Kigal-Note/Demons: Succubus
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Name: Succubus
Rank: D
Type: Demon
Lifespan: 400 Years
Attribute: Heretic
Traits: Demon, Lewd Demon


The Succubus and its male counterpart, the Incubus, are humanoid demons that live off people's sexual energies. They have the ability to enter people's dreams and manipulate them. However, they are off no threat to humans.

Quite the opposite. Due to all Succubi and Incubi wanting to grant lewd desires and making people fall into debauchery, only the cities that are heavily driven by the Celestials and their churches will refrain from Succubi and Incubi to set up their "dream shops" that grants "pleasant dreams" for a Sol.


Like their lesser variants, the Succubus and the Incubus have the appearance of normal-looking humans, plus a set of bat wings, a slim tail, and a pair of goat horns. All the extra appendages are jet-black, except for the horns that are of variating colors that are often matching the Lewd Demon's eye color. 

Again like with their lesser variants, all Succubi and Incubi are considered incredibly beautiful. Enough that they make even the hearts of those of the same gender swoon if they wanted to. Being Charm-experts may also have a part in it.


Average HP: E+ Average MP: D+ Average SP: D+
Average STR: E+ Average VIT: E+ Average MAG: D+
Average RES: D Average SPD: E+ Average DEX: D+
Average INT: C Rarity: D Danger Rank: E+ (D+)

Succubi and Incubi have weak physical constitutions compared to other demons of their rank, but they cover this with magical expertise and their ability to easily inflict mental status ailments. They are also great flyers and can easily compete with even Birdkin in the air.

Despite their strong war potential as movable magic cannons and mental debuffers, Succubi and Incubi would rather live in the big cities and take up classes that provide them with social interaction, be it of the sleazy kind or not. They simply do not have warfare in their blood.

But do not think that doesn't mean they cannot be dangerous. A single Succubus can lead a whole village to its destruction just by whispering sweet and venomous words to the right people at the right time. All without using magic. Not that they couldn't make greater mayhem if they didn't use it...

Ciara's comment: Hand them over! Both the Succubi and the Incubi!!

Revi's comment: ...for the first time in my life, I don't envy the dynamite body of the Succubi in the Dungeon.