C11: Wise Words From An Old Man
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Yule was sitting on the hospital bed eating strawberry yoghurt and reading a book. A knock on the glass window made him look over. He frowned when he saw that it was his grandfather. Hwan Shik was ready to enter, he was already decontaminated and so was the stuff he brought in with him.

The nurse opened the door for him and let Hwan Shik in. Walking over to the bed, he sat down on the chair and smiled at Yule who sat up and stared at him, “Good morning Yul Ryeong,” Hwan Shik greeted.

“Good.. morning.. grandpa..” Yule forced out. Hwan Shik was taken by surprised at being called grandpa. Hwan Shik chuckled slightly and asked, “How are you feeling today?”

Yule leaned back against the pillow as he looked at his grandfather answering, “I’ve felt better, how have you been the last two days?”

Hwan Shik took notice of Yule’s non-enthusiastic tone but didn’t mind, “I’ve been better, I did a lot of thinking while I was gone too.”

Yule thinned his lips out, “Thinking? What happened that made you suddenly do a lot of thinking?” Yule asked conversationally. Although he didn’t like the old man, he was kind of lonely since his parents were away at the moment.

Hwan Shik smiled weakly and said, “Well, I always thought my son was perfect since he takes after me in every way but I found out that he isn’t.”

Yule looked at him confused, “What do you mean?”

Hwan Shik pursed his lips and frowned, “Well, he made you didn’t he?”

Hearing his answer Yule frowned, he didn’t say anything but stared at Hwan Shik bitterly. Hwan Shik looked at his grandson and sighed, “I can’t say that I am happy that you are alive and in Wol Ryeong’s life and I don’t expect you to like me, you can be as rude as you want and I still wouldn’t care to discipline you because you aren’t my child. I can’t say yet that I see you as my grandchild but Wol Ryeong seems to be fond of you and is willing to protect you. You and your mother will definitely bring us trouble but having you in our lives is better than having to go through all the marriage proposals.”

“If you have something to say, don’t beat around the bush and just say it,” Yule said irritated.

“What I am saying is, although I don’t like you or your mother, I will tolerate the two of you for the time being,” He said.

Yule scoffed, “The feeling’s mutual old man, but let me warn you if I catch you disrespecting my mama the rest of your days won’t be well.”

Hwan Shik smirked, this grandson of his was the exact same as himself and his son. Looking at the packet her brought in he said pointing to it with his thumb, “Your father said you liked strawberry things so I brought those stuff for you.”

Yule looked at the packet then picked it up and brought it over. Digging through it he found a six-pack of strawberry milkshake and yoghurt, a chocolate milkshake and a caramel milkshake, flavours that his mama liked. There were packets of gummy sweets and slabs of chocolates too.

He looked at the old man asking, “Did you buy for my mama too?” Hwan Shik nods his head, after a moment of watching Yule drink the strawberry milkshake he asked, “How can you call a man mama?”

Yule looked over at him annoyed, “Because he gave birth to me and that’s what I want to call him!”

Hwan Shik rolled his eyes, “Your father told me that the kids in your class have been sending you expired chocolates to eat and giving you get well cards asking you to die, why are they doing that?”

Yule looked at his grandfather confused, “What are you talking about?”

Hwan Shik looked at his grandchild with a frown, “Didn’t your mother tell you?”

Yule shook his head as he stopped drinking the milkshake. Hwan Shik thought for a moment before he sighed. He looked at Yule and said, “Yule Ryeong, I’m sorry that you were born from an omega and I can see that you are proud to be his son. Your mother also loves you too much so I guess that’s why he didn’t tell you but that’s what’s been happening according to your father. When they went to fetch your homework, your mother was given a get-well basket with letters and sweets in it for you from the children in your class. Your father said it wasn’t the first time but he went and reprimanded those kids and your teacher for you but just because your father did doesn’t mean he will always do it.”

Yule looked down at his hands and squeezed the bottle he was holding, “I didn’t know,” he mumbled.

Hwan Shik got up from the chair and sat on the bed, he looked down at his grandson and said, “I know you are sick but when you get better, you better make sure that you teach those children a lesson! As my grandchild, you can’t have anyone looking down at you!”

Yule looked up at his grandfather with a frown, “How am I supposed to do that? My mama told me never to use violence so I just let them do what they want!”

Hwan Shik scoffed, “And so what if you use violence? Are you a problem child? The worst thing that could happen is your mother being blamed for giving birth to you and you get expelled from school.”

“I’m not ashamed of being born from an omega! He is my mama and I love him,” Yule said glaring at Hwan Shik.

Hwan Shik smirked, “All you have to do is show them you are not someone they can mess with. If your mother yells at you for sticking up for yourself and him then so be it, just don’t get yourself caught by the police and you’ll be fine.” He looked at Yule for a moment before he asked, “Did you see how dominant your father is?”

Yule nods his head. Hwan Shik smirked, “He was also bullied for being an omega’s child but now look at him, I raised him into a soldier and I will do the same with you.”

Yule raised a surprised brow, “Wol Ryeong’s also the son of an omega?”

Hwan Shik nodded but those words left a bitter taste in his mouth. “All my children are born from omega’s,” he said. Looking at the wall behind Yule he added, “What people seem to not know is that when an alpha mates with an omega another alpha is born. All five of my kid's mothers are omega's an all five of my kids are alpha’s, look at yourself, your father is an alpha and your mother is an omega and you don’t cower in front of other dominant alpha’s which prove that you are a dominant alpha like your dad and I. If your parents were to have another kid, he will also be an alpha.”

Yule drank his milkshake as he thought his grandfather’s words over, ‘Will it really be okay for me to teach the others a lesson about messing with me and mama?’