Chapter 568-569: Astraea’s Night (R-18)
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The fading sunlight of the evening sky illuminated the picturesque cobblestone streets of Orario as Asahi and Astraea walked hand in hand. Tension radiated from Astraea’s body as she felt her heart rate accelerating with each step they took.

His steps quickened, and she could feel him tugging her arm gently, urging her to move faster. She knew the main event of their wedding was drawing closer with every passing second; it left her feeling both anxious and excited.

Just as they entered the courtyard, Asahi kicked the door close and pressed Astraea against the wall. Without a word, he hungrily made the first move and stole her lips.

Electric sparks of anticipation charged through her veins as his passionate lips moved expertly over hers. She felt her heart pounding in her chest and released a contented sigh as she kissed him back, her hands kneading the muscles of his shoulders.

He drew back, and she chased after the taste of his lips, cupping his face in her hands. He chuckled. “Let’s take this to bed.”

She gulped a mouthful of air and nodded. “Mhmm.”

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her, her arms embracing his neck. She showered his collarbone with passionate kisses as they traveled. He let down the goddess bride on the luxurious bed, taking a pause to admire her charming figure in the white wedding dress.

“Astraea, you—”

The goddess crawled toward him and pressed a finger against his lips. “Be quiet. I have a request… I’ll say it while I can keep myself at bay.”

He slowly nodded his head, barely parting his lips.

“I have been thinking about the oaths and wedding rings, and their importance to a married couple. They are decent, but I want something deeper. Something more meaningful between us.” She lovingly ran her slender fingers over his stubbly cheeks and traced her thumb over his lips. Her intense gaze told him more than words ever could — her love for him was beyond measure. “Asahi, you have to understand my viewpoint. You’re my first love… My only love. I want you in this eternity; our bond should be symbolized that could be only ours.”

She couldn’t change that she wasn’t his first love or his first woman. She could still make a connection truly unique to hers. Such was her request.

“What do you suggest?”

He felt like Astraea’s question was a formality, and her pursuit for ‘something special’ was predetermined.

“I want a Familia crest,” Astraea replied with a soft smile as she turned around, offering her back. She looked over her shoulder. “My crest is already on your back. Carve yours on mine. Make me belong to your Familia. Your family.”

“That’s a little kinky out of you.”

“I don’t know if it’s kinky or perverted. As your goddess and your wife, I’m obligated to feel special.”

“Geez, fine. I’ll try my best.”

His soft laughter filled the air as his fingers moved through her lush walnut brown hair, gathering it and draping it over her shoulder. His hands moved slowly up across her back, but paused at her lower back, where he teased the sensitive skin with his fingertips. “Most appropriate place, right?”

Astraea blushed up a storm and nodded. “It wouldn’t make sense if you chose a normal place. Let me take off this gown.”

He had always undressed himself for her to update his Status. Today she was undressing for him. She untied the bow at the small of her back and peeled off her dress. She lay on the bed and buried her face into the pillow, feeling a momentary sense of relief. The white, lacy lingerie clung to her curves, emphasizing her shapely ass that dug into her panties, a slight camel-toe visible from his position.

Sensing his hot gaze around her butt, she shivered. “Asahi…”

“I can’t help it, you know?”

“I know. I know. Take the needle. I’m ready for the pain.”

Gods used their blood to carve the tattoo, which granted adventurers the grace of Falna and created the crest of Familia. The process was painless for adventurers, but it won’t be the same for Astraea.

Asahi straddled her back, pressing her butt to tease her. “Relax, you won’t feel a thing.”

As Astraea had opened her heart to him, he could easily manipulate her sensitivity to pain. Thus, he started the process of creating his mark on her back.

With his dexterity and finesse, the process barely took more than a minute. As he said, she barely felt the needle entering her skin.

Once the painless process was over, Astraea sat on the bed, her heart pounding as she slowly peeked over her shoulder. The water mirror constructed from his water element hung behind her, showing his crest with crystal clarity — two black devil wings framed a golden sword, symbolizing Asahi’s dominion over both devils and angels, as well as her divinity of justice.

“It looks unique. Devil wings because you’re the Devil Emperor?”

“Yup. It’s kind of an identity now. Do you like it?”

Astraea crawled into his lap and pushed him down on the bed before drawing away from him and standing on the floor. “I’ll let my actions know.”

She didn’t realize the commanding tone of her voice.

She leaned into him, and her hands immediately unlocked his belt and yanked his thin pants off his legs. The goddess of justice frowned as a pair of boxers interrupted her view. “So many protections.”

“Are you that eager?”

“I-I mean, why wouldn’t I be?” she groaned and gripped his boxers. “Loki and Kaguya always bragged about how good y-your penis is. It was awkward being in the same room when they talked! It all ends today!”

She had waited weeks for this! Now was her time to satisfy all of her curiosity.

She directly tossed his boxers in the storage of her ring. A red tint covered her face as her eyes stared at his penis. “Oh my… Goodness… It’s as large as a cucumber.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle dryly as he got up and removed his shirt. “Never heard an analogy like that for a dick.”

Astraea let out a delighted giggle as she cradled his erection in her hands, feeling the heat emanating from it. Her fingers wrapped right around his fullness as she moved them up and down, working a steady rhythm. She couldn't help but marvel at its size, feeling it grow bigger with each stroke of her hand. The pulsing against her palm became almost unbearable, but she knew it was just a sign of his rising passion.

Thinking back to Loki’s tips, she parted her lips and licked the bulbous head. A sweet tingling ran through his crotch, the contrasting temperature making him shiver.

“Loki was right.”

Astraea’s lips curled into a smirk as she gathered her hair in a ponytail. She slowly opened her eyes, looked up at him, and reached out with one hand. She felt the warmth of his skin through her fingertips as she gently caressed his member. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and let her lips slide across his sensitive skin as she took the tip of his cock in her mouth. With each stroke of her tongue, she inched forward until she was taking half of him in her mouth. That was her limit.

She pulled back with an astonished look. “The taste is strong but I think I like it.”

She dove back in, earnestly licking him. Her tongue slid up slowly, deliberately swirling around his head. She gasped at the heat radiating from him and increased the pressure of her movements. His body quaked as the warmth of her saliva cooled against his skin.

“You’re doing… great.”

When his penis started throbbing from the pleasure of her blowjob, she grabbed it from the bottom to hold it in place and placed the entire head in her mouth while looking up at him. She was a virgin, but she was finding ways to toy with him. Simply seeing her work so hard to please him was enough for him.

“Don’t hesitate. Do it passionately, like it means the world to ya,” Astraea repeated Loki’s advice in her mind.

Astraea knew her technique wasn’t great, but she was improving at a massive pace. His penis grew painfully erect between her lips and leaked drops of precum.

She pulled back and eyed the transparent liquid with a look of fascination. With a twinkle in her eye, she gave the liquid a small lick, one of her eyes closing. “What a bittersweet flavor. It’s kind of good? I need to taste more.”

He put a hand against her cheek, lovingly caressing her face. “Keep moving your hands. You’ll get more.”

“Loki did say something like that. That ejaculation will bring forth a ton of white stuff.”

She nodded innocently and pumped him with both hands. The increased pressure around his shaft and her passionate strokes gave him a mind-numbing pleasure.

“I’m… going to cum soon.”

Hearing his warning, she flashed a radiant smile and placed the penis in her mouth. Feeling her warm mouth, his fingers trembled. He drew her face close to his crotch and released a spray of cloudy white liquid. His penis throbbed and shot more semen each time.

Astraea closed her eyes in surprise and felt the sticky fluids draining down her throat, nearly choking her. She was overwhelmed. “Sho much.”

Asahi drew a deep sigh and pulled her up, cradling her in his arms. “You did well. Let me do something for you.”

He gently laid her on the bed and leaned near her crotch. Her eyes squeezed shut from the hot breath near her skin. From what felt like the first time, the goddess found herself to be the source of desire for her husband; she could feel just how much he desired her on an intimate, visceral, and altogether physical level.

The goddess of justice felt flustered. “A-Asahi… is this the foreplay Loki told me about?”

“Yup. What else did Loki teach you?”

“Loki and Klyscha duo’d to give me basic lessons on sex. I have lived for so long, yet… I was oblivious to it like a child.”

“Gabriel is in the same boat as you.” He chuckled and pushed the wet fabric hiding her aroused garden. Her bare lips were flushed red with arousal. He immediately thrust his tongue inside her warm entrance, lapping at the warm juices. “You’re so wet. This lewd goddess of justice.”

She mewled as her back arched. “It’s for you… My husband.”

He slid a finger inside, feeling her tightness wrapping him. After teasing her clit for a few moments, she experienced a shrieking orgasm that would make her Familia children question her tomorrow.

Satisfied with his work,he licked his lips and drew back before lining up his cock near her entrance. “Want me to wait?”

Astraea sat up part-way on her elbows as she felt his heated member against her skin. The virginity she had preserved for millennium was about to be taken — the realization made her gulp. Shrugging her fear, she crawled forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing her bra-covered breasts against him. “Don’t hesitate… Impale me with your penis.”

He whirled around and sat down, with her on his lap. She understood his intention and held his cock while lowering her hips upon him. It took her a few tries, but she found the right position and his penis pried open her folds.

Immediately, a wave of pleasure ran through Astraea's body, and she struggled to contain her moan.

“Slowly.” He dug his fingers into her butt and slowed down her pace. “You’re doing great.”

He encouraged her as though she wasn’t a goddess who had lived for thousands of years more than him. The goddess in question didn’t retort, as she was indeed innocent as a child when it came to the matters of sex.

“It doesn’t hurt!” she exclaimed and plopped on his lap, his cock reaching her depths in an instant.

She let out a hot sigh and smiled. There was no sorrow of parting with something she saved for so long. Instead, she was physically and mentally filled with contentment.

“It’s making me tingle…”

She pushed him back onto the bed, brought her lips to his with fervor, and softly pressed her breasts against his bare chest. His hands roughly tugged down her bra, exposing her full, round breasts. His fingers delicately skimmed over the tips of her nipples, and he caressed them with his palms as he molded them to his desire.

Astraea chuckled. “Loki said you love all breasts the same. Will you love mine?”

“Personality is what matters the most.” He pecked her cheeks, burying his face in her neck. “The Astraea I married is a wonderful person, who is on the path of bringing justice to everyone. But she is aware that she can’t do it alone. She relies on her Familia and her new husband to fulfill her self-imposed responsibilities.”

He tried to divert her attention from whatever pain she felt, unaware of her

“You think too highly of me…” She giggled nervously, her cheeks turning a soft shade of pink as she averted her gaze. “I’m nothing but a mortal without my Familia or you… You all give me the courage to persevere on my path.”

He pressed a hand against her cheeks. “It was you who convinced the hothead Alise. You changed Ryuu from a typical elf to a lovable freak and transformed Kaguya into a lovely woman. Give yourself more credit, will you?”

Astraea answered his comfort with a passionate kiss, her hips slowly lifting and pressing down against his. His trembling drove her further until the tightness in her core changed into pleasure. She moved faster and faster, her breath coming in quick gasps as she increased the intensity.

She leaned her head onto his shoulder and looked into the water mirror, her reflection staring back at her. The woman in the mirror had her tongue sticking out, cheeks flushed red with a look of desire. Her face seemed to embody lasciviousness.

‘T-That’s me?!’

Asahi noticed the pause in her movement and looked at the mirror. “What a lovely expression.”

“That’s not lovely… that’s so depraved.”

He chuckled. “It’s lovely for me.”

“Ugh… forget about that.”

She distracted his mind by swaying her hips. He also grabbed her butt as she moved, relishing her soft flesh and guiding her movements at the same time.

The passionate exchange continued until he felt the rising heat in his abdomen. He plopped her down and released his seed inside her womb, while the goddess panted against his chest.

“Loki wasn’t exaggerating…” Astraea sighed. “It was… something else. Kissing can’t come close to this.”

“Haha. I’m glad you liked it.” He caressed her sweaty hair. “Well, ready for round two?”

Astraea’s eyes widened. “You monster!”