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Rising Author
Feb 1, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Feb 1, 2021
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PrincessFelicie 21 hours ago

Heya, just wanted to make sure you were doing alright? You seem to have disappeared for a couple months and I was hoping everything is ok.

DetectiveRed Mar 6, 2021

Good to see you on scribble! Keep posting and reading girl!

aashuraa Mar 4, 2021

Your stories are extremely well written 馃尭馃敟馃尭聽

keep going 馃挴馃挋聽
IWannaBeAMergirl Author Feb 24, 2021

So, I am nearing the point of having moved over all my existing stories.

A Simple Test is my last normal tg, and after that, I have one standalone story left of 20 parts. It isn't a normal tg story, but deals with some more mature, difficult themes.聽

So should I bring over that story, or get to writing a new one I've been thinking of that's normal tg? I will note however, that writing a new story may take more time than usual.聽

Ms.Appelpie Mar 4, 2021

Well i can just say that i'm excited no matter what you upload next, i've read throu all your storys by now.

IWannaBeAMergirl Author Feb 24, 2021

Someone is rating 1 star on my stories... rather rude.聽

To me, one star equals unreadable. Hopefully smarter readers will disregard this.聽

SexyBex85 Mar 5, 2021

Yeah I have had some of those too. It wouldn't be as bad if they gave you an explanation of why x

IWannaBeAMergirl Author Feb 21, 2021

Hello everyone. I hope you've been enjoying my stories. If you're wondering what's coming next, I have two options for you. I have a collection of short tg stories that I can bring over. In addition to that, I have a story that involves gender identity questioning, but actually doesn't end in a change (spoiler I guess). Which one would you prefer?

HollySol Feb 21, 2021

Shorts are always nice, especially fluffy ones.

That's just my opinion though.

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