[Arc 0] Prologue: Infiltrating Limbo
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Welcome to the rewrite of "A Reincarnated Demon's Tales of Wonder"!

For those who are new to the story, welcome! And for those who have been with us from the start, welcome again!

For starters, this story is divided into several Arcs, with each starting with a Prologue chapter which is also the name of the Arc.

Then, without further ado, enjoy the story.

Mmh... I can't eat anymore... huh?

Why am I dreaming of something that cliched?! Or better yet, where am I?

After suddenly waking up, I found myself in the strangest place ever. The place looks like an oversized shopping mall. In the way that many stores are lined up together. Still... these aren't what you would call "shops". 

One place looked like a bus terminal, while the other was an entrance to a plane. Other places were just a simple road that went into the horizon, a large escalator that went up to the heavens, teleport gate-looking things straight outta a sci-fi story, and even a catapult that sent people flying into the sky!

Oh, and did I mention that all the places extended past the allowed room that they should have? It's like each "store" has its own 3D-extender-thingy, whatever that is.

Strange point number 2: the people. Well, people ain't that strange, I have to agree to that, but they are when they look like flimsy, humanoid-shaped will-o'-wisps! Is there a ghost seminar somewhere here?

... Wait a sec... then what about me?

Let's see... foggy legs, unclear body shape, some transparency, plus self glowing features... yup. I'm a gh-gh-gh-GHOST!!!!


Alright, calm down me! This ain't the time to zoinks out!

First off, what's this place? Wait, I already asked that. And the answer is, I don't know.

Then, how did I come here? The last thing I remember, is that I walked up the stairs to the train and just passed that janitor that used waaaay too much soap and water... riiiiight...

Alright, problem three: how do I get outta here and smash that guy's face in?

...Huh? Wait, why did I wanna take the train again? Better yet, who am I? I can only remember... that I slipped and crushed my skull... I think.

Except that, I only remember stuff like the news, what I learned in school, novels, games, manga, games... I played too many games.

I know I was a single guy with no girlfriend or relatives, but except that, zilch. Is this the "hit your head-memory loss" trope? 

Alright, question 4: how do I get my memories back? Or, can they even be recovered? I'm already dead after all... until the opposite is proven.

One good thing with this whole no memory-thing is that I don't freak out so much over being dead. When I'm on the subject, how's everyone coping with the whole "being dead" situation?

All of them are all foggy figures right now. Aren't they freaked out, despairing, or, at least somewhat surprised of all this?

Let's see, subject number 1's... kinda sorry looking. He's more foggy-looking than me. I can't tell if he's a man or a girl.

Most of the other guys are in the same condition, while others look more human-ly, like transparent humans without any colors. I'm kinda in-between, with foggy features, but people can see that I have a body.

Hmm, the guys that have a shape looks kinda outta it. Their eyes have no light in them... okay, forget that they are ghosts for a second here.

What I mean is, they don't look like they have a will of their own. It's like they were hypnotized or something. The biggest reason for my hypnosis-theory is how they jump on those sketchy transport methods at the different "stores". Who would willingly turn themselves into catapult ammo?

I don't know why, but somehow, even when those guys arrived as senseless ghosts, I came to this place with my mind still intact, give-or-take some memories. Is this good fortune, or bad one, seeing as I'm dead as a rock?

If my mental library of manga and novels are in order, then this place must be some kinda Heaven- or Limbo-like world. Or, the step right before either one of those. All these different "transportation" methods, still not sure if they could be called such, could be the means for taking the dead souls to wherever they are supposed to go to next.

Anyway, ain't this bad? Only people in mangas get reincarnated with their memories intact, right? Not that I have most of mine, but my sense of self would go south if I take that bus. Or that plane. Or the bicycle. Not to forget the roller coaster. Wait, why is there something like that here?

Isn't there some special method for guys like me to get back to life without all that? Where's the info desk?

... Forget the last question. If the desk's staffed with guys like those, then I'm fine not knowing.

A pair of crystal golem-like security guards were standing guard in front of an important-looking door. No, seriously. Some golems made from polished crystal is wearing a security guard uniform. Go and guard a museum or something, not here!

Just as I was saying that, while hiding in the shade of a pillar that was just standing there, the guards reacted to some sound in the distance. It sounds like someone started a brawl. Was there someone else that snapped outta the dead man haze like me? 

The important thing is, the guards went to where the sound was, leaving the door unprotected. 

... Not sure if anything behind that door can help me outta this pinch, but hey, what do I have to lose? My life?

Quickly and silently, as a ghost, I ran to the door when the guards had distanced themselves long enough from it. Please don't let this thing be trapped...


It wasn't! Not to mention it was unlocked! The security in this place's in the dumps. Good thing for me.