Chapter 19
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I finally got a summon after all this time! Too bad it was not a fluffy monster though. But it's not all bad, I finally levelled up!

I am not sure how the levelling works, but I'm happy I got to at least level 2. I levelled up straight after I named my summon, so I don't think I earned any EXP when she killed the [Blue Ogre]. I guess is that my summon was not fully registered to me until I named it. And if it's like those novels, manga or video games, my guess is that I need the summons approval to register them as my summons.

Nevertheless, I'm happy that I'm actually getting somewhere with my summoning now. I wonder what kind of monster I will be able to summon next. I should also think of the place as well, maybe. I wonder if a fluffy dog will be summoned if I do it in a forest?

"Master, there are no monsters if we head down this path. But there are 2 normal [Ogre]'s blocking the other path."

Akemi, who just came back, was checking if area ahead was safe or not. We are currently heading towards another [Safe Zone]. Tia told me that marked zones always have an arrow indicating the nearest safe zone. If it's marked green, then we are heading towards the exit, if it's red, then we are heading deeper inside.

We were of course heading towards the green arrow.

"Which way is the quickest to the safe zone? And, are you able to beat those scary monsters Akemi?"

"There is no problem defeating them, master! They are quite weak compared to the [Blue Ogre]."

"Tau, I think the nearest way is trough those ogres. Look, there is a [Glow Marker] behind them. So it must be the right way."

[Glow Marker] is a simple item that all adventurers use when exploring a dungeon or labyrinth. It's used to mark the "quickest route," if there is one. And each glow marker comes with it's own unique colour, which can be set after it has been placed, or before.

Not really sure how that works though, but the colour is bright orange, so Tia may be right.

Bright orange colour of a glow marker is the indication that we are heading towards a "shortcut". Sometimes, these shortcuts are manmade, or made by "monster pockets". I don't know much about those monster pockets, as I haven't really read about them yet. I maybe should, in case something like this ever happens again in the future.

"If it's not too dangerous..."

"Don't worry master, I will protect you. Now then, let me get rid of these foul monsters."

Akemi then left where we where hiding and dashed towards the ogres. The ogres of course noticed Akemi, and tried to swing their large blunt weapons. But instead of hitting Akemi, they instead hit the ground. I could even feel the shockwave from where I stood.

She drew her sword and swiftly and elegantly swung her sword. In just mere seconds, both ogres were now 2 giant corpses instead.

"Master, it's all safe now!"

Akemi said happily after she defeated the 2 ogres. Tia and I held each others hand while continuing our progress towards the safe zone. And while heading there, Akemi of course dealt with all the monsters that tried to attack us.

~[Meanwhile, at the royal castle. | Sofia POV]~

"I'm sorry for failing my mission, your highness Queen Yuzuri."

"...It's not your fault Annette. Now then. Maria, you said, you know where they are located?"

"I sure do, Yuzuri. I gave my daughter a special necklace that transmits her position if it's turned on. Now, take a look at this map. They are located here, near the boarder."

"...[Tabajan Dungeon]? I've cleared it once before, so I know it's layout."

"Indeed. We know they are, but sadly that's all we can get from the necklace. I cannot grab it's altitude, exact current position and so on."

"...That's given, since [Magitech] is pretty new. Anyway, since I've already cleared it, I can easily teleport to each 10th dungeon floor. My guess is that they are somewhere around the 50th, to 80th floor."

"Alright. You will probably find them before we even get to the 5th floor, or maybe even quicker than that. Be safe out there."

I simply nodded and then told Annette to go with Maria. For a queen, she is very easygoing. Well, that's if her husband isn't doing something extremally dumb, as he usually does.

[Teleport: Tabajan Dungeon. Floor: 10]

Teleportation magic sure is handy in this world. But now is not the time to admire that. I have to quickly find Tauro, and her friend Tia. I must make sure of their safety. But searching like normal would take too much time.

"...Now then. Let's cheat a little."

<Search Target: Tauronaya>

"...63rd floor. And progressing towards 62nd. 3 signatures. Humu."

Looks like Tauro managed to summon a [Greater Angelic Warrior]. I wonder if it's that person, she really doted on Tauro. Now then, let's head to 60th floor.

[Teleport: Tabajan Dungeon. Floor: 60] ...Now then, let's-- Hmm?

As I teleported to floor 60, I sensed more evil divine energy. It was coming from this floor, and floor 61. It's pretty dense, not something that gets generated within a few days, to even weeks.

This stench has been here for at least 1-2 months. This looks planned, not sure if it was against me, Tauro, her mother, or any other divine being. It could also be targeted at the mortals of this world.

"...Guess I have to clean this up too. And once I'm done, I'm going have a very nice long talk with Her."

As I was heading towards the stench, I made sure my trusted sword was ready. Sometimes, it feels like I'm Her janitor or something, jeez.


After cleaning up floor 60, and heading down to floor 61 to clear of the rest, I noticed that some of stench had entered floor 62.

Not good. I need to speed the clean-up job, I can't let It near Tauro.

I quickly sped up my work, getting rid of all the monsters that was filled with evil energy. It honestly didn't take long, unlike the ugly demon from the arena. But these powered up monsters are no joke to your average adventurer.

As I was just about done clearing up the floor, the last few remaining monsters ran down to floor 62. Taking them down was no problem, but the trolls where really annoying. You have to burn their body completely to actually kill it. Not really my forte, but luckily enough there was also another way to kill them.

You do the easy steps such as:
      1: Slice of their heads
      2: Make sure you slice-n-dice until they nothing more than mashed potato
      3: Do the same to it's heart.

And then they end up dead. Easy right?

As the last remaining troll was gone, I dashed my way towards Tauro. When I got there, I saw her summon locked in combat against 4 other monsters. She was outnumbered, but not for long. I rushed over to their side, and sliced one of the large oversized blue ogre's.


The look of Tauro's face became bright as day, when she noticed me. I simply smiled back at her, to make sure to ease her worries.

I then shifted my focus on what's in front of me. Looking at the 3 remaining blue ogre's in front of me.

Tauro's summon might have noticed who I was, as she was quite shocked. As I looked at her face, I noticed who she was. To think she managed to summon the one who really doted on her like crazy. I have never seen her make that kind of face before, which was quite funny. But to make sure not to expose of who I am, specially to Tia. As for Tauro, she will remember when the time comes. I simply told her to keep it quiet with the look of my eyes.

She wanted to say something, but closed her mouth instead and simply nodded, she probably figure out that she should not talk about it for the time being. I told her to focus on the blue ogre on her right while I take down the other 3. She is able to easily take down a blue ogre if it was alone. But as a group, not so much.

The outcome of the battle was an obvious one of course, it was a one sided beat down.

"...Now then. Let's go home."

I hope everyone has enjoyed the story so far. (* ̄3 ̄)╭