you wrote was so reminiscent of that scene, that i figured there's no way you weren't influenced by that scene in the movie. And if not, all good. But you should see the movie the prophecy. Your story reads like it. 

The scene I'm referring to is SPECIFICALLY at 1:27 on this YouTube clip below: 

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Jul 7, 2021

Yea I'll check it out, I looked it up earlier and it looks really interesting c: 

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Jul 7, 2021

That scene is definitely similar to how I was imagining things in my head when writing that chapter 

JayDirex · Jul 7, 2021

Yep, your first four chapters reminded me of that movieclear.pngclear.png. ALSO!! keep up the good work. Your story is good so far ^_^

Ryuujisan · May 30, 2021

Your cat story is so good and love Your style. 

Unicornpuke97 · Author · Jul 7, 2021

Thank youu sorry for the super late response 

SeyanHxH · May 30, 2021

Everyone offer you a cookie i guess I'll offer you a pizzaclear.png

Unicornpuke97 · Author · May 30, 2021

Haha very nice, much appreciated ^-^ 

Queen · May 30, 2021

I just came across your story, cats out of the bag and I can't wait to see where it will lead me, thank you for the novelclear.png

clear.pngHere, have a cookie ?

Unicornpuke97 · Author · May 30, 2021

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy! I’ll be releasing several chapters throughout the day so stay tuned! 

SerikoLee · May 30, 2021

Hai if you wanna reach 27 authors and 130 readers .

Hope this helps you . Discord server:

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    Just a girl inside a clock
    A blueberry a day keeps the Pharoah away

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