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Club Luna
Club Luna
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Book club, chess club, maybe a photography or science club? Those are the sorts of groups most high-schools have. Our school's different. We've got a supernatural club. The members are all witches, and they investigate hauntings, werewolf sightings, magical phenomena, and other weird stuff like that.

You probably think that's all make-believe or fantasy? I used to think that too, until one afternoon when I stumbled into one of their secret meetings and accidentally joined Club Luna.

DramaGender BenderSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Angels Awkward Protagonist Cute Protagonist Demons Dense Protagonist Episodic Fairies Female Protagonist Ghosts Girl's Love Subplot Glasses-wearing Love Interests Goddesses Magic Male to Female Modern Fantasy Mystery Solving Secret Organizations Secrets Transgender Unreliable Narrator Vampires Werebeasts Witches Zombies
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    Status: 13. beginners luck

    What's better than a story about a magic university where a student's success is directly linked to their wealth stored in a bank run by antisemitic caricatures?

    How about a story about a magic club with in-canon queer members who don't need financial d*ck measuring and instead spend their time being friends and developing crushes and helping each other with their lives and magic while being adorable and actually relatable! :D

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    Status: extras #4 – highs & lows

    Alright, so my review of this one of my first reviews on this website, and is mostly based on my personal opinions, and not so good analytical thinking.

    With that out of the way, this story is really good, and I would highly reccomend it. The characters are very well written, and the representation seems good to me. Additionally, I was on the edge of my seat a lot of the time while reading, especially for the first 100ish chapters. However, my biggest praise to the story doesn't even go to this story, it goes to every other story that's tied in to it. The main reason I like this is because we, the readers, can actually get a metric ton of context to whatever might be happening, most notably the


    plush scenario

    , which shows how multiple new characters are being affected by what the girls are working towards solving.

    With that said, I did have my own issues with the story. First and foremost, as the story progressed, at the beginning of the story these teenage characters feel like they're regular teenagers, doing paranormal stuff on the side. At some point (though I can't pinpoint where) I felt I more like they were paranormal researchers who just so happened to be teenagers. This might just be because they're getting more dedicated to it. That's really the only complaint I have that isn't a spoiler

     That being said, I want to mention spoilers, so be advised


    Cass and Cassandra are interesting characters, dont get me wrong, but I cant say im the biggest fan of their status as divinity. I feel like a lot of stuff became meaningless after this, because afterwards alot of things dont feel like they exactly have stakes. There's multiple times where The Council comes after Cass, and those arent really that interesting, because she can just sort of instantly make them a non-threat. I also find the judgement of Cassandra and Cass to be really weird, like, she forgives the two people who literally plotted and organized for her body to be used as an immortal vessel, unbanishable vessel, and doesn't really talk to the third member of the plot, Brian.

    [EDIT] I feel like because Cass is a God, deaths might not have much impact, especially if she has the ability to just, bring people back. Granted, this is under the assumption that the series uses deaths, which it might not.


    With that said, it's a really good story, and while this review isn't comprehensive, I hope this serves as a way to gage if you truly want to read this book, if you were as indecisive about this as I was at first.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: interlude 10 – important subjects

    Pretty dang good, I love the story, I love everything about it. Good going!

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: 143. meeting the matriarch

    You'll find no better writer on this site than PurpleCatGirl. This story is outstanding!

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