Chapter 21
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A few weeks have passed since we moved out. I'm still a level 10 summoner, and it hasn't gone up since. Well, that may be because I haven't really done anything summoner like, I guess?

I also checked the [Princess] job class, and I found out it doesn't have any levels attached to it, it only has the 4 sub levels attached to it. This is how it currently looks like:

「Job Class Status」
     Dancing: 5/10
     Disguise: 0/10
     Ethics: 4/10
     Knowledge: 8/10

The whole leveling system is really confusing, though. But enough of that, I need to get ready for school.

I'm not really a fan of school though...

"...Tauro, you look cute. Let me take a picture."

Sofia was really excited about seeing me in a school uniform, for some reason.

For me, it was quite embarrassing. Not only that, I only have bad memories from school.

And the school I'm about to enter, is a private all girls school. I was told only the high born are going there, whatever that means.

"...I know how you feel about school, Tauro. But this time, everything will be alright."

Sofia said, while softly smiling.

I tilted my head, wondering what she was talking about. But before I could ask, she started petting my head instead.

And thus, my school life 2nd edition, had begun.

We arrived at the school by taking the public train, which only took 15 minutes by train. Sofia said that she still had to hire some staff for our so called "small" home.

Our new home is actually a large mansion. I'm not sure why she bought one, and when I asked where she got the money from, she just smiled and said that someone else had paid for it, because it was a compensation.

As we entered the school, I noticed that everyone was not only larger than me, they walked like proper nobles. I also noticed that this private school I got enrolled into is a highschool. Won't people make fun of me, for being tiny?

And I have still no idea what she means by "high born". Where they were born in the sky? Or on top of a mountain? Mmmm???

Sofia gave me another head pat, while saying that nobody here will make fun of me. She told me that I will do fine, since I've already taken "university courses" from the tutor I was given a few weeks ago back in the game.

Now that I think about it, the game doesn't really feel like a game. It feels like a real living breathing world. And the stuff I learned there also applies here, it looks like. If what Sofia is saying is true.

But... Hold on. The courses I took were university courses?! Is that why my [Knowledge] is at 8?

"...I think you are more knowledgeable than anyone here, Tauro. So the classes shouldn't be that hard at all. You are really good at math too."

"I am?"

"...You may have not realized it, but you are very smart. Now then, I will be heading back home, I got some work to do. I'll be picking you up later today, okay?"

Sofia said while smiling. She then headed back home, while I walked into the bloody battlefield of all horror known to man, school.


"Now then, class. Quiet down... Today we have a transfer student joining our class. Now then-"

I was waiting anxiously outside the classroom, as the teacher was talking about my transfer into this class. It didn't take long until the teacher called for me to step in.

As I walked into the class room, it fell silent.

T-They are all starring at me...

"So cute..."

"So tiny, is she really the transfer student?"

"A cute foreigner..."

"Quiet down... Now then, if you would. Please introduce yourself."

I nodded and took a deep breath, to calm myself. Sofia did say that I won't get bullied or made fun of.

"My name is Tauro Lingren. I hope we get along."

As I bowed, I did a courtesy a noble would do while greeting other nobles of high society. I got to my senses and realized I'm not in that game like world.

But instead of snickering and being made fun of, the entire class got awed in shock. I even managed to shock the teacher.

The teacher was the only one who got to their senses first, and coughed lightly to get everyone's attention.

"A-Ahem. Now then, Lady Tauro. Since you just transferred, you will have to take the seat at the back, near the window. Once you have taken your seat, we will begin class."

I walked to my seat and sat myself down. The class began. It was about this world's history.

In short, it was about how the [Nordic Empire] conquer and waged war against the [Danish Dynasty] and [Parisia Republic] for 1000 years before they won the war. [Nordic Empire], or N.E for short, spans most of northern Europa.

They waged war with nearly every country until early 1600, they aren't called [War Hungry Vikings] for nothing. Now they are mostly a peaceful country with loads of riches. It's the only superpower in Europa. The 2nd place goes to [Germanian Empire], but after they lost the first world war, they got quite submissive after N.E nearly obliterated their entire empire.

And then we have the superpowers in Asia. Which is the [Ivazar Kingdom] and [Eashen Empire], which spans a huge chunk of Asia.

But not far off, we have a large island, which [Rising Sun Empire] is located at. That empire holds a massive hold on the islands, but they used to have more land where [Eashen Empire] is located at. But after they lost in the third world war, they lost all of that too.

The world sure was scary and to think this all happened nearly 80 years ago. We are in luck it didn't become a nuclear war.

Then the teacher went into current day history. The medical breakthroughs, entertainment, and how full dive VR came to be by a genius called Goden 2 years ago, back in 2147. What made me a bit confused was that this guy's name is very similar to God. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

After the class ended, the teacher gave me a piece of paper displaying our upcoming classes today, and that I will be given a proper schedule end of today. Next class will of course be mathematics, which will have an exam test. I was also told that I will partake in it. I wonder how good I will be, since Sofia did say that I was smart.

I bowed to the teacher and left the classroom, It was time for lunch.

Since I got my own packed lunchbox thanks to Sofia, I went to search for a quiet place to eat.


After walking around for a bit, I found a beautiful garden on the school grounds. As I walked further in, I found a bench.

"This looks like a good place to have my lunch. I wonder what Onee-chan made."

As I sat down, I opened up my lunch box. Inside where plenty of yummy looking food. She even added in a fried dumpling.

I gulped and said, "Thanks for the food." And dug in. It was delicious.

"Hm? Someone is here?"

I looked up, while eating my lunch. I noticed that there was someone there. I saw her in my class, as she sits in front of me.

"Are? The transfer student? ...Er, your name is Tauro, right?"


"I'm Elenoir vo' Lyndinen. You may not know, since you just transfered here to this prestigious school. But, I am the daughter of the mega-corp, Lyndinen Co. The Lyndinen that--"

Elenoir was bragging that her father owned a big company, that spanned the entire globe. Her status was basically that of a marquess. However, Tauro was too busy eating her food, so she didn't really listen. After finishing her meatball, did Tauro realize that the person in front of her, introduced herself.

"Mm. Tauro. Royalty."

Tauro then continued to nom her food. Little did she know, is that she introduced herself as Princess Tauro Lingren, as she was too focused on eating the dumpling.

Mmm!~ This dumpling is Delicious~

As Tauro was eating the yummy dumpling, Elenoir stood there, dumbfounded. Tauro didn't even notice that Elenoir's face became pretty pale.

"R-R-Royalty?! E-Excuse me f-for my rudeness!"

Elenoir quickly apologized, and quickly as she arrived, she dashed away from the garden. Tauro, however, got confused.

"Mm? Did she apologize because I was focusing on eating my food??"


After my yummy lunch break, It was time for the math class.

As I walked back to the classroom, I noticed Elenoir. As soon as she noticed me, she panicked, quickly bowed, and then hurried into the classroom.


I simply tilted my head in confusion. Not exactly sure why my classmate was acting strange. But dwelling on it won't do me any good, and it's time for math, so I really need to pay attention.

Mathematics... My number one nemesis.

I then entered the classroom and went to my seat. Like the teacher told me there was a exam test. It's to simply test our skills. When I got the exam papers, I expected very hard questions like the ones I got back at the castle. But...

These questions... Shouldn't they be harder?!

Once everyone got their exam papers, the test began. And after just a few minutes, I was done.

I walked up to where the teacher sat and gave my papers to her.

"Teacher, I'm done."

"Eeeh?! A-Already?!"


The teacher looked at my exam papers and, after going trough it all, did she make a dry laugh and looking into the distance as if she got defeated.

"They're... They're all correct. Even the hardest questions that I had troubles with."

I went back to my seat with a satisfied face. I finally defeated my nemesis, mathematics!

What I didn't notice was that my classmates got quite shocked. Even Elenoir got shocked, but quickly got to her senses.

"Not only is Her Highness smart, but also tiny. I can't fall behind..."

What Tauro didn't realise is that Elenoir, who usually was a girl who bragged about her status, and never really did her best when it came to school, got for the first time motivated to actually work hard.


When the day was over, I got quite tired. As I walked to the school gates, I stifled a yawn. After I passed the gates, a black limo stopping right in front of me. A door opened and the person who climbed out, was--


Sofia gave me a pat on the head, while asking how my day had been.

"Mm. Good so far."

"...That's great. By the way, tomorrow, there will be a few people coming to our home. Of course, they are people you know."

"Mm? Who?"

Sofia just smiled and said it was a surprise.

"...Now then, let's go home."

Sofia and I then stepped inside the limo. After I sat down, I noticed someone else in here with us. I was in a loss for words. I just stared at her.

What surprised me wasn't the fact someone else was in the limo. What surprised me was that it was someone that shouldn't have existed in this world.

"Tauro-sama did you have fun at school?"

Annette said with a smile, hugging me close.

School arc finally begins~

This chapter, I tried to do some more world building. And as some of you may have noticed, the so called "game" is quite strange. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


This chapter took longer than intended, because of these 3 reasons:

  1. Work
  2. Work
  3. Broken Sleep Schedule


And here is the link to the discord, I hope to meet you there. ヾ(≧▽≦*)o