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Feb 12, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 12, 2019
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RICHIESPIDER505 · Oct 7, 2023

I suggest next world where Naruto and yuna go to should be cyberpunk world it will be interesting story 

hyperx11 · Oct 1, 2023

Are you posting on Wattpad? If not, someone is posting using another name for the story.

Redcasted · Sep 19, 2023

We miss you!!! clear.png

Oopsibwokeit · Sep 17, 2023

Hope that things are going alright irl. Been reading your stories for a long time now, and its rare for a schedule break without a word. Best wishes!

Baconbit1911 · Sep 20, 2023

Agreed. Hope you are alright and life is going well for you Maerry. 

Yantu · Sep 16, 2023

news about new chapter?

plot_xc · Sep 3, 2023


and what do you think of doing yuna in honkai star rail, genshin impact or honkai impact, all those are good but i preffer honkai star rail because she can explore the entire universe or honkai impact because of the sheer amout of power and content it have

Naischtir · Aug 19, 2023

Hey Maerry, what happened on webnovel? Your Storys together with many other good ones vanished?

SorrowGrim · Jul 28, 2023

Now i wonder how many clones did yuna send to another AU clear.png(we got OP, Bleach, naruto) 

Vagabond · Aug 5, 2023

I am very curious how she'll screw over the celestial dragons in  One Piece

Rathor · Jul 21, 2023

I'm hoping for Darth Yuna in conquering the galaxy 1 seduced Jedi at a time 🤣

lewdheadpats · Jul 13, 2023

You're the only author I'd watch a new anime for just so I could properly enjoy Yuna's adventure properly. It hasn't happened yet because I've watched all of the big 3, but if it does happen I'd 100% do so. Thanks for all the writing you do! 

Wizardlyllc · Jun 16, 2023

Hey author I just wanted to let you know I found your book on Amazon and it was renamed Reincarnated Into The World Of Naruto: Action Comedy Ecchi Fanfiction Girls Love Harem

Under the author Michael Gholian
Marconeon2114 · Jun 20, 2023

people get sued for doing that kind of stuff right? what is in their minds thinking that is a good idea especially from a popular one?

Wizardlyllc · Jun 21, 2023

I just rechecked the book on Amazon and it's not the complete one it ends with the final move chapter 

Maerry · Author · Jul 7, 2023

Thank you for informing me about this

Alkelios · Jul 25, 2023

Je ne peux pas le signaler, sorry

YourLocalChairCultist · Jun 10, 2023

The Chair God approves.

Maman452 · Mar 26, 2023

I hope nothing serious happened

Seipherwood · Mar 21, 2023

Last Activity on 19th and no chapters ...

R.I.P. Maerry schedule


Mythical · Mar 25, 2023

Author was sick on the 19th so they weren't feeling well enough to write that week. *Update* they also will not be releasing a chapter today due to that. You can find this information in the discord under new chapter discussion

Seipherwood · Mar 25, 2023

Eh, i dont remember him mentioning a discord o.O

Got a link? clear.png

Mythical · Mar 25, 2023

Here ya go.

Seipherwood · Mar 25, 2023


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