Chapter 61
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Sixty hours have passed since the time Leon entered the dungeon, so Ren was about to freak out. There were no signs of trolls, which was good, but it was too weird for Leon to stay all that long inside the dungeon. As crazy as it sounds, Ren hoped that Leon would defeat the bosses of that dungeon in a single day… he felt relieved when he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the dungeon, but Ren frowned when he saw Leon. He entered the dungeon without carrying anything but returned carry a lot of things.

“You look fine… despite taking so long.” Ren said, confused.

“Is that the first thing you say? Here sell this, I expect at least fifty thousand coins for this club.” Leon said. “I will sleep for a day, so you and the workers have one day to obtain the trolls’ blood.”

Although Leon was a mage, he was carrying a lot of heavy looking stuff; Ren could only be surprised watching that. What he didn’t know was that Leon was controlling the earth under his sneakers to move… he was just pretending that he was walking. The spears and sword were also covered in ice, created by Leon, and controlled by Leon to decrease the pressure on his back.

Despite the time limit, Ren and the others worked fast since they had more than two days to prepare, everything was ready to store the trolls’ blood. When Leon woke up, he saw one of the cargo trucks filled with bottles of blood. Hell really had broken loose in the last four years since several people were walking by the truck seeing that amount of blood and didn’t react in any manner.

Looking at that, Leon frowned. He noticed that things worked differently inside and outside the dungeons. Usually, the land would absorb the dead bodies of monsters at an astonishing speed, but that only happens if the person that killed the beast had no more interest in it. Leon had no idea how the land could absorb monsters that fast or how it could judge that he didn’t want anything from those bodies, but it was like that.

“Is everything ready?” Leon asked.

“Yeah, if we had more time, we could fill another cargo truck and sell it at Tokyo,” Ren explained. “But I sold the rights of the remaining blood to the groups that usually hunt in this dungeon for a low price. We collected the big trolls’ blood, so it is fine. Well, what was left… we couldn’t collect the blood that froze after falling on the ground. Anyway, here is your part of the things I sold.”

Ren offered the handshake to transfer the coins, and Leon accepted, suddenly he received one hundred and fifty thousand coins. It looked like Ren also managed to sell the ice club… Regardless, Leon has yet to find something useful on the magic shop at the entrance of the dungeons and the markets of the cities,

“I’m going to clean the ghosts’ dungeon,” Leon said. “I will wait for you there.”

Ren nodded and started to work again. At that point in time, maybe it was a waste of time, but Leon only began to fly toward the dungeon after making sure that no one was nearby. At least he had to pretend that creating platforms was his only way to fly. Using the dirt under his feet was much more mysterious since no one except him could understand the trick, but it was hard to control since he had to create a thin layer of earth.

Anyway, a few hours later, Leon arrived at the dungeon. Although he had a hard time understanding the words of the manager, eventually, he noticed that someone was inside, and he had to wait. While praying that he wouldn't have to face problems as he faced in the trolls’ dungeon, Leon began to meditate.

Six hours later, the group which was inside the dungeon finally left. Although they frowned when they saw Leon entering alone, soon they lost interest. The monsters were called ghosts, but they could very well be called shadows. Those creatures looked like shadows that could fly and suddenly pass through walls. Since they were also small, Leon had to aim carefully.

“I wanted to practice swordsmanship before I find the boss, but I can’t do this here…”

The monsters had to touch the targets to numb their senses, and the way they liked to do that the most were to attack the survivors by appearing under their feet. Leon didn’t know how the survivors solved that problem, but he just flew sitting over an earth platform. Fortunately, Fire Bullet was enough to kill them, and since they only became touchable upon death, Leon didn’t have to worry about burning them too much and losing the chance to sell the ectoplasm.

“So many bifurcations…”

Leon didn’t have a map of the dungeon, nor was he drawing one. So, he just chose a direction and started to walk following the same direction every single time. After two days, he finally found the crystal and also the boss of the dungeon. It was weird, but the boss of the dungeon was a ghost that had the form of a grim reaper.

“Mmm… it has even the scythe and everything.”

Despite its appearance, the creature didn’t cause all that trouble to Leon. It was powerful since it could control gravity and make Leon fall on his knees, but the monster's other attacks weren’t powerful enough to pierce Leon’s defense. While spinning his spears, Leon deflected all the magic projectiles the monster shot at him. Even though it could use gravity, which was supposed to be a very high-level technique, it only used single target spells, and those weren't enough to destroy Leon's spears. After being hit by a single Magma Spear, the monster died and left a gift behind.

Dark Spirit Cape

It grants the user the skill Curse Resistance Lv20. Intelligence + 20, Mentality +20.



Leon accepted the gift readily.