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Aug 29, 2022

Joined: Aug 29, 2022
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I'm just your average guy who for some unknown reason decided to start writing.

Major2501 Sep 7, 2023

Thanks for checking out My First Coven. Hope you're enjoying it. 馃槈聽

LilliannaWinter Aug 13, 2023

Thank you so much Seaspecter for adding Astraology to your Reading list and leaving so many comments. I am rather enjoy the chaos and wanted to apologize for not responding sooner. I am doing better and have gotten back to work. Special thanks to my friends such as LunaSoltaer and RyRy for helping me to overcome several life challenges. Please continue to share your fabulousness and I believe I have responded most playfully to all of your wonderful comments. Love the pfp!

Seaspecter Author Aug 22, 2023

Sorry about the late reply to this, I caught Covid and have been laid out for a week, I found your story through Luna actually it's not the usual thing I read but I found it quite enjoyable and I'm looking forward to reading more.

As far as my pfp thanks, that's Anna she's a baby elder god and the protagonist of my own web novel.聽

LunaSoltaer Jun 23, 2023


Thank you for the follow!! I am beside myself!聽

*deep breaths* AND YOU FOUND LILLY!!!!!! *happy excited squeaking noises*

Lillianna has inspired probably the biggest character arc in my entire transition. I bet all the mithril in the mine you won't regret reading Astraology.

Seaspecter Author Jun 23, 2023

Oh I love it so far, I am rereading your book and I found her in the comments so I decided to take a look.

LunaSoltaer Jun 23, 2023

*Luna is soaring across the stars*

I am a very happy Luna right now. It might be a bit before we hear from her but she really does uplift the spirit!

And oh! definitely feel free to message me if you notice anything on reread! I'm kinda excited to see how well it goes on a reread

LunaSoltaer Jun 12, 2023

I think your book hit me with a surprise hook punch of inspiration.

My original notes for my book called for a fairly standard demon opponent.

Fast forward to actually drafting that chapter and now I have Vanessa, a full fledged character in her own right.

I had to have gotten the idea to humanise her from somewhere, and I think I know where.


Seaspecter Author Jun 12, 2023

I'm glad you got something out if it and I'm looking forward to reading more about Vanessa now!

Seaspecter Author Jan 3, 2023

Looks like my old discord link expired here鈥檚 a new one. 聽 聽

Seaspecter Author Sep 7, 2022

Anna's Dream has a cover now. Tell me what you think.

Nicolae Aug 31, 2022

You really need to tag the story its very good.

Seaspecter Author Aug 31, 2022

Thank you. I'm not sure how to tag it though, I'm still getting used to this website.聽

Seaspecter Author Aug 31, 2022

I figured it out thanks for the suggestion, if you have any questions about the story you can DM me I don't mind clearing anything up.

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    I'm just your average guy who for some unknown reason decided to start writing.

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