Kigal-Note/Artisan Classes: Firework Maker
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Firework Maker
Type: Artisan Class
Rank: Intermediate
Unlock Requirements:
  • Title: [Gunpowder Technique User]
  • Clear the Quest: "Tamaya~~~~!"
  • Alters the growth of mentioned stats:
    • DEX growth increase [Small]
  • Unlocks skills related to fireworks.
  • Recipe Effect (Fireworks).
Skills obtained by advancing in the Firework Maker Class:
Obtained from Main Class only: [Crafter's Eye Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.1: [Firework Creation Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.1: [Mixing Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.10: [Danger Sense Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.20: [Bomb Creation Lv.1] Obtained at Lv.30: [Burst Resistance Lv.1] 
Obtained at Lv.40: [Gunpowder Synthesis Lv.1]
Obtained at Lv.50: [Crafting Knowledge Lv.1]


Festivals aren't worth a Sol if there are no fireworks!!

Following this line of thought, the World System included this class, the Firework Maker. It grants the user the know-how on how to make any explosive substances, from relatively harmless fireworks to definitely harmful bombs.

To support the creation of the explosives, the Firework Maker is also granted the [Mixing] skill to support them in dosage the gunpowder, and later on, [Gunpowder Synthesis] to further help them with the fireworks' most important key component. 

And in case the thing blows up, the class kindly provides the [Danger Sense] and [Burst Resistance] skills to lower the fatality of the Firework Maker~.

Filyn's comment: Hey, is this thing really alright?! Garami, never take this class!

Garami's comment: I didn't take it, nor do I plan to. Lily's the one who did. 

Filyn's comment: Oh, I see...I got a baaaad feeling about this...