Chapter 2 – Walking through Lundswurft with guard-san
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The guard clad in armor lead me through the large wooden gates into the village, and wow I was impressed by what I saw. The buildings here were what I’d imagine medieval Europe to look like with the streets lined in cobblestone. The village had all sorts of creatures walking around, humans, elves, centaurs, goblins, dwarves, I had never seen anything so majestic. My face lit up with joy at the sight of elven women with their pointed ears. It’s been a long time since I had seen any girls, and I might just fall in love all over again.

“Haha, It looks like this is your first time here. This is Lundswurft, one of the closest cities to the middle continent. Lots of travelers come by here, we even get visitors from the other races.” The guard looked at me inquisitively. “Hmm since it looks like you don’t have a home, I’m going to take you to the local orphanage so you have a place to rest, okay? You’ll get to meet other children and you can even be schooled there”

I looked up at the guard cheerfully and nodded “Yes!” excitedly like the little toddler I am.

“Grab my hand so you don’t get lost, okay?”

I reached up and grabbed his hand, he was wearing a gauntlet so it felt hard and cold, but I looked up and smiled. In Japan it’s customary for the parent to hold their child’s hand so that they don’t run off, I’m glad to see it was normal here too.

 “So what’s your name young one?”

Well, I still think of myself as Renji Watanabe, but wouldn’t a name like that stand out too much here? Recalling some of the author names from the books I’ve read, the human names here are far different from any Japanese names.

“You first mister”

“Well my name is Danoll Arniel, I’m a guard that patrols outside the city. I make sure the surroundings are safe for travelers coming in and out of Lundswurft”

Danoll Arniel, that’s a strange name I’ve never heard before. It sounds foreign and English, although I didn’t do too well in English class. I’ll just combine some of the author names I remember from the garbage dump.

“I’m Rales Kistloir, I’m five years old and I’m really really strong with magic”

“Haha sure you are”

He patted me on the head and messed up my hair a little. Well I only said that because I knew he wouldn’t believe me. I’ve only been studying magic for a few years, but my power is already pretty much limitless. It is completely unfair that Kami-sama gave me these abilities just because I got lucky with an unlucky death, but I admit it can be very fun to be all powerful. I don’t want to reveal my powers yet though, as I think it might be more fun to live a normal weakling human life while secretly an all-powerful being.

“Most people don’t develop any measurable mana until puberty, which is around ages 10-13. I would say you’re around five years old, and at that age your mana pools are just a fraction of what they would be when you get older”

Huh? So you’re telling me my nearly limitless amount of mana is just a mere fraction of what they would be when I get older? My mind was boggled and I made a confused expression.

“Ahh, hey! Don’t worry though Rales, everyone has mana and everyone can cast spells. This armor I’m wearing for example…”

In a small flash of light Danoll-san’s armor disappeared and there appeared a handsome guy with long brown hair.

“Is a magic conjuration. It’s a defense spell we’re taught in the military to guard against most physical attacks, it’s a pretty high-level spell however so don’t worry if you aren’t able to cast it when you’re older.”

I can cast it right now if I wanted to… But hey, I’m five years old! Yatta, it is great to be young!­ I keep forgetting how young I am and how much I can get away with at this age. I’m seriously going to have fun here as the most powerful being.

“And here we are, the local orphanage. The caretaker here is Barelin Kistlind, call her Ms. Barelin, okay? She has been taking care of children here for over 50 years. I actually grew up here under her care, so we know each other pretty well. Be nice so they don’t kick you out, okay? Let’s go in and introduce you.”