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/ Series / Fire Transforms Us – A TG Mix-tape
Fire Transforms Us – A TG Mix-tape
Fire Transforms Us – A TG Mix-tape
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Five campers sit around a campfire and tell tales of gender transformation. Press “Play” on this mixtape to join us for a 5 track journey around the campfire.

This is a Five Part Event and will be published daily from July 31, 2022 to August 4. Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, July 31 -
Staying Cool - by tfes8 and Elron
During a hot summer day, all two teen boys want to do is stay cool and get invited to a neighbor's pool party. A frozen treat just might have something to help them get invited. Tags: MtF, Popsicles, Pool Party, High school Age, Hetero romance, Childhood friends, Teen, CW: Inappropriate groping.

Monday, August 1 -
A Mermaid's Advent by Ninichu
A group of friends come together to tackle the hardest event quest of the year in their favorite VRMMO, but an intended bug-made-feature threatens to throw their one and only shot out the window.Tags: MtF, VRMMO, Mermaids, Friendship, College Age, Childhood Friends, CW: None

Tuesday, August 2 -
A Transformative Trek by PunchlinePress
Four friends hit the trails for another day of manly fellowship and ballbusting. They stop for a drink along a supposedly mystical river, and things take a turn that has nothing to do with the direction of the trail. Tags: MTF, age regression, reality alteration, no memory/personality modification.

Wednesday, August 3 -
Solitary Confinement by Cabbitgurl
A young man is forced to stay under house arrest as punishment. While trying to solve his boredom he finds himself drawn to an exclusive MMO that changes him in ways he never thought possible. Tags: Evil Muse, MtF, MMORPG, Non-human transformation, Lycanthropes, Romance CW: Death, Violence, Mind Alteration, Homophobia

Thursday, August 4 -
The Burglar, the Witch, and the Doorknob by Leviathan86 -
A burglar has just won a trip to a jungle island in the middle of nowhere, and he didn’t even have to leave the city! All expenses paid too, if money even matters after this trip! Tags: Mtf, transgender, magic, witches, mythology CW: noncon body changes, serious injury, mention of death, police

ComedyGender BenderHorrorRomance
Collection of Short Stories Male to Female Short Story Transgender
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