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Famous Author
May 22, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: May 22, 2019
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I write BL. Preferably Danmei, Chinese BL.
I read Japanese yaoi manga and Webtoons.
I'm clingy and a kooky for hugs. Gimme hugs. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

*Update: Every Mondays and Fridays*

Status: Lacking sleep.


Damn. I need coffee. _(:3 」∠)_

Reigness · Apr 11, 2021

Hii! I really love the way you write the s m u t part of your stories, I'd love if you have an rpg bl story thoo like SAO but bl and have smut, most stories end up with shounen ai clear.png. THANK U FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT, i hope you're safe!clear.png

HavinFun · Jan 29, 2020

I hope the New Year will brings you Peace, Happiness, Healthy and Prosperous!clear.png 

I hope you write more chapters  about younger Xihan’s story...


Lost_Strings · Author · Jan 29, 2020

I do have plans for it. clear.png

I also wish you a Happy and Bountiful New Year. May last years hardships be lightened this year and may your troubles soon be solved. clear.png

Lost_Strings · Author · Jan 29, 2020

To those wondering, Im having difficulties in RL so I havent been on.

I'm more active in my Wattpad account where I originally write my works so just follow this link:

Ill upload them all here when im back on track. clear.png

Nahrenne · Jan 29, 2020

I hope things get better for you.



Minenorin · Apr 20, 2020

I hope things have gotten better dearie. 

HavinFun · Jan 17, 2020

Thank you Author for updated and completed this Wonderful Book!!! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Lost_Strings · Author · Jan 29, 2020

you're welcome

MyLadyQueen · Jan 8, 2020

Hey, are you still doing good?

Lost_Strings · Author · Jan 29, 2020

ScribbleHub inactivity.Only Wattpad active atm

Lost_Strings · Author · Nov 25, 2019

A quick question, if a chapter gets edited, do you all get a notification about it?

MyLadyQueen · Nov 25, 2019

I highly doubt it ... I don't know of any site that sends updates after a chapter is updated

Fiaro · Nov 26, 2019

I don’t think so...?

Nahrenne · Nov 26, 2019


Much like if you edit a post on discord/facebook/forums/other forms of social media, you don't get a notification about it.




Lost_Strings · Author · Nov 28, 2019

Thank u for helping me clear.png

fairyNeko · Nov 7, 2019

hola mi autor pastelero, vine buscando mas postres de lujo ahhh que genio

Lost_Strings · Author · Nov 7, 2019

¡Disfruté mucho tus comentarios! ¡Placer conocerte!
[google translate]

Kurotan · Oct 28, 2019

How dare you not telling me you have a new book coming out ٩(๑`^ ́๑)۶

My daily dose of offline books!! (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡( \o°o)\

Lost_Strings · Author · Oct 28, 2019

its adventure so i thought u werent interested hehe.
I'll rarely update it so hurhur- if u want to suffer then do so BL IS STILL MY MAIN YEEET!

Kurotan · Oct 28, 2019

My kind of books before BL is action, adventure, fantasy. With no romance and harem. So, of course I'm down for it!!!

Lost_Strings · Author · Sep 23, 2019

Tiny author here.
I'm here to announce that the update will be delayed and will be uploaded tomorrow. Reason is that i'm trying to write 6.9 as well as I can. 6.9 is the post ending chapter for Arc6. It may even be the longest chapter i've written ^u^. I'm trying to manipulate the mood as well as I can so please be understanding. Thank you.

This tiny Lost is wishing you well and hope you all are having a good day.

Nahrenne · Sep 25, 2019

Better to wait and get good quality, than to rush and get poor writing.

Lost_Strings · Author · Sep 25, 2019

Sis! *hugs*
good to see u hehe

Nahrenne · Sep 26, 2019



Lost_Strings · Author · Sep 21, 2019

I'm officially back (´。• ᵕ •。`)
Hi to you all. May you have a good day. For those who didn't, I pray that may things get better as soon as possible.

MyLadyQueen · Sep 21, 2019

Welcome Back ฅ(๑*▽*๑)ฅ!!

Lost_Strings · Author · Sep 21, 2019

*hugs* thanks for the warm welcome (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Lost_Strings · Author · Sep 4, 2019

Things are getting better. I'll be back soon.

MyLadyQueen · Sep 4, 2019

Take care ❤

Lost_Strings · Author · Sep 4, 2019

@MyLadyQueen I will. I need to catch up on reading your work too

MyLadyQueen · Sep 5, 2019

Don't worry about that, it's not going anywhere and I need to get to yours too :'( life has been keeping me sooooo busy!

Lost_Strings · Author · Aug 24, 2019

I'll be away for a while. Experiencing family problems.

Nahrenne · Aug 24, 2019

Hope everything ends up as good as it can be when you come back.

Lost_Strings · Author · Aug 2, 2019

Aww! Thank you! I'll read it later! *hugs*

Lost_Strings · Author · Aug 2, 2019

how many chapters does this novel have! I need to know =w=)!

Ruyi · Aug 3, 2019

Only 5 out so far but I know the writer's really good from reading their fanfics in the past! Oh yes--and this is an original work, not a translation. ^-^

Lost_Strings · Author · Aug 3, 2019

Oh! Okay that's really good to know (OuO)!
I'll be patient and wait for the chaps to pile up some more ... my heart pains when im stuck on a cliff aye~

Thank yow~ *hugs*

Lost_Strings · Author · Jul 23, 2019

I recommend all Danmei readers to read!!! Ah!
I didn't want it to end and the song at the end made me laugh and cry since it ended khak! QAQ

Lemon<3 Mango FOREVER!!!
I wanted moar ahhhh!

This novel uses a lot of slangs and is about gaming so some may not understand. I laughed my ass off though hahaha!

Lost_Strings · Author · Jul 24, 2019

Haha ever since i saw u in the comments twice now i kept searching for your name as I scroll down XD It's a 'libraryrocker' comment hunt.

Libraryrocker · Jul 24, 2019


FrozenBlood · Aug 8, 2019

Super good bl novel. And comedy!

Lost_Strings · Author · Aug 8, 2019


Lemon<3 Mango
Guava <3 Yam

I wanted to pair Pineapple too but it was hard to choose who~

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    I write BL. Preferably Danmei, Chinese BL.
    I read Japanese yaoi manga and Webtoons.
    I'm clingy and a kooky for hugs. Gimme hugs. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    *Update: Every Mondays and Fridays*

    Status: Lacking sleep.


    Damn. I need coffee. _(:3 」∠)_

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