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Well-Known Author
Sep 23, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Sep 23, 2020
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I'm a fan of Transformation Fiction (TF) and have recently started writing stories myself. I can also be found on TGStoryTime, FictionMania, and DeviantArt as tfes8.

tfes8 · Author · Jun 3, 2024

Based on feedback, I have rewritten parts of Cate Fox Book 1. 

I changed parts of the ending and then added a 7th interlude and published it for Kindle Unlimited. (I can publish to Smashwords upon request)


tfes8 · Author · Apr 30, 2024

My latest short story about a high school boy, his crush and a body suit is out! A Suitable Crush.

Capybellie · Apr 30, 2024

Neat! Happy to read something of yours again!

GenderSwap_Demon · Apr 18, 2024

Just an idea but whenever you make the next cate fox story you could give her a pepper ball gun.

tfes8 · Author · Apr 18, 2024

That's not a bad idea. Since it's unlikely anyone gives her a real gun for a while.

tfes8 · Author · Aug 9, 2023

Hi everyone, I organized another TG Mix-tape with 5 other talent authors. A story will be released daily this week.

ZoeStorm · Jul 18, 2023

Thanks for the follow 😊

tfes8 · Author · Jul 11, 2023

For those followers who have not checked out my website, I also review TF/TG movies. My latest today is the popular anime You Name.

Also, if you're wondering about my next story, Cate Fox and the Case of the Fading Magic, it's available on my website. It's not at Scribblehub yet cause I lack a cover image.

AbbyatorNZ · Jun 13, 2023

Can i ask that on The Boy Who Would Be Prom Queen you put a chapter saying the rest is being sold on amazon?

tfes8 · Author · Jun 14, 2023

It's in the synopsis and as an authors note at the last visible chapter. But  I suppose a dedicated chapter for that won't hurt.

AbbyatorNZ · Jun 14, 2023

Just bought your book so i can reread this Masterpeace clear.pngclear.png

tfes8 · Author · Jun 14, 2023

Thank you so much!!

Elynea · May 28, 2023

Did prom queen lose a bunch of chapters for anyone else?? I went to reread it and got sad there were only six up clear.png

tfes8 · Author · May 28, 2023

After a month, I moved it to Amazon and left the first few chapters up as a preview.

Elynea · May 30, 2023

That's so cool! I hope it sells well for you!

tfes8 · Author · May 30, 2023

Thank you! :crosses_fingers:

tfes8 · Author · Feb 20, 2023

No Prom Queen this week. I'm working hard to make sure the ending is awesome.

Crabapples · Feb 20, 2023


tfes8 · Author · Feb 7, 2023

While you're waiting for the next install of Prom Queen, I have a semi-monthly movie review blog if you're interested.  This month I'm doing 2006's It's a Boy Girl Thing.

tfes8 · Author · Feb 4, 2023

I'm taking a quick week hiatus to write and polish the final chapters of Prom Queen. Chapter 16 will return on February 13.  In the meantime, On Monday, I'll put posting a movie review of "It's a Boy Girl Thing" to my website.   I'll post the link to that when it's released.

tfes8 · Author · Jan 10, 2023

And we're back from the holiday hiatus. The next chapter of The Boy Who Would Be Prom Queen is here!

tfes8 · Author · Dec 23, 2022

I wrote a holiday message and a year review on my blog.

tfes8 · Author · Dec 19, 2022

The Boy Who Would Be Prom Queen is on hiatus for the holidays. It will Return January 2. For this week, I have my second movie review on my website. But nothing else for the rest of December.

tfes8 · Author · Nov 26, 2022

Christmas Eve Will Find Me is available for Kindle Unlimited. So if you enjoyed my 2021 holiday short story, make it a traditional Christmas Classic and pick it up at Amazon.

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    I'm a fan of Transformation Fiction (TF) and have recently started writing stories myself. I can also be found on TGStoryTime, FictionMania, and DeviantArt as tfes8.

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