Kigal-Note/Warrior Classes: Soul Watchman
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Soul Watchman
Type: Warrior Class
Rank: Advance
Unlock Requirements:
  • Race: Undead
  • Class: Sentinel
  • Class: Scout-line class that focuses on searching-abilities.
  • Title: [Undead Technique Master]
  • Clear the Quest: "Guardian of Undeath".
  • Alters the growth of mentioned stats:
    • VIT growth increase [Normal]
    • RES growth increase [Normal]
  • Improves proficiency with defense-type skills and Undead skills.
  • Unlocks skills related to defending areas and the Netherworld.
Skills obtained by advancing in the Soul Watchman Class:
Obtained from Main Class only: [Evening Bell Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.1: [Nether Sword Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.1: [Nether Shield Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.10: [Nether Search Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.20: [Soul Routing Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.30: [Ghost of a Chance Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.40: [Nether Castle Defense Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.50: [Blessings of the Netherworld Lv.1]


The Soul Watchman is the partner of the Soul Ferryman. Together, they protect and ferry lost souls to their final resting place in the Netherworld.

Status-wise, it is a defending class that also has the ability to locate and gather souls. It also has great compatibility with the Netherworld, and the undead looks up to the owner of this class or its partner class.

The [Evening Bell] skill generates a bell whose sound pacifies the undead and signals that it is time to let their hunger and vengeance take a rest, at least for a little while. It is a skill that is not restricted only to the undead, and thank heavens for that, as the usage of this skill has calmed down countless undead uprisings in the past.

[Nether Sword] and [Nether Shield] are second-tier skills of the [Spectral Weapon] and [Spectral Armor] skills. These skills grant respectively positive corrections to attacks and defensive maneuvers, even if the skill owner is not using a weapon that is mentioned in the skill's names. These higher-tier skills also add the Undead attribute to the respective moves, making them highly useful against both the living and the dead.

[Nether Search] is a higher-tier skill of the [Soul Detection] skill. It is what allows the Soul Watchman to find lost souls and bring them to the Soul Ferryman. It also allows the Watchman to observe remains of the lifeforce left behind by the living, allowing them to obtain a certain level of understanding of what has happened after an event has taken place. It is truly an ability many detectives have longed for.

The effect of [Soul Routing] is similar to the Turn Undead magic spell, yet different. It allows the Soul Watchman to send lost souls and undead to the Netherworld where they belong, but a different usage of this skill is to enhance the ability of an undead, even the Watchman themselves!

[Ghost of a Chance] is classified as a gamble-type skill. It can reduce any level of damage to 0, but the ability is activated at random without the user's consist. The skill can be used as many times a day as its skill level, and the probability of the skill activating is determined by the number of uses left. Each usage of this skill is recovered after 24 hours.

[Nether Castle Defense] allows the Watchman to dedicate an area as their "castle to protect", enhancing all other undead that works alongside the Watchman, and even the structure itself. Note that due to this ability's effect being so easily granted, the increase itself is considered low compared to other Leadership skills that grant a boost in stats to more specialized targets.

Finally, there is the [Blessings of the Netherworld] skill. While the Watchman acts in the Netherworld, their automatic recovery abilities are drastically enhanced, even more so than normal, and they, and their allies, will be granted an increase to their stats by the hands of the Netherworld itself.

Flint's comment: Another orichalcum-rank hard class...

Revi's comment: Ironically, it's a ghost who has all these guys.