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Dec 23, 2018

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Rising Author
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Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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Hi, I'm Shiina Ai. You write it this way: 椎名愛. I'm an amateur author who has yet to hit it big, but I'm working on it.

I'm into cute girls and traps. I can eat traps all day.

I'm also a terrible DotA 2 player.

shadow_slayer · Feb 16, 2023

ai-chan do you support voidling(humanoid void beings) rights

Ai-chan · Author · Aug 22, 2023

No idea how voidlings look like, but if they're halfway as hot as traps, Ai-chan will campaign for their rights.

Venusaur26 · Apr 8, 2022

Does Ai-chan have Discord?

Ai-chan · Author · Apr 8, 2022

Ai-chan has an account, but Ai-chan doesn't use it. It's too distracting and unfortunately Ai-chan is very busy. Like now, Ai-chan is overdue on a job delivery by 2 days.

Venusaur26 · Apr 8, 2022


· Apr 19, 2022


Venusaur26 · Feb 5, 2022

Still waiting for Hero Prince(ss)…

Why did she get transformed like that?

Venusaur26 · Feb 14, 2022

Oh, and why that guy is to blame for transforming Feska into a half-demon girl?

Ai-chan · Author · Feb 15, 2022

The demons of Flaming Hells is actual demons. The demons they fought weren't really demons. But Ai-chan can't say more as it's a spoiler. What they actually are will be explained at the end of the story.

As for 'that guy', turning Feska into a half-angelic creature wasn't his crime. His crime was something else, much worse. At least according to Feska, which is why she's still holding a grudge now.

Ai-chan · Author · Mar 1, 2022

Ai-chan has updated! Sorry for taking so long.

Venusaur26 · Aug 5, 2022

But why Feska ate one of the princesses of hell?

Kraken1 · Dec 12, 2021

Will you continue Age Of God's Online?

Ai-chan · Author · Dec 17, 2021

Ai-chan has a plan for it, but nobody told Ai-chan that they wanted it to continue. So it became low priority. Between family and work, Ai-chan have to prioritize stuff since Ai-chan doesn't have much time.

Kraken1 · Dec 17, 2021

That's fine I don't mind the wait if I know its coming back. 

Ai-chan · Author · Jan 14, 2022

Yeah, it will come back, eventually. Ai-chan had to scrap the chapter as it sounded wrong, but Ai-chan spent the time writing the frame of the story instead.

Ai-chan · Author · Dec 4, 2021


Venusaur26 · Nov 18, 2021

Will you continue Hero Prince(ss)?

I was liking it a lot

Ai-chan · Author · Nov 26, 2021

Yes, the next chapter is halfway written, but Ai-chan didn't continue because Ai-chan thought nobody liked it. But since you asked, Ai-chan will try to get it released by next week.

Venusaur26 · Nov 26, 2021

I liked how you made it as a disillusion to fairytales! XD

Ai-chan · Author · Jul 30, 2021

Sorry for all those who've been waiting for the rest of the Wreckers chapters. Ai-chan's just been too busy with work that when Ai-chan had free time, Ai-chan just went to sleep. Will try to get something up next week.

Ai-chan · Author · Jul 30, 2021

Chapter 1 was already complete, but... it was too shocking that Ai-chan wasn't sure if Ai-chan should post it.

Ai-chan · Author · Mar 22, 2021

Sorry for those who waited for a new chapter of The Hounds of Hell. Unfortuntely, Ai-chan's internet decided to visit his own funeral and his replacement hasn't been doing very well.

DoctorWhoFan · Mar 22, 2021

sounds like you need to raise the dead

blackrockshooter · Mar 22, 2021

You should find some god level necromancers.

Novellover · Mar 19, 2021

Your taste are rather....Extreme Not That i’d Judge but I mean Putting Coal In People Vagina...

Ai-chan · Author · Mar 21, 2021

Gifting this wonderful world with coal in their socks and soot on their beds was what Satan Klaus used to do in his spare time clear.png

Ai-chan · Author · Mar 14, 2021


Tori_the_Birb · Mar 15, 2021


Ai-chan · Author · Mar 8, 2021

Ai-chan was supposed to do the second story of Shit Anthology last week, but Ai-chan ended up writing 3 chapters of The Hounds of Hell instead! In just 2 hours! It's on draft now and Ai-chan hasn't edited them yet, but expect new chapters of The Hounds of Hell within this week. Also going to reupload the prequel story for Hounds of Hell, The Last Valentine.

Yorda · Oct 19, 2019

Ai-chan refers to Ai-chan in third person. Does Ai-chan think it's cuter that way? Yorda thinks so.

Ai-chan · Author · May 3, 2019

Ai-chan is supposed to deliver a translation job tonight. But can't get to work finishing it!

ioriangel · Mar 5, 2019

Ai-chan it's you! And you are writing again, yesssss!

Ai-chan · Author · Mar 5, 2019

Hello! Thank you for reading. Haven't seen you for a while yo!

ioriangel · Mar 5, 2019

Indeed, same goes for you. Hope to see more of you.

· Feb 20, 2019


I love it. Do you know who made it?

Ai-chan · Author · Feb 21, 2019

Hi, which cover do you mean?

· Feb 21, 2019

Age of Gods online.

Ai-chan · Author · Feb 21, 2019

Actually Ai-chan doesn't remember, it's been very long ago.

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    Hi, I'm Shiina Ai. You write it this way: 椎名愛. I'm an amateur author who has yet to hit it big, but I'm working on it.

    I'm into cute girls and traps. I can eat traps all day.

    I'm also a terrible DotA 2 player.

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