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With a lifelong reputation for bad luck you might think I'd have learned to be more careful by now. You'd be wrong. Less than a month before the end of my freshman year of college a series of mistakes and blunders resulted in my life getting completely changed around.
Now I'm determined to make the most of it, and anyways it's honestly not that bad. I just wish someone would tell me why everyone keeps whispering about eggs when I'm around.

DramaGender BenderGirls LoveSlice of LifeSupernatural
Curses Cute Protagonist Demi-Humans Dense Protagonist Female Protagonist Magic Male to Female Modern Fantasy Sentient Objects Siblings Transgender Unlucky Protagonist
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    Status: epilogue

    This story is a delightful romp through PurpleCatGirl's MALverse (which is not required reading, this story stands alone!). It has all the wonderful world building we've come to love in her stories, a hilariously silly protagonist (take that dense protag tag seriously!), and of course a big bad book of curses! Highly recommended to old hats and new readers of PCG's work alike!!!

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    Status: 11. something about a new owner

    This novel has been very frustrating for me to read. The main character & surrounding cast are allergic to common sense. 


    The book obviously isn't the textbook I was supposed to get? Well, I won't be contacting the seller or returning it (very easy nowadays) then telling my tutor the sellers sent the wrong book, I'm going to open & read it (OK to be fair it'd be dumb if they weren't curious about the book).

    The only times I seem to change was after reading the book? Well I'm not sure whether it's the book or something else (what else could even be changing you??? It's the last thing you even got...).

    The book keeps monkey pawing me when I ask it stuff? Let's keep trying to force it to do what I want (WHY???).


    Usually PurpleCatGirl is a great author, but I think this is easily her worst novel. It makes me angry whenever I think of the lack of critical thinking through this point in the novel. It's not like any of the characters have gone through traumatic experiences that could affect their judgement recently, they're just regular people going through their lives.

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