C10: Decisions
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Yule ignored his grandfather most of the time and said grandfather felt completely out of place. It hasn’t been long since Wol Ryeong left so how is it that his son accepted him so easily? His attention was mostly drawn to the omega in the room.

Taekyun noticed the looks he was getting from Wol Ryoeng’s father and felt under pressured but because his son was around and because he didn’t want Yule to misbehave again, he was left with no choice but to suck it up and pretend that nothing was wrong.

Food was served that Taekyun made and although he didn’t want to admit to it, Taekyun was a good cook. It was normal for him to be cautious since he didn’t know what Taekyun’s ulterior motives were.

Later in the evening, it was time for him to leave and as much as his grandson didn’t want to say goodbye to him, he did. Taekyun also said goodbye but received a grunt instead. Wol Ryeong looked at him apologetically but was shrugged off and walked his father back to his vehicle.

Hwan Shik was quiet on his way to the car as many thoughts raced through his mind. Wol Ryeong felt like he was walking on eggshells as he waited for his father to yell at him but it never came. They stopped at the vehicle and the old man looked at his son.

Wol Ryeong frowned, his father was behaving oddly and the expression he was making was unreadable. Sighing the old man asked, “Wol Ryeong, do you have feelings for that omega?”

Staring at his father stunned he didn’t know what to say, it wasn’t that he had feelings for Taekyun but Taekyun literally raised his son single handily and face so many setbacks in life because of what happened to him thanks to his actions. Whether it was emotions developing from the love and care his seen in Taekyun, he wouldn’t know, but the one thing Wol Ryeong knew for sure was that Taekyun is more courageous than he is, he is a better person than he will ever be.

Shaking his head, he said, “Dad I don’t know. I can’t say that I have any emotional or sexual feelings towards Taekyun but I do have ample respect for him. Not only has he been living on his own all these years but he made a life for himself, even with that put aside, I can’t help feel respect towards him even with him being of a lower gender than us. Taekyun is a year younger than man and single handily raise my son even after I raped him, he didn’t have to but I’m glad he chose not to abort Yule. You don’t know the two of them like I do but they are both loving.”

“As much as I want Yul Ryeong to hate me, I am glad he doesn’t, I can’t imagine my life now without the two of them,” Wol Ryeong added.

Hwan Shik looked at his son for a good while before he asked, “After the surgery, what do you plan on doing?”

Wol Ryeong looked at his father and smiled weakly, scratching his head he said, “I was going to introduce the two of them to you and the family but I guess I’ll just introduce them to the family.”

“Wol Ryong, you know that’s not what I mean,” Hwan Shik said sternly.

Wol Ryeong sighed rubbing the back of his neck he said, “I want to move them closer to me so I can spend as much time as I can with Yul Ryeong. I also want to get Yul Ryeong into a new school because those fuckers he was in class with were giving him get well cards with death wishes in it and sending expired sweets and chocolate!!!”

Hwan Shik looked at Wol Ryeong confused and heard him continue, “And that teacher of Yul Ryeong has no respect for Taekyun at all, she made us wait a whole thirty minutes before she answered the door when we went to fetch his homework.”

“She made you wait too?” Hwan Shik asked.

Wol Ryeong shook his head, “She didn’t know I was there since Taekyun told me to stand one side. We were previously talking about how a male omega is treated and I got a glimpse of it while visiting that school. I haven’t asked him yet about moving them and I hope he doesn’t reject the offer, I wasn’t there for Yul Ryeong’s birth and missed out on seven years, dad, do you know how much I missed out on?” Wol Ryeong asked.

Hwan Shik didn’t say anything about this but understood what he meant. Wol Ryeong rubbed his hands over his face frustrated as he said, “I never wanted a family because I know how hard it is to keep them safe but now that I have one, I want to be with them and protect them.”

“Son, you’ll be looked down upon by our business partners and society for having a child with an omega and still living with him.” Hwan Shik said.

Wol Ryeong smirked, “Dad, you know me, when have I ever cared about what people think of me? I plan on making Taekyun and Yul Ryeong permanent in my life, my happiness is far greater than the disapproval of anyone and everyone knows better than to fuck with me.”

“Do you plan on extending your family then?” Hwan Shik asked curiously.

Wol Ryeong looked away, “It's too early for that.”

“And what will you do when the two of them are used against us?” Hwan Shik asked.

Wol Ryeong looked at him profoundly as he answered, “That person better be ready to die.”


Stepping back into the room he saw that Yul was asleep, Taekyun got up from the bed and walked over to him, whispering he asked, “Will there be any problems now that he knows about us?”

Wol Ryeong smiled down at him, holding onto his shoulders he rubbed them, “Don’t worry about it, everything seems to be okay and even if they aren’t, my father can’t stop me from being with you, Yule and the baby,” he said rubbing Taekyun’s stomach.

Taekyun looked away with a blush, “Yule’s surgery is in two days, should we tell him before or after?”

Wol Ryeong hummed, “Let’s not put too much stress on our son.”